Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Ship it!

Ok so I didn't win the £1k main event, but I did chop the £300+£36 side event at Dusk Til Dawn this past weekend for £7k and change.

I then got home and found out I earnt £2.5k for doing something that took me 5 minutes...but I'll explain that one when the money hits my bank in a day or two hopefully.

I'm doing quite a big write up of my weekend in stages on The reports can be seen here.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Monte Carlo £1k Event at Dusk Til Dawn

Heading up to Nottingham tonight to play the satellite for the £1k at Dusk Til Dawn.

I've sold shares and am buying in regardless.

Countless times I've gone deep this year and ammassed stacks but I've had some shitty coolers & outdraws to leave me close to the cake but no cigar unfortunately. I know I've a big result in me soon but hopefully it can be this weekend.

gl to those who are playing.

Monday, 7 December 2009

FML what a weekend...late recap....

Saturday began with me making a deposit to play some small MTTs on my own dime, something I don't do too often now as I'm staked to play PLO cash.

I think I played 7 MTTs in total, including one satellite for the $50k GTD.I busted the first 2 within about 30 mins playing like a complete dick. After a bit of a word with myself I regged for some more.

I eventually won the $20 deepstack for $700 and came 2nd in a small PLO MTT for about $500 and change and then later in the evening won the $5r for $2.4k and change. I'm not a huge MTT player online as I simply don't have the time to combine playing them with my work/lifestyle but almost 700 runners was one of my biggest, if not my biggest win in terms of field size.

I had also ammassed a stack in the 50k GTD and was never in danger. I was one-tabling by this point and checking the lobby but 12 left was taking a while - this comp strangely has no antes at any point. (I was meant to be at a mates birthday - gg me).

On my 6-handed table it passed round to the button who opened just as the table merged into one, meaning we were on the final and two had gone from the other table. I moved all in with AQhh and my opponent tanked. The longer he took the more confident I was, thinking he's either got AJ/A10 or a pair like 77/88. As his time almost ran out he made the brave call with AK green. FML. Went from 4th to 10th in a hand and exited in 9th for $1k.

I should have just gone to bed when $4.2k up but had played so well through the day I thought I could continue the run playing cash but wasn't overly bothered. That is until I saw a fish I know playing heads up $2/4 PLO. He had a $3k stack but I consider him complete dead money. I know his game inside out and feel he's so exploitable. Unfortunately he was already sitting against someone and I said to my old man, I hope his opponent is no good because this guy can iron out that $3k in 25 minutes. I think I was out by 1 minute. Sigh.

So I sit at $2/4 and find another baguette. I didn't know he was useless until he made two ridic calls to stack me for 2 buy ins pretty quickly. I was on his left and he was min-raising or potting every hand and every single time without fail I was 3-betting to isolate him. I ran up my $400 (I was now in for $1200) to $1900 and he had gone from $2700 down to $600 and back up to $2300 when we played a huge pot for him to stack me. As usual he pots it and I reraise with 7889. He calls. Flop K8K. He check raises me, and I 4-bet it and snap off his jam. His K1043 no suits sent me to the rail and on uber tilt. I reloaded, knowing if he stayed long enough it wouldn't be a problem to get it back. Unfortunately it was 4.35am by this time and he quit me. Obviously kinda tilted I spewed some more off and went to bed with only $1.5k profit for the day and in the knowledge it was going on Sunday. Again I was right.

Had a session on the stake last night and finally began winning which obviously didn't really last long. I was up 6 BI at peak and finished up $52 in the end.I did something rare though and reviewed every hand from the session and made some general notes which probably explains why I've had the worst month in terms of buy ins I've ever had so far. I'm 100% I'll get back to even but it will probably take me until into Jan to do so which is obviously pretty annoying.Anyway my notes were:

3-bet pots:3-betting too many hands. Peel in pos with AKJx type hands more. 3-betting with run downs etc I'm still doing well but I've widened my 3-bet range way too much.3-bet sizing is sloppy. It seems I'm just hitting 'pot' rather than 3-balling small. Normally I 3-bet to like $9 after someone opens to $3.50 but I've been potting to like $12 all the time. Takes away a bit of my edge post I think.Playing way too many double suited hands. Start folding these dickface!Playing too many hands from UTG.

Table Etiquette

When talking to my friend Stu on msn today in relation to someone celebrating a suckout in the DTD £300 final table (77 vs AA all in pre) this was Stu's response....

I say:
I say:
ur the epitome of GET IT QUIETLY at the table
Stuart says:
i know this bud
Stuart says:
i hardly make a facial expression
Stuart says:
let alone bang the table
Stuart says:
but if i saw someone classless
Stuart says:
then i would do something comedy
Stuart says:
so everyone knew i was ripping him
Stuart says:
i would wait till he showed a hand
Stuart says:
then go ba ba da
Stuart says:
ba ba ba da da
Stuart says:
doop doop
Stuart says:
ba da ba da da da
Stuart says:
then after 5 mins turn over the nuts and do a little dance involving my crotch in his face
Stuart says:
Stuart says:
like a mofo
Stuart says:
Stuart says:
smell the nuts
I say:
Stuart says:
smell the nuts

Monday, 23 November 2009

TV appearance, being a calling station & random other news.

I was in the filming of a TV programme 2 weekends ago. I really can't say much more than that except it should be good viewing - I have to wait until Spring 2010 before it airs though!

Made one good hero call last week at the Vic and made one horrible call in Luton this weekend. Since I barely write about any particular hands in here I'll try and recall them

First was a £1/2 game at the Vic on a saturday afternoon. Bunch of limpers and I make a largish raise to £16 isolate one guy who was incredibly weak loose. Old guy calls in the BB, the target folds (eh!?) and a young american guy who talks like he's a board on the 2+2 forum calls. I have J6cc.

Flop = 10s 7s 5c

They both check to me and I decide to check back.

Turn = 6h

Mr 2+2 bets £35 quite quickly and I call, though a little worryingly tight guy calls behind me.

River = Qs

Mr 2+2 insta bets £95 and I quickly decide he has air but have to snap to show some sort of strength so that old boy passes which he does. Young kid fires his hand towards the muck and as I turn my hand the typical bad live players are surprised to see how I played the hand and how I called the turn and river. American kid even has the cheek to try and say he mucked A6 until I pointed to his two cards and told him he could take the pot if they were A6 but he'd have to pay me double if they weren't. Quite comedy as I completely stumped him and he soon left the game.

I realise all the 'live tell' stuff is quite lollable but the speed with which the guy bet turn and river when it was checked to him didn't really make sense given how the board had changed. I often find that live when people bluff they do it really quickly with no real consideration of whether their line is believeable for the hand they are repping.

The other hand was in a cash game in Luton. I 3-bet an open with AK otb and checked down a 56QJ6 board before calling a £45 river bet and being shown 55. Old guy thanked me for the call too. TILT.

In other news I will be playing the £1k Monte Carlo £250,000 gtd event at DTD on December 18th and am really looking forward to it. I'll use up my '1 time' for this event pls.

Also, to anyone who hasn't seen it already, take a look at Dale's blog. He knows his stuff about SNG's and puts his effort into his blog, unlike this greek degen who can barely be bothered at times.

gl at the tables.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Have Some Bollocks ffs.....

To anyone that's posted on my blog within the last few entries as anonymous, grow a fucking pair and put your name to what you write please. I don't mind criticism but by writing from anon, you must know deep down it makes you a fucking pussy. xx

Will be going to DTD this weekend. Looking forward to bubbling!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Message from Fleck...

Dunno if anyone remembers Fleck, the flea infested little cunt, but i got a message from him.

'Woof Woof'

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

On the Radio Show tonight....

Well I've just had a call and it looks like I'm going to be on the Radio Show tonight. An educated guess tells me someone their end has seen what's gone on with blonde and are perhaps expecting me to unleash the way I can on people or things I don't like....

That's not the case with blonde whatsoever and what I don't want to happen is a slanging much.For the most part I love blonde and wish I still posted and played on there. As sad as this sounds the forum meant a lot to me but I feel at the moment I'm making the right decision.

A few people have used terms like 'throwing my toys out of the pram' but I feel I should explain my reaction and reasoning a little better since I can't post on the thread, (despite a moderator addressing questions to me on there. Rubdown) ?

If you look at my posting history on blonde I've only ever slagged off people like Andrew Feldman, Carl 'The Dean' Sampson etc. I think most people who have a clue about what goes on in the poker scene would agree with me, just not many are willing to say it how it is. I've always been like that and I think it surprises most blondes when they meet me in person how easygoing I am.

For those who don't know, this guy (Salfi) posts on blonde, who always comes across as a complete dousche and we tend to universally disagree on everything and I know I'm not the only one he pisses off starts being his usual annoying self. Who knows, he might be a nice guy in person, but he just comes across as a massive toolbox whenever he posts. I snapped and told him to leave and join another forum is the general crux of it. Not my place to do so and it was out of order. I acknowledged I was wrong and in the morning told I'd be back on tomorrow. No huge deal and the mods didn't need to blow it out of proportion which is what happened. I obviously wasn't happy at even one day but felt it was fair and I can't think because I'm a contributor to the forum in many ways or a decent raker on the cardroom I'll go unpunished.

Then in the evening I get told my ban is being decided. I'm like wtf!!? Is that really necessary? Ok I was wrong but it didn't warrant a longer ban - I felt that was put in place because the mods wanted to show their authority and make an example of me and Rooks. I could also understand a bit better if I was in the sin bin a lot but this is my first ban so to speak.

A blonde moderator made similar out of order comments that night, making a wrong assumption that Rookie had put someone up to making a paedophile joke when it wasn't him yet nothing happens. Surely by the rules 'out of order' comments like that warrant 3 day bans no?

Some people have also commented that I needn't stop playing on the cardroom as they are two separate entities but the card-room supports the forum. How can I continue supporting a forum that made decisions against me that I don't agree with?!

I know I was gonna get the odd post against me from people like Mantis. At least he had the honesty to say when he didn't agree with me on the forum. I'm fine with that.Kinboshi is a mate who's pissed me off greatly in all of this but he has to have his view as a mod and he's still my mate. There's also the odd idiot like Acidmouse who posts some nonsense once he knows I'm banned. Desperate to be a mod much?!

Otherwise thanks all for the support and to those who were sensible enough to see that the ban was kind of unnecessary. I'll answer any questions if anyone doesn't understand anything as I've just written this quickly.


Monday, 2 November 2009

Banned from Blondepoker

As a lot of you who read this will know, I'm an avid poster on the blondepoker forum. I've made a lot of friends through there that would still be friends even if I quit poker tomorrow and think it's a great place, both in terms of community and content.

I started out just lurking the site and reading the stories on the main page until I deviated to the forum. In the last few years I've spent a hell of a lot of time logged in and posted over 5000 times. When I play any live event I wear a blonde badge and always talk it up as much as possible, which I did both times I was on the Pokershow. I've also tried to contribute to many of the charitable things that have gone on and I did a fair bit of staking too, as well as making some blondes a bit of money with my PLO cash staking too.

All in all I've been a pretty good member of the community I'd say. I do say exactly what I think however which can sometimes make me come across as harsh etc but that's just how I am. I love the silly banter too. Every blonde I've met in person I've always got on with. 2 nights ago I did a bit of flaming of one of the members. Pretty much any blonde I have on msn thinks the guy is a complete idiot and probably should have been banned already but thats another matter - admittedly I was out of line with forum rules.

I came in to work this morning to see I'd been given a 24 hour cooler. Not happy but a fair enough punishment and I swallowed it. Then this evening I find out my ban is being extended. I think this serves no purpose other than to piss me off and is too harsh. For that reason I won't be posting on blonde anymore or playing on the cardroom. Not something I wanted to have to do or thought I would do ever and will take some getting used to but unless things change that's the decision I've made at the moment.

I'm staked to play on blonde so I will be shipping any staker that doesn't want me to move site with the stake their money back and carrying on as normal. To those who I probably won't be contacting again best of luck in future.

Hope to bump into some of you soon.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ireland Part 1

Well sorry for the lack of updates, I'm going through a very lazy at life in general phase atm and have the flu which won't fuck off.

I went to Ireland 2 weeks ago for the IPO. A big group of us travelled, mostly guys from the blonde poker forum. My dad had plenty of Euros left over from his holiday so I took 3.5k with me so I had some ammo for the cash games. Turned out I needed it as Dublin is the most expensive city ever, and that's coming from someone who spends 5/6 days a week in central london!!

At the airport I'm already losing 200-250 Euros in PLO flips, for 50 euro a pop when I just cant hit to save my life despite being dealt like AKKQJ10 every hand. Sigh. Not even in Irish air yet and I'm on tilt. This trip could get expensive...

Anyway we land and finally I win a flip, Amatay has to pay for the taxi to the hotel. Only 193 below EV now. No poker on the first night, just drinking in the hotel and Amatay loses the next flip when we go for a burger and chips (25 Euros for 2 people! - lol Dublinaments). -185 below ev and on the road back to even....

We hit the hay about 1am wanting to get a good night's rest before the tournament the next day. Me and Amatay get a taxi to the venue and he loses the flip for the 16 Euro taxi ride.... - 177 below EV and heading back in the right direction.

Chipping up in the tournament is easy, some really bad play and as flushy said to me, "this is like playing tournament poker 5 years ago". I flopped the nuts with Q10 on an AKJ rainbow and thought I was going to stack the only other capable player on my table but he had Q10 too....norrrrrrrrrrr. Some comedy hands take place though. At 75/150 I'm playing about 16k from my inital 10k stack and theres a raise in early to 450. After 4 callers I decide to call on the button with 67 and see a flop of : A 6 8. Guy in BB leads for 600 and all 4 players fold. I'm never folding here and decide to peel one. Turn: 4. Picked up a gutterball too, 6 7 5 I know are all good and he leads for 600 again into the bajillion chip pot. Ok sir I call. River is a beautiful 5. I lead for 3700 and he snap jams. I auto assume A7 and call straight away. He declares proudly, 'Sorry mate, rivered 2 pair!' as though he got me. I instantly turn my hand and after a second he realises he's beat. [ ] Good value jam though buddy.

When I move tables I continue chipping up and make 3 hero calls within the space of 2 hours and I'm opening pretty much every hand and taking 90% down. My favourite hero call came at 200/400 when I open the hi-jack to 1025 and the BB calls. Flop is K56 and villain check-calls 1350. Turn brings an 8 and villain leads for 4000. I call. River is a Q and he slides about 16k across the line. I call fairly quickly and his hand hits the muck. I got a few looks after that and I was allowed to just chip up in every pot until I reached 70k.

An updater came to take my photo and ask my name as apparently I was 3rd in chips of the 700 or so entrants that day. The only problem was my concentration. I sometimes get impatient when playing donkaments. I'm a cash player through and through and will sometimes sit and play a session for 1 hour and other times I can play for 20 hours straight. I go for dinner with Flushy and Blatch and I even suggest to do a flip against the two most golden people in the history of the universe for the meal. After I pay I head back to the tournament. At level 10 I'm on 90k and there are still probably only a couple of stacks ahead of me. I'm shattered by now and really don't wanna be sat there but do my best to get through the last few levels....until the TD said we were playing through to the end of level 18. Needless to say my chips were gone 3 hands later. ffs Cos you massive prick. I just didn't wanna be sat there. This is something I really need to work on, my patience. Anyone been through the same and got any advice?

I went to the bar with Maria 'Chili' Demetriou for a bit so I could moan to her as if I'd sat down in cash I'd have insta spewed. Have a few drinks and then hit cash, where I win a monkey and can sleep a bit easier. Still feel like a dick. More annoying was the fact that most of the lads busted really early and were already in town, after 10/11 levels of play I didn't feel like meeting them when they were all pissed already.

Part 2 to follow

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Overdue update...

It's been a rather long time since I last made any sort of significant update so I thought I'd better do one now before I give up on the blog altogether.

I'm now being staked to play cash online. I put up a proposal on the blonde forum and it was a nice feeling to sell out within like 1 hour. I had to take a look at things logically and I just wasnt being sensible with my own money - tilt led to me moving up limits or stupidly playing house games. I guess I just had zero respect for my own money so even though I've been a big winner this year at small and low midstakes PLO I was never holding on to the money which essentially just meant I was wasting my time.

I'm learning bankroll management and to just call a losing day a losing day. Not once have I messed around with stakers money or played different limits and won a few buy ins the first month which was a little turbulent after some sessions where I wasn't in the best frame of mind held me back a little. This month has been going much better and despite two shots at the $109 PLO comp I've won around 24 buy ins with 16 of these coming on one massive sunday session. I've cracked the styles and the regs at these limits now for the large part - time to press on and make some mad ones. I'll only quit the stake when I'm 100% confident and rolled to move onto my own dime without fear that I'll do anything silly.

I went and played the £200 freezeout at Luton this weekend and I was playing so well early, just destroying the table who all hated me for opening so many pots and being so aggro as live players do but I lost almost every flip I got into and ultimately lost a biggun at the death of day 1.

The friday before I went to the Empire casino which turned out to be quite a good laugh too. I got a picture with Todd Brunson, Howard Lederer, a Freddy Deeb lookalike and the best of all.....a very fit waitress who I'm a little in love with. I'll try post the pictures with the next post. Howard Lederer's face was a picture when a very drunk me decided to start asking him about activating the boomswitch on my Full Tilt account - he really needed that when standing outside the casino on his 5-minute break when about to go heads up for a bracelet!

Met up with the Amatay there too as well as some other blondes. I heard Amatay shagged 3 or 4 of the valets that night. good work mate.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

On the PokerShow....

I was travelling back from Dusk Til Dawn on monday afternoon when I got a text from a mate off the blonde forum saying 'You're gonna be a legend'. Instantly think ffs what have I done? Two minutes later I got a call from Eddie Hearn asking me to go on the Poker Show with Jesse May and Andy Greekfish.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope they have me back soon. I was actually a little nervous and towards the end my reception was crap which didn't help.

Here is the thread where you can see how it came about....

and here is where you can hear a replay of the interview....

Edit: I'm GreekStein or Cos for those that didn't know.

Overdue Poker update coming soon!


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Filling the gap...part 1. LPC £750.

It seems like everyone on the blogging front is updating less these days and I've been as guilty as any. Sometimes it feels like such a chore but I've got no excuses with how much I post on blondepoker and am constantly reading 2+2 and blogs etc to not manage to update a bit more regularly.

To quickly fill the gap I played the £750+£75 London Poker Circuit Event. Unfortunately they've decided to scrap their main events from now on being these big buy in jobbies. It's a shame as even though this was the first event I played, the field consisted of 5 players capable of winning and the rest was pure value in the field of 20 odd. The structure is great and makes a nice change from what you normally play. 20k chips and 1 hour clock starting at 25-50. yum yum. The location was lovely and dealers very good too. Sadly I didn't make the end of the 3rd level! Sigh. Don't know whether I was more pissed at my exit or not making the buffet break which I heard is meant to be awesome at these LPC things.

My exit hand.....

Fish limps the button at 75/150 and I see two Queens in the sb. I iso-raise to 675 (playing 16k) as Woody Deck was playing like a bit of a station in position but he raises the BB to 2675. Woody had been the most active at both my tables but I hadn't really seen him 3-bet pre. I was pretty active too though so wasn't ruling out that he would be 3-betting light. I did think he had a genuine hand though as I feel normally he'd want to just flat though and play a pot with position.

I think If I raise/shove I fold out all worse hands, apart from maybe JJ and AK, possibly. Folding is just too weak and that leaves me with call. Flop comes Q23, with 2 diamonds. Kerching! I check and Woody bets less than his initial reraise. I hollywood for a while like I might have 88-JJ sort of hand whilst thinking of the best way to get them all in. I decide to flat. The turn comes a black 5. Being that Woody doesn't know me combined with my little act I decide to make a ridiculous bet of like 600 to look like some sort of weak noobish blocker, hoping that if Woody had no hand he'd spazz out and get it in. If he did have a hand then it was going in anyway. As soon as I bet he snap announced all in and I called. Almost before the hands could be turned over the river was the 4 of clubs making Deck the backdoor wheel.

It was actually quite weird as no-one really realised straight away apart from me who got up quickly and shook his hand. Ross Boatman said something like 'unlucky' and I tried to respond but I was in such shock (lol donkaments) that worlds just didn't come out of my mouth. I rambled two half sentences that made no sense and quickly made an exit for home. At least my Chips went to good use and Woody went on to win. Not sure whether that makes me feel better or worse though!

Will try and put a quick update tomorrow on some other stuff.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

London Poker Circuit £750 this weekend

I'm playing the LPC £750 at the Kingsway Hotel in Covent Garden/Holborn this weekend.

Just wondered if anyone had a good steer on the number of runners it will garner? How long it usually goes on for and if you know anyone attending?

Sunday, 2 August 2009

DTD £300 day 2

I go back second in chips at the DTD £100K guaranteed. There are 65 left of 385 runners with 36 cashing and £34k ftw.

I played really well all day and never had my entire stack all in until the penultimate level.

I got Aces bust in an 80k pot where I flatted a raise pre and got it in against the raiser on an 894 flop with 2 diamonds and FML he had one hand I didnt want to see 910dd. It came Queen clubs Jack clubs to make him a backdoor straight and I was left with 4k at 800/1600 with a 200 ante.

My chips went in very next hand with 66 and I got 2 calls but binked on the flop to get back up to 14.5k. I reshoved twice to then get a workable stack and then just played quite patiently managing to chip up to 63kish when I played a huge hand with the chipleader. By far and away the most active player at the table, opening with a v v wide range he opened to 5k at 1k/2k and I called in the bb with 9Jcc. Probably the second time I had flatted a raise from OOP all day.
The flop of K103 all clubs fitted quite well with my hand and I check called a bet of 8k. The turn came a red queen and I checked to villain who bet 18.5k. He's a very good player who's game I respect and I know he's not bet folding in this spot and with like 27k back it's a pretty easy shove. He snapped and turned his hand and one card was kind of stuck to the other but all I could see was the 6 of clubs. Knowing he didn't have a set I was like FML if this guy has A6 clubs leaving me drawing to one out but luckily it was 56cc and the 130k pot was shipped my way. I won another hand with the nut flush and raise folded 1010 on the last hand of the day against a reraise and an all in from the two shorter stacks. I was up against AA and AJdd and would have missed which helped me sleep easy.

Some really good players left in, Jerome Bradpiece, Pete Linton, Nick Hicks, Ashley Mason etc all of whom I'd rather were in Luton but I'll just dig in and see what happens.

After the tournament we also did a Larry the Lobsterathon at DTD with 10 members of blonde poker putting £100 each into the Larry the Lobster machine and cashing out £1100 for a £10 profit each. It was good fun and a nice way to wind down after the tournament finished for the day.

To see the thread, look here.....

Friday, 31 July 2009

Robusto------------> not robusto & DTD this weekend

Well I haven't blogged lately partly because I haven't been arsed, partly because I've not had too much to talk about and I go through periods where I enjoy writing entries and others where it's just a hassle.

I'm up to Dusk Til Dawn this weekend for the £300. I'm going to Leeds in September for the Blondepoker forum bash which should be good crack and in October I'm going to Ireland with some of the lads from blonde for 5 days. Really looking forward to that one in particular.

I read Animal's blog this morning and saw he did a very brief 6-month review which I should prob do too.

First part of the year...I started a blog and was really focused/had a good head. I ran really hot and crushed the $1/2 and $2/4 plo games I was playing in (p.s. pls return to the tables rory liffey u mega donk) for a lot of money. I made the trip to DTD a couple of times, running up decent stacks in both £300's I played but ultimately getting bored and throwing my chips away. 2 day tournaments aren't terribly appealing when you can sit in a small cash game and make £1000 without stressing too much.

I did play a 2-day £200+100 at the Big slick club in London, making the final table where I refused a deal for £3.5 and ran like dogshit to bust in 5th for £1500. Still feel it was right not to take that deal with the stacks and players at the table, all of whom I had an edge on but I ran bad and perhaps played a little fast.

Recently I played a £200 freezeout at the Vic with 109 runners and got in a 4-way chop for £4.3k which I couldnt really refuse despite being chipleader after the first hand on the final and then throughout. Sadly I got AQ all in vs A10 4-handed for the world and lost which led to me being the shortest stack. I couldn't refuse when the guy (Mr A10 with 400k - I had 110k now) agreed to an even chop. Though on hendon mob it does look like i got £1800. Norrrrrr.

Including some smaller comps, (I've prob only played 15 live donkaments this year) I've spent about £2k and returned about £7.5k.

Unfortunately the wheels came off in the last 6 weeks and I ended up shot taking at $5/10 PLO. I ran good winning 3 buy ins pretty quick but then began to lose to the variance war. This led to tilt and I basically ended up gifting away half my roll having already lost most of the other bit anyway.

I've just got involved in a deal with a friend from poker who is putting me into any live donkament up to £500's on a 50-50 deal after makeup. I've never been staked before so hopefully I can run good in my first one at DTD this weekend. For the meantime I'm gonna knock online on the head and just make easy money, but less often at live poker.

gl all.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Mr Anon

I know some bloggers don't allow anon comments because of random pricks and enemies but I don't really have any in or outside of poker so I've not disabled it and still won't. Obviously there's a ton of people I don't like but I just don't associate myself with these people in the slightest.

Why am I banging on about this? I had a bit of an argument with someone on a forum a while ago and he has since posted on my blog. I was gonna give him a good old slap as he was due to be playing at the same event as me that weekend but my mates I was with just convinced me there was no point as he's just an immature prick.

Anyway...about two entries ago I get this comment....

Anonymous said...
busto fish? knw u always would be. Just play sngs or donkaments... u ant do ur nuts playing them... a degen fish like you probs would! hahaha
03 July 2009 10:04

Posting to make it clear to this idiot that just because he posts as Anon it doesn't mean I don't know who he is. Look forward to seeing you at some time R....

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Warning Brag Post

Just chopped the £200 at the Vic for £4300.

Will post a proper report tomorrow if I have time before the £100 rebuy plo. Lemme take that fker down 1 time

Friday, 3 July 2009

That ineveitable blow up

So I lost £2.5k/$4000 last night at $5/10 PLO. There was an absolute donkey in the game and he ran so good against me it was sick.

First hand I flat a cutoff pot to $35 on the button playing a full buy in with AA22. The small blind repots to $150 and the initial raiser flats. I repot it to get most of my stack in and lose vs the donkeys AK47 double. (He now has $3000 on this table)

On the other table about half an hour later playing $1400 stack its potted utg and called in two spots when I find 6789 on the button. Maybe I should raise here but I elected to flat. I flopped the nuts on a 345 board (2 spades) and it got checked all the way round to me so I bet $90 into the $140 and got 1 caller before donkey repots. I get it in and he has A457 no spades. The turn is the 4 of spades and I now want to put a screwdriver through his eye. (He now has $3000 on this table)

Admittedly I lost my last 2 buy ins through playing way too fast and way too predictably but the haze has hit my eyes by this time and I was steaming like mad. No excuse especially as I'm not rolled to be playing this game in the first place.

Not quite sure what the plan is now. I'm just not learning. What's the point beating the game and just doing stupid degenerate things? My time is better spent elsewhere where I might have something to show for it like at the gym etc. One thing is for sure. I need to change my ways or stop playing poker completely.

Edit: Donkey gave all his money away in the end. Just a shame it was my money he was dispensing.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Immitating Police Officers FTW

I forgot to post about this when it happened two weeks ago.

I was walking from work to the Empire Casino in Leicester Square as I sometimes like to do on a friday. I don't play live at all during the week so enjoy just unwinding in a cash game for a few hours (ok sometimes longer than a few hours lol) before going home and enjoying the rest of the weekend.

So I'm almost in the main square when I saw a chinese dude not letting his girlfriend go. She seems quite distressed and every time she goes to walk in a direction he just grabs her and pulls her towards him. I stop and watch for a minute and when he doesn't stop, and he's being overly physical I can't watch any longer. He's grabbing her, yanking her, and she's not screaming or shouting but she is clearly crying.

I didn't particularly want to go up and just smack the guy or get in a fight so I go over and say 'What's goin on is everything ok?'. He stares at me with quite an aggressive angry look on his face. I said to him 'I suggest you fucking answer me, I'm a plain clothes policeman'. He bought it straight away and his heart insta-sank. The expression on his face went from hardman to embarrassed fool.

He said, 'She my girlfriend'. I replied, 'I don't care who she is. Don't ever put your hands on a woman'. He apologised about 10 times and then tried to shake my hand. [ ] I offered him mine. The comedy moment was when I told him to go and stand by a street light about 5 metres away. He did and looked a right lemon whilst I asked the crying girlfriend if she wanted me to hold him here for 5 minutes when she went on her way. She was ok though and when I called him back I just warned him that I would be in the area and so would plenty of other plain clothes officers who had been informed of his description. One further misstep and he would be in the back of the van.

Now I know it's obv illegal to pretend to be a police officer but it's not like I did it to get into an old ladies home and nick her pearls and china tea set. Having said that I quite enjoyed it - I may apply to be a police officer or just get a part in the Bill! I'll ask my mum to borrow the handcuffs she keeps on her bedside table. ((Joke obviously!))

Pokerwise I had one of my rare midweek sessions last night donking off two buy ins before I went to the gym. I don't normally do donking anymore as I'm really focused and playing well at the moment. After the gym I came back and ran up a $2k stack on a $2/4 table completely pwning the soul of one guy over and over. I called a $48 river bet that should not have been called. I could have raised or passed but never flatted and I ended the session righ there which I felt was sensible of me. I now know when something could set me off so I just insta quit. I finished up £700 on the night from being down £500 so not too shabby.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Bump in the road....

I broached the subject with my parents last night that some of the lads wanted to go to Vegas in November and their response was 'Ahh that's a shame, the one place you can't go'.

Kind of lifetilting. My parents are a lot more laid back than most and just let me get on with my shit but this is one thing, after what happened when I was at uni, that I feel I may have to bite the bullet and accept.

I just soooo want to go to Vegas. Shall I just go and say I'm going somewhere else?

Argh mindfuck, what shall I do?

Saturday, 27 June 2009

New strat and focus

Since I've got it in my head that I'm going to Vegas in November and it's actually happening I've found a new discipline to grind grind grind. I want to take £10k out there with me if not a bit more so the aim is to make double that between now and November. Doable if I keep my head. I don't want to use any money from outside of poker and I'm going to leave a lot of money locked up in shares over this time. Likewise my savings and salary are being put away for when I buy my first property soon. A good talk when I met up with Amatay recently about how I'm wasting my time and talent (that's not meant to seem like an arrogant dick comment, just can't think of a better word) grinding up and tilting down had an effect and made me realise I really do want to knuckle down and keep earning nice chunks from this game I love and actually hold on to them.

In the last 9 days I've made £3100ish at $2/4 plo. I've actually changed from playing 4 and 6 tables to playing 1 or 2. I think this really allows me to exploit my edge and as a result I've been playing close to what I think is my best game. Getting it in really good in a lot of spots rather than the higher variance 55/45s and 50/50 type spots you're more likely to get into playing $5/10.

I don't use any software, in fact I think it should all be banned. It's just not poker and having some system telling u a bloke checkraises flops a very high % of the time feels a little bit like cheating. I know it's not but I'm in the camp that these are things people should work out for themselves in poker. I don't feel I need it either when I play at 1 or 2 tables as I have a good feel for where everyone is at and what they are capable of which I lose when 4 tabling.

Got some time off in a week or two to play the festival at the Vic too. Looking forward to the £100 rebuy PLO in particular. Bought Rolf Slotbooms PLO book and it seems pretty decent though I've only read a little bit and it hasn't told me anything I don't already know yet.

gl at the tables

Thursday, 25 June 2009

The urge

Everyone I know seems to have been to Vegas and I just can't handle one more person going on about how incredible a place it is and how soft the cash games etc are.

I really want to get out there for 2 weeks and I'm hoping I can get a few fish together to go out in November as I've heard this is a good time to go. The Venetian deepstacks are on around that then and hotels, flights are normally cheapest around then. Plus who wants to be in England in November?

I know the Amagay is up for it providing he won't have started his travels by then. My mate Figo will come and a few lads from the blonde forum may well be interested. Plan will be to play a few comps but just generally grind the hell out of the $1/2 and 2/5 cash games where at the former I've heard it's not at all difficult to make $1k a day.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I'm blog freerolling

I was gonna write a blog about the weekend and then the Amafish did it for me.

Click here..

In the meantime I haven't been playing poker this week because I've been busy with gym and other stuff. Will post more soon.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Weekend Plans

Ok so Amatay messages me on msn the other day and is literally like 'I have no blog is complete lies as I'm still a virgin and even that ginger bastard Scotch hates my guts'.

At this point I kinda feel sorry for the fish and agree to go with him to the masters football at Wembley. I insist that he must pay for everything though in return for the purchase of my friendship and he instantly agrees and buys the best tickets in the stadium.

Hopefully we will get drunk and end up at the Empire where I can put the fish even more out of pocket on the night.

Going to the 20-20 on friday too and busy on sunday so gotta find a bit of time to try and rape the tables.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sooooo much going on atm

So much going on at the moment really not had time to blog although that's always a bit of an excuse as I haven't really been arsed either.

I don't know what it is or why but I am really comfortable playing PLO now. Things have been a bit swingy the last month or so and I've played regularly anywhere between $2/4 and $5/10 which probably isnt so sensible for my poker bankroll....

I've set myself the goal of getting out to Vegas next year and I'm not prepared to use my personal funds to do it as I want to buy a house soon (just waiting for what I believe is the best time in the market) and I've just lumped in the stock market too from a tip from a friend who's an investment banker and knows his stuff so fingers crossed that goes well. Ship me the lot pls one time! I know it's a fair bit of financial pressure to manage all this at 22 but I'll be fucked if I'm working at 50.

I don't get the mentality of a lot of people in this country who just aren't bothered about saving money and investing. I guess that's why so many people are in the hole for so much money everywhere. I'll elaborate on this point in it's own post soon as I want to discuss this and specifically how it relates to poker and why all these big names aren't the minted people you might think they are. Anyway plenty more to say on that before it makes sense so I'll leave it for another time.

I'm also cutting my staking ventures right down. I've spent in the region of £3k through blondepoker which is a fantastic forum but most people are clueless as to their value in a tournament. From now on I'm only going to buy pieces in friends or proven players selling at no more than 1.1 and that will be a rarity as I think people should be selling at 1.0. Ok I'm just as bad cos I've been buying pieces in a lot of these people but people who aren't rolled for events they want to play are charging premiums etc when they can't justify them really. If they could, they would probably be rolled to play said event! People are just too polite to challenge them publicly. I don't want to say too much more on this but it's a leak of my own I'm going to plug.

Finally I've decided to drop down for a little while as the swings have been a bit stressful lately...lots of +/- £1k-2k days aren't good and when winning or losing these amounts in a few hours I don't want to get off the laptop. Luckily playing as high as $5/10 hasn't really affected me and I'm even over the last few weeks but evens isn't doing me any favours.I just can't resist the challenge although 5/10 is noticeably a much more solid game in terms of skill. I'll still be playing $2/4 and $3/6, games I beat comfortably but I've set myself the challenge to win another £5k by the end of July before I allow myself to really be in these games only. The me of old would be playing $5/10 and moving to $10/20 until I busto'd so I'm obviously making a lot of progress in terms of bankroll management and mindset towards poker which is half the battle.

I played two sessions since, on sunday at $.5/1 which was a real test of my discipline but I did it and won £400 and then tonight in an hour whilst writing this post I've just smashed a guy for 5 and a half buy ins at $1/2 heads up plo.

Feel free to leave a comment so that I know I still have one reader!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Had some right swongs this weekend, dropping about £4k on friday night and saturday morning. I think that's up there with my biggest loss ever. It was partly poker and partly tilted bj sessions to try and recover.

Luckily I had tickets to see a friend fight and it got me away from the laptop on saturday afternoon and out on saturday night. He won in the first round and is an absolute brutus which got me feeling a bit better after a good night.

I had £1000 on Lyoto Machida to win vs Rashad Evans at 1/2 and then a £500 treble on Machida, Hughes and Sherk all to win. Machida obviously won so the second bet was going to be a freeroll but Sherk fucked up which was about a £2k swong towards recovery. On Sunday I logged on to will hill and tried to put £200 on Chelsea, Ars, Utd and Lpool all to win their last game at 17/2 but the max bet was £120 so I had no choice. When they all won I didn't know whether to be happy or angry!

After that I just refocused a bit, spoke to live support on both my sites and got myself a ban from table games/casino sections so I can't do them even if I want to in future. From that point on I just grinded like some 2 bit downtown stripper trying to make a buck and finished the extended weekend down only £1kish. I'm happy with that and it shouldn't take me too long to grind back even if a player called Snooper is the luckiest human alive and running about $4k above expectation on me in all in pots.

One other thing to anyone who reads this blog, you will love the blog of a guy I know. It can be found here ( ) and tells of his utter degeneracy. Pls become a follower.

Good luck at the tables and more importantly to big Stavros Flatley in Britain's got talent tonight!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

My 2 biggest online cash pots in 2 days.

So it appears I haven't completely shaken off the degenyamine within despite my best efforts.

The other night I went out with the lads for my bday. We had a meal and then went to a bar in Camden for some drinks. I had to be in Birmingham on Friday for work which meant a very early start.

When I got home around midnightish I decided to fire up the tables and blast for an hour. I duly played like a donkey. I'm not sure quite why as I didn't feel drunk but after losing 3 buy ins at $2/4 having been up a buy in I decided to buy in for $1000 on a $10/20 plo game. First hand I'm dealt Q567 in the BB. UTG pots to 70 and the SB calls. I join the party. Flop comes Q23 with 2 hearts. SB checks, I check and raiser pots for $210. SB flats and I decide to jam. Raiser rejams behind. Oops. SB tanks. Oh shit. I'm truly hung drawn and quartered. Eventually SB passes and on their backs for the $2300 in the middle the raiser shows AJJ4 with nut hearts. I'm ahead...weeeeeeeee. Now hold vs his 300,000 outs pls one time. Turn 6. River A. Ship. I do a dirtball and don't even play my sb. Insta-sit out. Insta-leave. Insta de-tilt. Nice.

Then today I'm up $400 on a $2/4 plo game on two separate occasions and both times I got outdrawn when in pretty good shape for stacks to take me back to my initial $400 buy in. I then potted the cut off with KK72 with nut clubs and the K hearts. The flop came A72 with two hearts (A) and the raiser potted for $104ish. I called with bottom two with a plan to jam any heart turn but decided to stack off on the complete brick 6 turn when I called villains all in just hoping he was going crazy with a rundown that missed pre or a hand like AKQJ. Obviously he wasn't and had AA but when I'm on tilt I stack off considerably lighter than I should and I was fuming with myself. I don't mind losing hands and rarely tilt when I lose a big hand hand for stacks but I do beat myself up when I donate money to someone else.

So I looked at $3/6 and there were no games running. Scrolled to $5/10 to see one 6-max table with 5 players. Perfect. I took the empty seat and bought in full. First hand I look down at A9A9 double suited. It pots infront of me to $35 and gets called on the button. I re-pot to $150 and the guy next to me flats as well as the other two! Flop comes 24J with 2 spades. Good enough for my nut spade draw and I bet pot $600. I get one jammer and an insta call behind. My last 300 goes flying in and there's just over $3000 in the pot. I'm up against 2357 with spades and JJxx. I bink the nut flush on the turn and the river bricks. Insta-sit out. Insta-leave. Insta de-tilt. Nice.

Actually that's not quite true. I just wanted to get that line in again! I posted the SB and passed and then got AA22 on the button. It passed round. I potted and the BB defended. Flop comes 856, rainbow. BB checks and I check behind. 2 on the turn so my hand is completely disguised but it's still not a good board. I call the $75 pot bet and then feel obliged to pay off the $225 on the K river as it just looks like I can never really have anything but I lose to 744x. I don't think I hate the call on the river as he bluffs a bunch in that spot. I leave the table and I'm now £850 up on the day and happy.

Can't keep doing this though. Shot taking should be for when you're running good and up some buy ins, not when you're doing it!

gl at the tables de-gens.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

That perfect moment.......................crash!

On tuesday night I went to the Empire, with the intention of meeting a friend and then going for a few drinks and a bite to eat as he's had exams and a lot of uni work so we haven't caught up in a while.

I go in about 7pm and he's sitting at a cash table with about £900. He gets up to say hi etc etc and his phone rings. I tell him I'll play for him even though this is a bit of a grey area and I'm not really sure if it's allowed but no-one seemed to object. There were 3 familiar faces to me at the table so maybe they just didn't object cos I'm such a good value spot! Anyhoo, I raise the first 3 hands (I've watched Durrrr on HSP and PAD this week and convinced I can be a genius too obv!). I take down 2 small pots and concede one when I get reraised. There are two guys on the table, both look like total geeks and one is wearing a pkr t-shirt. T-shirt gooks mate asks me if I'm on 2+2. I respond deadpan, 'Is that like Youporn community'? He looks at me and says no and continues talking to t-shirt gook about pokertracker or the size of Pat Antonius's ring. My mate gets off the phone and whispers, 'Those two have been doing my head in today...sooo annoying, come on let's go and get some drinks'. "One more hand" is the completely predictable response from me. I look down at 53o in MP and it's folded to me so i make it 8 to go and both blinds call only. Marvellous, I'm happy at least I have position with this sack of shit. Flop 356 with 2 hearts. T-shirt boy check raises me from the big and I set him in for his last £100. Even though the pot was only £300 it was so nice to felt gook boy when his J6hh bricked. Soooo sweet. My mate was very happy.

The crash happened a little later just as my mate was leaving. He put £550 on one hand of Blackjack and got....yes...Blackjack. His life is just like one whole run good story. Another friend from home who had met me in the meantime watched me piss away £700 trying to emulate Figo (the initial mate in the story) who it turns out didn't go home...he went to the Vic and spun up £8k on blackjack. Sick bastard. He won a £1k freezeout when he was £18. Lost £99k sportsbetting on Will Hill before he was 21 and won £28k on the Barcelona vs Real match a week or so ago. On top of that he's meant to be doing his finals at uni at the moment! He's still a sick degen bastard who will try to nip anyone in his site, so if you hear of Figo...stay the fk away! I'm gonna make the dirty little bastard read this too.

I've since clawed back over half of that £700 but won't be playing much til the weekend.

GL all.

Monday, 11 May 2009


BBBBB = Big Black's Black Belt Blog.

A really good friend of mine Aarun 'Big Black' Bernard is doing the Blackbelt grading scheme at the moment and he came 3rd in their BlackBelt only tournament on Stars yesterday, getting cruelly outdrawn KJ < J10 when all in pre. Both wp & ul mate.

I know the grading couldn't really have come at a much worse time for him but he's a loyal guy and will always give things his best. Many people including myself were sceptical about the Black Belt scheme thinking that Doctor Channing would use the rake that everyone generates to give the 20k packages to the players who were in his previous stable. However, from what Black Belt have said I really think everyone will get a fair crack at the whip and everyone has a good chance. I know quite a few guys doing this (gl James Atkin, Steve Holden, Dom Kay & anyone else I may have forgotten atm) but I'm obviously rooting hardest for Aarun.

The live arena is his forte really and you'll usually find him getting the lot in live cash games though I wouldn't like him on my table online either. He might not put his thoughts into words like Shakespeare but this guy has got game. If I had the roll to stake people he'd be first on my list...making a nice chunk in cash games for Bad Beat and then finishing 5th in the one and only GUKPT main event he's played for £20k gives you an idea of his clinical style. An affable and very cool guy I would have thought he's probably 10x a lot more marketable than a lot of players too.

Anyway enough rambling..not entirely sure why I wrote that post. Just something I was thinking about having spoken to Aarun recently and felt he deserves a lot of credit. Obv its monday morning and I'm at work too...sigh!

I'll try and put up a post this week which fills the gap.

gl in the meantime fish.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Pls no bok!

Ok I'm a lazy git and I've been too busy for making long posts at the moment hence no trip report from the £300 at Big Slick where I got 5th a week ago.

I've been running really good online at the moment - in the last 6 weeks I'm probably up around £6000 playing $1/2 and $2/4 (probably 90% $1/2). It's a bit weird but when I've had a minute and felt like posting I've not wanted to do so for fear of bokking my good run or seem like I'm boasting. Pretty stupid huh? Can't wait for my rakeback to come in at the end of the month too. My first full months play on a 50% deal....juicy!! Leave me a message here if you wanna know more details or to jump on the more $$$ for nothing bandwagon.

I've decided to have a few days off. This week I'm hitting the gym and meeting a friend from Nottingham who's down on tuesday as he begins the Black Belt poker scheme. Then on Wednesday night I'm going to watch my old housemate from Uni at a gig in Camden. I've also pulled all my money offline so I can work out what my bankroll actually is. Constant deposits and cashouts and money across a few different sites isn't totally ideal and this will be the first week in a while I know where I'm at.

I'll be up at DTD this weekend for the £300 weekend. Let me know if you're playing.

In the meantime, glglglglgl.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

5th for £1500.


Will write up a report when I de-tilt.

Day 2 of the Big Slick £300....

Played the Big Slick £200 +(1rebuy/add on) last night. I really like the club - the management and valets are really friendly and the dealers seem to be pretty well trained too.

You start with 10k and can rebuy or add on at any time. If I didn't find tournaments so draining I would play at Big Slick a lot more often as it's probably the softest live place I've ever played with 60% of the field being absolute dead money. Had some really interesting hands which I will try and remember and post after the tourney finishes.

The one bad thing is that there were 103 runners and 18th-10th pay £300 for money back. I would rather they scrapped that and just paid the FT a bit more but I think the club want to pay as many people as possible so that they get more returners each month. The one good thing is that I went to play it with 2 mates and both of them made the final 18 too and I have 50% in one.

There are 1,870,000 chips in play and I have 258,000 going in with 18 left and £7.5k up top.

One time and all that!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My inspiration in poker....RAZOR666!

I just wanted to write a quick post about my inspiration in the poker world. For most people it's Patrik Antonius, Daniel Negreanu, Durrr, Phil Ivey etc etc. For me its someone much less well known but no less skilled.

Formerly known by Chaos, Wooderl and Razor666 his play has now become so unexploitable that he no longer needs to change his nickname ever again. Anyway this guy is a true midstakes baller. When he's not crushing the 292 tables that he's able to play optimally at one time he's normally in a sunny far away country sipping on gin and juice with an exotic woman on his arm. I won't even go into the Razormobile that he drives. Sick, just sick.

It's just a shame that he doesn't play on FullTilt because he would DEFINITELY work his way up through the limits and in my opinion (some dickheads with no brain may disagree) he would be battling the nosebleeds day in day out with the likes of Ivey, Benyamine, Ziigmund, Durrr, Hansen & Co. Unfortunately this doesn't look like it will ever be the case as Full Tilt don't offer good enough rakeback deals for him.

I'll leave you all with a conversation I had on msn with Razor after a very rare bad session.

10 BI says:
hi m8
Razor says:
10 BI says:
can i write about u in my next blog post?
Razor says:
10 BI says:
its a post about my inspirations in poker and life
10 BI says:
just about how u crush so hard
Razor says:
Razor says:
losing 5k last night
Razor says:
is crushing
10 BI says:
urgh £ or $?
Razor says:
10 BI says:
what were u playing?
Razor says:
5 10
Razor says:
full stacks
10 BI says:
urgh ul
10 BI says:
though with those limits i think you have to game select really carefully
10 BI says:
i thought u found the right strat in buying in short?
Razor says:
Razor says:
i tilted
10 BI says:
its because William Hill is a cuntbag
Razor says:
iv not had much luck with anything at mo
10 BI says:
ur luck will change
10 BI says:
maybe have a few days off
10 BI says:
do some other stuff, get to the gym
10 BI says:
u'll feel better when u hit those tables in a few days
10 BI says:
can i still write that post about u?
Razor says:
Razor says:
show me the site after u write
10 BI says:
cos only other ppl i know who consistently crush are like red pros on full tilt etc
Razor says:
wotu guna say
10 BI says:
just i hope one day i can be like Razor666 who has a massive bankroll
Razor says:
and crushes the games so hard online that swans off with exotic birds to egypt all the time
Razor says:
Razor says:
sometimes i swear ur takin mick
10 BI says:
nah im not
10 BI says:
you earn more rakeback in one month than successful businessmen earn in salary
10 BI says:
anything you'd like me to say?
Razor says:
that i run like shit (and he still wins at like 30bb/100, running normally would be like 40bb/100 imo)
10 BI says:
dont be so downbeat
10 BI says:
u'll get that money back
Razor says:
this site
Razor says:
is a joke
Razor says:
i jus lost big pot
Razor says:
aq to a5 all in pre
Razor says:
Razor says:
he hits trip 5
10 BI says:
these fish that get their money in with A5 are why u make ur money online
10 BI says:
cos sometimes they get lucky, but normally you just crush their souls so hard
10 BI says:
its like you put a skewer through their kidneys the pain u make their bank accounts feel year in year out

Any fan mail you want passed on to him let me know and I'll arrange an appropriate method of delivery.

Other news just in is that he's employed Platonic as a toilet attendant within his property and he will be doing Razor's ass wiping in exchange for Razor rolling him to play £.10/.20nl.

He also does coaching of any game/limits at $750 an hour. pm me if interested.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Intentionally Blank

My gran passed away on saturday morning. Don't really want to write too much about it other than to say RIP. She battled several illnesses the last 15 years and never really had an immune system after chemotherapy years and years ago so hopefully now she can finally rest.

On the friday night before, I met the Amafish and Ant (fellow bloggers in the list on my right) at the Empire in Leicester Square. They were both playing the tournament but I didnt make it in time as I had just come from visiting my nan at about 8. I had things on my mind obviously so wasn't on the best of form though it wouldn't have shown too much as we didn't get to share a table. Hopefully we can do it again properly where we share a cash table whilst I take their money from them. Me and Ant both lost about £200 each (despite my £600 all in coup with KK vs AA where I hit a K vs the one guy on the table I least wanted to bust).

When I've had a spare hour or two in the last day or so I've been playing $1/2 cash and I'm prob up about £1700.

Don't know when I'll next update but gl all.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

End of the run good....

Dropped like 11 buy ins tonight. Mixture of bad play and bad luck. If I reviewed the session I would probably say it was definitely more of the former than the latter. Will prob have the rest of the week off. Hopefully one of my stakes can ship me some money in the meantime before I'm ready to get back to the grind.

I've had quite a lot of interest in the deals I can help people with on sites so will be helping a few people get set up this week. As always leave me a comment if you want more details.

In much more important news one of my grandmothers is really unwell at the moment. She has throat cancer and my parents went to see her tonight. Unfortunately it doesn't look like she has much left and is deteriorating quickly so I'm going to see her tomorrow.

Hope you all run a bit better than I have just lately.

Last few nights

Played a live £80 donkament on friday night. I only lasted 5 hands after the first break.[ ] I didn't arrive 5 minutes before the first break! Sigh lol.

I played cash and after raising to £10 in the £2/2 pl game with KK i was repopped to £30. Lovely jubbly, I moved in and he called for his stack with A10 and duly hit the turn. I asked the dealer if we were playing blackjack or poker. I can't help jabs like that when someone donks so hard. After that I raised pretty much every hand (I was already raising more than anyone anyway)and it wasn't too long before I had won my £100 back and was up £140. I left when one of my mates got knocked out and we went for something to eat. When we got back my other mate was already sitting in the cash game and I was too tired to sit. I don't really like sitting in games where friends are playing either. So i went and watched TV (and fell asleep) when I went halves with another mate in cash and he made me a nice ton while I was dozing off.

Yesterday was a bit shit though. I decided to have an MTT session online for a bit of a change to cash. I ran up big stacks in everything but not changing gears cost me in most and I was soon 1 tabling the $35k on ipoker. 1385 runners and I was always around the top few dozen.

With 100 left I played a pot I'd like opinions on. Blinds are 1600/3200 with an ante of 200 (I think). My stack is 85k. It passes round to the small blind with 42k, who makes up. I check my J8. Flop comes 10,9,4. SB checks and I bet 4.5k. He bumps it to 14.5k and I move in. He calls with K10 and I hit an 8 on the turn but brick the river.

Should I raise pre? Check behind the flop? Pass when he c-raises? Be interesting to know what people think of this.

Anyway y-day I finished down -£450.

Will be grinding cash today.


Friday, 3 April 2009

From Rakeback to VIP!!

Since my last post I've had a few people ask about the VIP deal I'm on - and not just in the comments too(honoured to know people actually read this blog!).

I've moved off the William Hill Skin where I was formerly on a 30% rakeback deal to be put on to a new VIP deal with my new site. This gets me the equivalent of over 49% back every month.

Two people recommended the person who sorted this deal out to me and have used him for years. So far I've been more than happy as he makes everything very simple and easy to ensure you earn more cash prize monies per month! So far three of my mates have also got on board and are very happy. One was formerly a member of Will Hill's VIP Black club which offered 38% net rakeback to its highest raking members - obviously this pisses all over that and is NOT dependant on your volume of play. Pretty sick imo. You will be earning the equivant of over 49% and under 55% each month irrespective of whethere you play one hand or you have a 300 tabling $1/2 robot.

I know this sounds like some sort of sales pitch but it really isnt. Since I've become a lot more nitty with my bankroll I've realised the difference this makes each week/month and year and think any way to maximise profit is crucial to us poker fish!

I can help you sort this if you like so either leave your email in the comments box and I'll send over my msn to get the ball rolling. Feel free to ask questions.

gl in the meantime!

A piece of everyone!

This week I've gone a bit crazy on the staking front and have dished out around £1k buying pieces of people.

Don't want to say who incase they'd rather not have it splashed on my blog but some talented players so hopefully one can ship me something one motherfucking time!!!

Also invested £400 in someone on Blonde poker in a STT long term staking thing so hopefully that goes well.

If anyone wants a better rakeback deal on any site please let me know. The guy from my affiliate is fucking good and is on msn every day to help with anything. It's like increased rakeback with a mentor thrown in for free! Anyone who's interested pm me on blonde (GreekStein is my username) or write a comment here and I'll get back to you. One stipulation is that I'd not want anyone who is currently playing on the blonde cardroom to move sites but if you play anywhere else I'm almost certain he can help you with an improved deal.

I haven't actually put in any table hours this week as I end up playing til late and am tired the next day which isn't good for work so I'm just gonna be hitting the tables hard at the weekends and hitting the gym hard during the week.

Going to watch Prizefighter with the lads tonight in Bethnal Green as got some free tickets - think its on Sky this evening at 10ish.

Hasta luego

Monday, 30 March 2009

Running like Lava

So fucking hot it's untrue atm. I lost one buy in the other day with AK vs AQ blind on blind in 6-max and I was literally shocked at how I didn't win. That might give you an idea of how I've been running lately. I fucking hope this little chirp doesn't bok me. Mind you I've been due and deserving a run like this though I would say that wouldn't I!

I love the move from Crypto to ipoker too. The players are so much weaker and I'm on an improved VIP deal (I've had to edit this as I can't mention site/amount or what this payment is called (pretty obv) - it's higher than 49% and skin is pretty irrelevant and the network I play is also obv) which is gonna make a very significant difference too. I was actually talking with Woodsey (some of you may know him, some not) at the Empire on Saturday night. We're both very active members of the blondepoker forum (pwns all forums imo) and we were discussing playing on the blonde card room. Whilst I'd love to in order to give a bit back to the site I can't justify moving back to a 30% rakeback deal as it would cost me a few hundred £ every month to do so. I will be joining soon just for the times I wanna play an MTT session.

I'll go into why I've been doing so well online a little later but in live poker you don't even have to be that good to win. The main skill is putting up with sitting at a table getting 25 hands an hour and tolerating at least one absolute dickhead that you'll ineveitably get on any table. On friday night I played the £1/3 game at the Vic finishing with a £1600 stack after buying in for £600 and then I went to the Empire to play on Saturday night and after buying in for £600 finished on £2600 (-£100 on massages - FML but she was too fit). It was good to see and play against Woodsey again - a good guy from my days at gala and one of the best players there. My game has come on a lot since then and I was therefore able to battle a lot more evenly with Woodsey than the one sided schooling he gave me on more than one occasion back in Nottingham! I made one very good call against him and one poor one right at the end of my session. Also had drunken mates show up at like 4am just as I was finishing and fck sake what a nightmare they were. One got punched in the face too and was so battered that he insisted on going in to the empire to win his money back from a night out on the basis that he shouldn't have to pay for a night that got ruined! Sigh donkaments. Anyway £600 of not being able to stop him later he was not happy! We then argued for about 10 minutes as he wanted to borrow £300 off me but I didn't want to lend it to him in that state and woulda felt responsible if he lost. Anyway I did eventually and he did £300 a hand and won a few to get even for the night and then I got him out and home though that poor cab driver endured a lot of abuse.

I've studied and worked on my game a fair bit. When I was in Nottingham for the DTD £300 weekend I stayed with Tom Rutter and saw how professional he is with his bankroll and approach to the game. Obviously he is a very talented player but it kind of made me sit up and think about what is necessary to be succesful at poker rather than just being able to play well. So far I am doing everything I think is necessary. Despite a £5k upswing in cash the last 9 days I havent any temptation to play any higher than $1/2 online. I've not even experienced an ounce of tilt when I've lost a big pot or a buy in or got donked which is obviously having a huge impact. Richard 'Loser18' Lewindon has helped me with my game a lot too. He was the best reg on Crypto at £1/2 and £2/5 and I know him from old live cash games at Gutshot yonks ago. Through discussion on msn he helped me iron out a lot of leaks and just improve my all round game.

Fucking hell I blew my own trumpet in this post. I'll try to update again soon even though the novelty of blogging has worn off a bit.

gl at the tables

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Prelude To Getting My Shine on at the Vic

As I said briefly in my last post I really haven't felt like blogging but maybe that's cos nothing too noteworthy has happened of late though last night at the Vic makes for a good little tale which I'll get into in my next post tomorrow. Anyway when Steve Holden tells you to blog, you fucking blog.

In the meantime I've been getting back into the gym big time. My training partner is back from his travels and a few other mates have decided to get into it so I've been showing them and we've all been training together. My strength is sick good atm, I've just gotta keep the cardio up at the beginning of my sessions so I can lose about 10kgs so I actually look strong too!

I was playing online a bit here and there and couldn't really get anything going. My B-game wasn't even in site let alone playing my best though volume was pretty small. Despite this I wasn't really losing and decided to move my money off William Hill and back into my bank as I had just set up a new account with VC where I'm on a 50% rakeback deal. (Thanks Barry Carter and James Atkin for helping me with this one). I decided to have a few days off while I just did other stuff when I realised my rakeback money had come into my Will Hill account and I registered for a few MTT's and ended up taking down a 336 runner 6-max MTT for £650/$910. Having the next 4 days off meant I could finally play some tournies on a sunday night and after this win I seem to have been running really well in cash games on VC and playing pretty close to my best too. I think I'm up around 20 buy ins in about 5k hands this week.

Since the Will Hill move to ipoker and my other move to VC (also ipoker) it's the first time I've ever really played online in dollars. Crypto tables were predominanly in ££ and I think the change has made the tilt factor which I sometimes suffer a bit more than most from decrease loads as when I lose a pot in dollars it doesn't seem to mean as much when you lose one in ££ and think what that money equates too. Maybe I'm just rambling now.

Anyway, before I post about my day at the Vic on tuesday I'll leave you with a conversation I had with King of the Bloggays Amatay on msn where he mentioned that Richard 'The Virgin Cunt' Kellett won the £200 rebuy at the Vic the other day. (I'll mention TheKellster in my next blog post). Myself and Amatay mentioned that whoever wins the most in cash on saturday would get to pick a move for the other to perform on the Kellster at the Vic. Amafish's comment at the bottom sums up both our thoughts at the time. Amatay used to be a teacher you know. [ ] Great use of English mate.

Amatay says:
DDT off the final tarble
Cos says:
Sweet chin music from the top of the stairs
Amatay says:
maybe tag team the cunt
Amatay says:
sweet chim musik from greek followed by the big boot from Amatay
Amatay says:
elbow drop from Tikay
Amatay says:
Amatay says:
wtf am i talking about
Cos says:
at least we're true men and can admit wrestling pwns
Amatay says:
2.30am chatting to some cunt i only know as greekstein about performing redic wrestling moves another some other cunt i only know as kellster in London biggest casino!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

CBA to blog

Really cba keeping a blog anymore.

Maybe that'll change so I won't delete it for the time being but atm just really dont feel like it.

Week off work atm up about £1k so far this week. Should be at the Vic in the next day or two.

Monday, 16 March 2009

That link I forgot and Cool hand I just played....

soulowned imo...

Game #7506553533: Hold'em NL (£0.25/£0.50) - 2009/03/16 - 20:02:07 (UK)
Table "Mosalds" Seat 2 is the button.
Seat 1: Dan030738 (£69.23 in chips)
Seat 2: Bcfcglen1 (£7 in chips)
Seat 3: Dizzeeeee (£65 in chips)
Seat 5: Dav010472 (£19.40 in chips)
Seat 6: Sub0inc (£68.45 in chips)
Dizzeeeee: posts small blind £0.25
Dav010472: posts big blind £0.50
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Dizzeeeee [Qh Td]
Sub0inc: raises to £2
Dan030738: folds
Bcfcglen1: folds
Dizzeeeee: calls £1.75
Dav010472: folds
----- FLOP ----- [As 8s 7h]
Andre5eeo joins the table at seat #4
Dizzeeeee: checks
Sub0inc: bets £3
Dizzeeeee: raises to £7.50
Sub0inc: calls £4.50
----- TURN ----- [As 8s 7h][2h]
Dizzeeeee: bets £9.50
Sub0inc: calls £9.50
----- RIVER ----- [As 8s 7h 2h][2c]
Dizzeeeee: checks
Sub0inc: bets £17
Dizzeeeee: raises to £46 and is all-in
Sub0inc: folds
Returned uncalled bets £29 to Dizzeeeee
Dizzeeeee: doesn't show hand
Dizzeeeee collected £69.50 from Main pot
----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot £72.50 Main pot £69.50 Rake £3
Board [As 8s 7h 2h 2c]
Seat 1: Dan030738 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: Bcfcglen1 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 3: Dizzeeeee (small blind) collected £69.50
Seat 5: Dav010472 (big blind) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: Sub0inc folded on the River

Severe case of Blogitis

I haven't felt like Blogging recently.

Will try and fill the gap at some point this week.

In the meantime check out this blog from FTP red pro Matt Hawrilenko aka Hoss_TBF who endured a Phil Hellmuth rant on UB recently. Pretty funny.

gl fish

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Fuck horses.

Binocular - die.
Voy Por - die.
Kasbah Bliss - die.

I guess what I'm trying to say is just fucking die - stupid animals.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Just lost £500 on poker and got really steamed. A dirty 88 vs 44 on 567 flop. 3 on river all money in on flop. Did a further £300 on WH blackjack.

Why does this always happen after a good streak? Been playing like a dick.

Thoroughly fucked off.

The Dirty Ho of Poker

Over the next week I'm going to be doing more grinding than a slag on the dancefloor.

I've got monday-weds off work so I'm in two minds as to whether to go up to DTD for their £300 deepstack but don't know if I can really be arsed to make all the arrangements (e.g train/hotel etc). I'd say I'm about 25% to say 'fuck it I'm off atm'.

My plan for my days off is to go out on monday and use some of my recent 'run-good' monies to buy a new set up for my room. At the moment I only play on my laptop which isn't really ideal for multitabling. Anyone who plays Crypto will know how annoying it is not to have adjustable table sizes and I prefer overlapping tables slightly to their gay 'pro view'. As the saying goes 'you can't miss what you've never had' but playing on my mates 36 inch monitor a few times recently I loved it and it can only help my profitability so is now a must. Luckily these days things like that don't cost a ridic amount and I reckon I can get what I want for about £600. I'm going with a mate as he's knowledgeable about what to buy and I'm clueless other than size. Is that a realistic amount of money to spend or should I be expecting to fork out a bit more?

Last night I had my first bad session in a while. I was really really disappointed with my play and my attitude which seems to have improved greatly since I started this blog and trying to take a more professional approach towards poker even though I'm not a pro.

I was down about £300 a few times and as much as £550 once. I made so many stupid spews when on mild tilt it was ridiculous. Raising too much and getting 3-bet a lot I was spewing hard...esp when I kept calling the 3-bets to catch a flop. I made a stupid 4-bet bluff with A4 on a Q2310 board with no knowledge on villain to fold to his 5-bet shove. I haven't donked like that in a while and hopefully I won't be again! I've also reviewed my HH's and really wasnt catching any flops and did run pretty poor but still shoulda lost less in a few of these spots and not got into some in the first place.

Some spots were unavoidable like when I raised 88 on the button and got smoothed in the BB. Flop 689. obv opponent had 10 7.

I also lost with a set and flush draw all in on flop in Omaha to a wrap and smaller flushdraw.

Then playing a $2/5 game guy UTG playing $200 makes it $17. 2 callers behind him and I find AK on the button. Great spot to look like I'm squeezing and get it in. I make it $85 and raiser flats with $115 behind. Flop comes QQJ and I miss for the rest vs his J10. Wp sir, wp.

Revenge was very very sweet though as a few hands later I made a big bluff and before I could even top up, my stack was at about $700 when I raised the cut off with J10 and Mr J10 3-bet in the BB. I had to call this guy just to stick it in the motherfuckers eye. Flop was K92 and he checks. When he checks I know he feels his hand is massive because he woulda continued anything bar laying me a trap. I peel off behind him as even if he does have QQ,JJ,1010 etc he's not folding to me. Turn comes a queen. Absolute sexual chocolate of a card. He insta leads for $85 with about $205 behind and I flat to make sure his stack goes in on the river. The river comes a 9 and he takes about 5 seconds before getting it in. Unfortunately for me I didn't think so slowroll the little bastard and just instacalled to see AK. tyty.

I finally trapped a late night tilter into overshoving the flop when i 3-bet pre with K9 and made a weak lead at the King high flop which he shoved with bottom pair A kicker and missed.

Since I started this post I'm now really really fucking tempted to come to DTD and as long as I can sort somewhere to stay I'm gonna try and do it. Be nice to ship the £27k first prize one time!!!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Minraise me and I'll put it in your eye.

Game #7391431303: Hold'em NL (£1/£2) - 2009/03/03 - 02:06:03 (UK)
Table "Waltevi" Seat 3 is the button.
Seat 1: Hero (£196 in chips)
Seat 2: Godfather (£247.60 in chips)
Seat 3: Ryan87 (£361.25 in chips)
Seat 4: Walrus2 (£197.30 in chips)
Seat 6: Stabec (£340.10 in chips)
Walrus2: posts small blind £1
Stabec: posts big blind £2
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Hero [4h 4d]
Hero: raises to £6
Godfather: calls £6
Ryan87: folds
Walrus2: calls £5
Stabec: folds
----- FLOP ----- [Qd 7h 6h]
Walrus2: checks
Hero: bets £12
Godfather: folds
Walrus2: raises to £24
Hero: calls £12
----- TURN ----- [Qd 7h 6h][4c]
Walrus2: bets £22
Hero: raises to £54
Walrus2: calls £32
----- RIVER ----- [Qd 7h 6h 4c][Ks]
Walrus2: checks
Hero: bets £66
Walrus2: raises to £113.30 and is all-in
Hero: is all-in £46
Returned uncalled bets £1.30 to Walrus2
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Walrus2: shows [Qc Ah] (A Pair of Queens, Ace high)
Hero: shows [4h 4d] (Three of a kind, Fours, King high)
Hero collected £397 from Main pot
----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot £400 Main pot £397 Rake £3
Board [Qd 7h 6h 4c Ks]
Seat 1: Hero showed [4h 4d] and won (£397) with Three of a kind, Fours, King high
Seat 2: Godfather folded on the Flop
Seat 3: Ryan87 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 4: Walrus2 (small blind) showed [Qc Ah] and lost with A Pair of Queens, Ace high
Seat 6: Stabec (big blind) folded before Flop (didn't bet)

That is all.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Weekend Poker...

I made about £1k last week and only really played one session. I've put in a good few hours this weekend and managed to continue my good run..

On friday night I went with a mate to play a £10 rebuy at the Big Slick club. I ended up busting with AK vs JJ in a pretty standard spot but my mate just seemed to steamroll the whole way. We had 40% of each other and whilst I was playing cash he was down to the last two tables. He made an excellent call with K high when he raised the cut off with KJ and the bb defended. Flop 357. check check. Turn 8. BB leads for 11k of a 34k stack - my mate calls. River comes a queen and the board now reads 3578Q and BB moves in for his last 23k. My mate thought the hand through for a few minutes and made the call. He pretty much eliminated everyone from the final table and won the tourney outright for £1200. Ship the 40%. Shame I was down £200 in the cash game. I definitely ought to go there more often as the standard is without doubt, the poorest I've ever seen and I've played in a lot of places.

The cash game was £2/2 pot limit and after bluffing off over half my stack I was playing about 140 and there was a straddle of 5 and then 10. I duly put in 20 and pick up AK (mbn!) when its called in 3 spots. I get it all in vs 2 oppos and bink 2 aces vs QQ and KJ. Unfortunately about two hands later I raised the button in a double straddled pot with 99 and saw a 9,10,A flop (all diamonds). When checked to me i bet £90, about 2/3 pot and was met with an all in for £240. Check raising is pretty strong there but I call pretty quickly and miss a pair-up vs 56 diamonds. I reloaded and made most of my losses back by the time my mate had shipped the tourney and went home happy.

On saturday a mate who had left to join the army had his first weekend back home in 2months so a few of us went to a pub in central london to watch the rugby. Coming from a big rugby school that produced players like Andrew Sheridan and Nick Easter, it was disappointing to see another poor england performance but the amount of vodkas in me by that time I didn't really care. We went to an all you can eat chinese to line our stomachs for more drinking. Unfortunately it was an absolute shithole and the food tasted like pigshit - well done Will who works nearby for recommending it! donk.

After that we moved on to Leicester Square and then Covent garden for more drinking. I was in trainers and hoody and was never going to get into a club so while they went off I met a few other mates in Chinatown and we finally went to my mates house at 2am. He has an awesome new set up and I had a quick spin up which the 3 of us were 33% each on and despite being stuck pretty quickly I won a few hundred quid which paid for our nite out. I got back home at about 4am and loaded up a few tables again to see the biggest donkey in the world sitting with a £1300 stack at £1/2. 1 hour later and he'd been stripped of the lot - unfortunately I was only able to catch him for about £200 of it but I'm not complaining. I played until 7am and just before I logged off to go to sleep I played a 400x pot with KK vs J10 on a KJ41010 board.

Today I logged on and more of the same ensued. I've changed a few things about my game recently and without saying too much (as I know some of the regs I'm playing against may read this) I feel like I'm +EV against probably everyone at £1/2 on crypto apart from Loser18 who is a really good player and in a good spot to keep taking shots for the time being. If I lose 3 buy ins at any point I will drop down and keep grinding til that money is back before I take more shots at £1/2. I will try and save some hand histories and publish them on my next post as I've had loads of really interesting pots I could share.

All in all I've made around £2k this weekend so up £3k for the week. Now just gotta try and keep the focus and discipline up as sometimes when I win I get cocky and end up having a session where I play like a dick and undo my hard work.

gl at the tables

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Run goot!

Feel really good today even though I could be in the office until a sick hour trying to finish a bastard of a project that needs to be finished by the end of the week. Why I hear you ask? Well not only did I get a comment from the famous Junglecat off blonde but I destroyed some tablez last night on teh online pokerz.

I'm a big Chelsea fan and got home at like 8 with the intention of watching the game but decided to watch it whilst one tabling (yes - 1 table, lol). I raised the cutoff with J8hh at 0.25/0.50 and got a call in the big blind. the Jack high flop with two hearts looked sweet like tropicana but my oppo led, I obv raised and he reraised so small I knew he had a set. I shoved it in knowing what he had but I don't see I have too much choice there as I guess he can have something like AQhh or an oddly played QQ type hand which he will either lay down or I'm more than happy to flop against. In retrospect I doubt he re-raises so small with these hands. The second jack came on the turn housing oppo up but still giving me a few outs which meant it was going in anyway but I really really hate losing money to the regs on 25p50p on Crypto because they are all pretty pants and I'd rather get donked by a non reg coming to spew off his wages than the regs who have no game apart from nit-poker. At least the donks give it back more easily and the occasional win stays in the ol' memory banks so they come back to keep donating.

I put £100 into a £.50/1 table and raised to £3 in 2nd position with AA. Small blind makes it £13. (weee!) Big blind calls (- slight boner now!!). I make it 38 and SB ships. Unfortunately I can't hold vs his AK as two kingballs hit the flop. Must be nice.

I was obviously disappointed to start the night off badly but playing poker a little less makes me more determined now when I do play. I didn't tilt and deposited £400 more and joined 2 full ring £1/2 tables as the lineups included like 0 cash regs from the £1/2 6-max games who for the most part actually play pretty good on Crypto. The only familiar faces were one or two of the MTT regs who usually play horrible in cash. One guy quickly runner runnered me when I 3-bet him pre with A6ss. (He opened cut off I raised button). Flop came 863 and he called a big shell on the flop and a bigger one on the 4 turn to hit the 7 on the river and checked to me. I checked behind and he shows 55.

I then proceeded to just control both tables for the next few hours. I was being allowed to rob everyone blind and just ran over people for the most part. Subsequently people stacked off to me a little lighter than they would anyone else on the table too which helped but that's usually the case when I play as I'm more lag than most but seem to have patched a few leeks and don't spew in many spots at all. Cut a long story short I came off the tables at midnight with £400 and £950 for a profit on the night of a tad under £1k.

I'm probably boring now but thanks to people who are writing comments on the blog. Without constant feedback I really think I would have packed it in already and I feel they really do help me.

Yorkshire Pud - I have a mate who is a personal trainer and I know loads about training myself so let me know if you want me to come up with some form of programme for you to try and follow?

Plan for the time being is to keep playing £.25/50 and if I play any higher it will only be full ring where there's far less variance and the players are far worse. Will only be playing 6-max when properly bankrolled.


Tuesday, 24 February 2009


You will understand the title in a moment but a bit of background first...

Since mid-december and all the Christmas holidays I kinda slumped off going to the gym. Anyone who does weight training will know how quickly you can undo a lot of hard work. I think the actual term for it is reversability or something like that.

This basically sums up my situation as since mid-december I can't have made more than 10 or so trips to the gym and my strength etc has suffered as a result. The more you stay away and the less motivation you have to go back.

I'm not going to stop though because I was finally getting into really good shape before Xmas and I know it won't take me too long to get back there. It didn't help that my mate who I train with went off travelling for four months either.

When I train I tend to eat like a horse and unfortunately I've kept this up the last few months since not really training. I now weigh 85kg which is my heaviest for a while. When I was in Nottingham I lost a bit of weight without even realising it...pretty easy to do when most days I was eating one meal a day - in the casino. Anyway on sunday, my nan commented to me - 'you look fat today'. Coming from a woman who is 5 foot 2 and almost 18 stone I knew I had to get into gym gear again, fast!

As of right now I am 86kg and have set myself the target to lose 6kg by the end of April. That's only 2 months away and is actually quite a lot of weight for me to drop considering I will be taking my protein shakes again daily and weight training again which means I will gain some weight that way. To make sure I do this I will transfer £50 to anyone who reads this blog if I fail to meet my target my the end of April. (Just post in comments section to be included). I'm capping it at 20 people cos I don't wanna shell out more than £1k if I lose but want it to be enough to make sure that none of you bastards get a penny of my hard de-generated cash.

In the meantime I will be putting in a session of teh online pokerz tonight (=babysitting) whilst my olds are at my little sisters parents evening and will go to the gym for a shoulders and tris session later on.


(If you don't have a blogger username and are using anonymous just post your blondepoker username etc)

Sunday, 22 February 2009

New Goals

This week has been pretty good for me despite finishing on a bad note today. As far as bankroll management goes, there's still so much room for improvement but things are getting much better.

I managed to stay playing small at £.25/50 and made 10 buy ins at peak. Only played 3 or 4 sessions of a few hours each but was playing really good and the opposition at this level is just incapable of giving any problems. It's just kinda easy.

This morning however I undid some of my good work. I was playing a $.50/1 omaha game and lost a $400 pot when I had doubled up my stack to $200 through lots of smallish pots. With AK94 double suited on a K74 2club flop when I also had nut clubs. Unfortunately I ran into KK and missed. It was raised by villain pre utg and called round except for one player and I made up the rest in the BB. Should I have passed pre? I check raised a pot bet of 15 dollars with 2 callers and then was committed even though he pretty much had to have KK there. sigh. Need to stay away from omaha until I'm rolled for it. Plus such a high variance game may not be something I should be playing when I tilt so easily and there are so many more instances where you are playing for stacks in omaha than hold em and you're never normally a huge favourite like in hold em.

After I lost that pot I jumped straight into 2 £1/2 games and immediately ran one huge bluff in a 3 way 3-bet pot. It was a good start but I shoulda avoided a silly spot like that straight off the bat. Then on the other table I picked up Aces and made it £24 following a raise to £6. The 47x flop was checked to me and I checked behind to induce overpairs to fire the turn as my line looks like AK /AQ the 2 of hearts rolled off on the turn and my opponent overbet pot and I got it in immediately as I was sure he had an overpair like 99-JJ and committed himself. He had 56hh and binked the 8 ball on the river to set me back a bit further. I didn't tilt but was annoyed that I had undone much of this week's grinding.

I had the sense to log off and immediately cashed out my roll so that I don't play anymore today. I'm gonna go to the gym and chill before a busy week of work starts on monday. *Sigh*

+£250 for the week still not too shabby under my current effort of playing to a roll etc.

I'm gonna set some new goals as they have changed a bit from the beginning of the year:

--To play no higher than £.25/50p online until I have made 100 buy ins.

--To implement a stop loss of 2 buy ins in any one session and 4 on any day.

--Not gonna play any GUKPTs just because I can even though I was intending to enter one or two this year. I plan on playing a few of the 3-2-1's at DTD and the Greek Festival.

That's about it for now. Best not to overcomplicate things.

As always, comments appreciated.


Thursday, 19 February 2009

My Room 101 (Edit:Part 1)

Just felt like doing a non-poker related post and what better than a few of my own pet hates...


Wtf is the point of buying a 10k car and then spending £20k+ sooping(sp?) it up. For that sort of money you can buy a properly awesome car and not look like a nobhead who has to deal coke to buy it!

2) Bad handshakes

Its horrible when someone shakes your hand and they have a horrible moist palm. urgh fck off!

It's even worse when you go to shake a blokes hand and they give you one of those poncy non firm handshakes like they are a woman. I can't fcking stand that. Be a man you phag!

3) Modern Art.

I was watching a programme recently where some of the work of a modern artist was being showcased and i thought wow what utter shit that is. Then they say the price of the stuff and I'm gobsmacked. How can some talentless twonk who hasn't even brushed his hear wearing yellow trousers and a top that's too small invent some airy shit about the meaning of his work and then sell half a carrot splashed with paint for more money than most people earn in a year?

The pic is actually a piece by Damien Hurst, a man who sold £100 million worth of stuff at Sotherby's in the last few years. Credit to the guy if he's getting people to buy shite like that. Must be nice for those buyers who have more money than sense.

Gonna have to cut this blog short as my ole man needs the laptop but will do a part two soon!