Sunday, 12 April 2009

Intentionally Blank

My gran passed away on saturday morning. Don't really want to write too much about it other than to say RIP. She battled several illnesses the last 15 years and never really had an immune system after chemotherapy years and years ago so hopefully now she can finally rest.

On the friday night before, I met the Amafish and Ant (fellow bloggers in the list on my right) at the Empire in Leicester Square. They were both playing the tournament but I didnt make it in time as I had just come from visiting my nan at about 8. I had things on my mind obviously so wasn't on the best of form though it wouldn't have shown too much as we didn't get to share a table. Hopefully we can do it again properly where we share a cash table whilst I take their money from them. Me and Ant both lost about £200 each (despite my £600 all in coup with KK vs AA where I hit a K vs the one guy on the table I least wanted to bust).

When I've had a spare hour or two in the last day or so I've been playing $1/2 cash and I'm prob up about £1700.

Don't know when I'll next update but gl all.

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Amatay said...

Sorry to hear about ur loss mate. Good to meet you briefly on Fri