Thursday, 1 July 2010


Having a blog is pretty tedious most of the time, winning or losing. Us poker players are lazy by nature so we aren't built to write and usually I cant be bothered. Here's a synopsis of some of the blogs I read (linked on my right and how they've changed!).

(Hope no-one takes offence - I'm jus' playin).

Amatay: Used to be young and fun, shaggin every bird he could. Recently celebrated his 35th birthday and about to get married. No longer fun. Still a nit though.

James 'MC' Atkin: Former highstakes nosebleed player and badboy gangster rapper has settled down in Leafy Lincoln with mrs. Had baby and grinds poker like 9-5. Not much of a transition then.

Animal: [ x ] Been bashing the game for years. [ x ] Still moans about running bad. [ ] seems to understand variance.

Steve Holden: Not his former self, only updates his blog 23 times a day now. Possible cause: Twitter.

Ant0893275394734: Has been playing the same game (SNG's) for more than 2 weeks now. Wtf!?

More another time.

I'll be at DTD this weekend playing the £300 and hopefully not the £150.