Monday, 23 November 2009

TV appearance, being a calling station & random other news.

I was in the filming of a TV programme 2 weekends ago. I really can't say much more than that except it should be good viewing - I have to wait until Spring 2010 before it airs though!

Made one good hero call last week at the Vic and made one horrible call in Luton this weekend. Since I barely write about any particular hands in here I'll try and recall them

First was a £1/2 game at the Vic on a saturday afternoon. Bunch of limpers and I make a largish raise to £16 isolate one guy who was incredibly weak loose. Old guy calls in the BB, the target folds (eh!?) and a young american guy who talks like he's a board on the 2+2 forum calls. I have J6cc.

Flop = 10s 7s 5c

They both check to me and I decide to check back.

Turn = 6h

Mr 2+2 bets £35 quite quickly and I call, though a little worryingly tight guy calls behind me.

River = Qs

Mr 2+2 insta bets £95 and I quickly decide he has air but have to snap to show some sort of strength so that old boy passes which he does. Young kid fires his hand towards the muck and as I turn my hand the typical bad live players are surprised to see how I played the hand and how I called the turn and river. American kid even has the cheek to try and say he mucked A6 until I pointed to his two cards and told him he could take the pot if they were A6 but he'd have to pay me double if they weren't. Quite comedy as I completely stumped him and he soon left the game.

I realise all the 'live tell' stuff is quite lollable but the speed with which the guy bet turn and river when it was checked to him didn't really make sense given how the board had changed. I often find that live when people bluff they do it really quickly with no real consideration of whether their line is believeable for the hand they are repping.

The other hand was in a cash game in Luton. I 3-bet an open with AK otb and checked down a 56QJ6 board before calling a £45 river bet and being shown 55. Old guy thanked me for the call too. TILT.

In other news I will be playing the £1k Monte Carlo £250,000 gtd event at DTD on December 18th and am really looking forward to it. I'll use up my '1 time' for this event pls.

Also, to anyone who hasn't seen it already, take a look at Dale's blog. He knows his stuff about SNG's and puts his effort into his blog, unlike this greek degen who can barely be bothered at times.

gl at the tables.

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