Friday, 31 July 2009

Robusto------------> not robusto & DTD this weekend

Well I haven't blogged lately partly because I haven't been arsed, partly because I've not had too much to talk about and I go through periods where I enjoy writing entries and others where it's just a hassle.

I'm up to Dusk Til Dawn this weekend for the £300. I'm going to Leeds in September for the Blondepoker forum bash which should be good crack and in October I'm going to Ireland with some of the lads from blonde for 5 days. Really looking forward to that one in particular.

I read Animal's blog this morning and saw he did a very brief 6-month review which I should prob do too.

First part of the year...I started a blog and was really focused/had a good head. I ran really hot and crushed the $1/2 and $2/4 plo games I was playing in (p.s. pls return to the tables rory liffey u mega donk) for a lot of money. I made the trip to DTD a couple of times, running up decent stacks in both £300's I played but ultimately getting bored and throwing my chips away. 2 day tournaments aren't terribly appealing when you can sit in a small cash game and make £1000 without stressing too much.

I did play a 2-day £200+100 at the Big slick club in London, making the final table where I refused a deal for £3.5 and ran like dogshit to bust in 5th for £1500. Still feel it was right not to take that deal with the stacks and players at the table, all of whom I had an edge on but I ran bad and perhaps played a little fast.

Recently I played a £200 freezeout at the Vic with 109 runners and got in a 4-way chop for £4.3k which I couldnt really refuse despite being chipleader after the first hand on the final and then throughout. Sadly I got AQ all in vs A10 4-handed for the world and lost which led to me being the shortest stack. I couldn't refuse when the guy (Mr A10 with 400k - I had 110k now) agreed to an even chop. Though on hendon mob it does look like i got £1800. Norrrrrr.

Including some smaller comps, (I've prob only played 15 live donkaments this year) I've spent about £2k and returned about £7.5k.

Unfortunately the wheels came off in the last 6 weeks and I ended up shot taking at $5/10 PLO. I ran good winning 3 buy ins pretty quick but then began to lose to the variance war. This led to tilt and I basically ended up gifting away half my roll having already lost most of the other bit anyway.

I've just got involved in a deal with a friend from poker who is putting me into any live donkament up to £500's on a 50-50 deal after makeup. I've never been staked before so hopefully I can run good in my first one at DTD this weekend. For the meantime I'm gonna knock online on the head and just make easy money, but less often at live poker.

gl all.


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Anonymous said...

You forgot your staking in slots play too :)

GL at DtD I see you're in top two stacks at start of day two