Friday, 3 July 2009

That ineveitable blow up

So I lost £2.5k/$4000 last night at $5/10 PLO. There was an absolute donkey in the game and he ran so good against me it was sick.

First hand I flat a cutoff pot to $35 on the button playing a full buy in with AA22. The small blind repots to $150 and the initial raiser flats. I repot it to get most of my stack in and lose vs the donkeys AK47 double. (He now has $3000 on this table)

On the other table about half an hour later playing $1400 stack its potted utg and called in two spots when I find 6789 on the button. Maybe I should raise here but I elected to flat. I flopped the nuts on a 345 board (2 spades) and it got checked all the way round to me so I bet $90 into the $140 and got 1 caller before donkey repots. I get it in and he has A457 no spades. The turn is the 4 of spades and I now want to put a screwdriver through his eye. (He now has $3000 on this table)

Admittedly I lost my last 2 buy ins through playing way too fast and way too predictably but the haze has hit my eyes by this time and I was steaming like mad. No excuse especially as I'm not rolled to be playing this game in the first place.

Not quite sure what the plan is now. I'm just not learning. What's the point beating the game and just doing stupid degenerate things? My time is better spent elsewhere where I might have something to show for it like at the gym etc. One thing is for sure. I need to change my ways or stop playing poker completely.

Edit: Donkey gave all his money away in the end. Just a shame it was my money he was dispensing.


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Anonymous said...

busto fish? knw u always would be. Just play sngs or donkaments... u ant do ur nuts playing them... a degen fish like you probs would! hahaha

Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

Anon- 2 things.

Firstly when did losing £2.5k make me bust? It's too high for my bankroll and is silly thats all.

Secondly, I'll see you at the Vic next week. We'll go somewhere and have a little chat :)

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