Monday, 7 December 2009

FML what a weekend...late recap....

Saturday began with me making a deposit to play some small MTTs on my own dime, something I don't do too often now as I'm staked to play PLO cash.

I think I played 7 MTTs in total, including one satellite for the $50k GTD.I busted the first 2 within about 30 mins playing like a complete dick. After a bit of a word with myself I regged for some more.

I eventually won the $20 deepstack for $700 and came 2nd in a small PLO MTT for about $500 and change and then later in the evening won the $5r for $2.4k and change. I'm not a huge MTT player online as I simply don't have the time to combine playing them with my work/lifestyle but almost 700 runners was one of my biggest, if not my biggest win in terms of field size.

I had also ammassed a stack in the 50k GTD and was never in danger. I was one-tabling by this point and checking the lobby but 12 left was taking a while - this comp strangely has no antes at any point. (I was meant to be at a mates birthday - gg me).

On my 6-handed table it passed round to the button who opened just as the table merged into one, meaning we were on the final and two had gone from the other table. I moved all in with AQhh and my opponent tanked. The longer he took the more confident I was, thinking he's either got AJ/A10 or a pair like 77/88. As his time almost ran out he made the brave call with AK green. FML. Went from 4th to 10th in a hand and exited in 9th for $1k.

I should have just gone to bed when $4.2k up but had played so well through the day I thought I could continue the run playing cash but wasn't overly bothered. That is until I saw a fish I know playing heads up $2/4 PLO. He had a $3k stack but I consider him complete dead money. I know his game inside out and feel he's so exploitable. Unfortunately he was already sitting against someone and I said to my old man, I hope his opponent is no good because this guy can iron out that $3k in 25 minutes. I think I was out by 1 minute. Sigh.

So I sit at $2/4 and find another baguette. I didn't know he was useless until he made two ridic calls to stack me for 2 buy ins pretty quickly. I was on his left and he was min-raising or potting every hand and every single time without fail I was 3-betting to isolate him. I ran up my $400 (I was now in for $1200) to $1900 and he had gone from $2700 down to $600 and back up to $2300 when we played a huge pot for him to stack me. As usual he pots it and I reraise with 7889. He calls. Flop K8K. He check raises me, and I 4-bet it and snap off his jam. His K1043 no suits sent me to the rail and on uber tilt. I reloaded, knowing if he stayed long enough it wouldn't be a problem to get it back. Unfortunately it was 4.35am by this time and he quit me. Obviously kinda tilted I spewed some more off and went to bed with only $1.5k profit for the day and in the knowledge it was going on Sunday. Again I was right.

Had a session on the stake last night and finally began winning which obviously didn't really last long. I was up 6 BI at peak and finished up $52 in the end.I did something rare though and reviewed every hand from the session and made some general notes which probably explains why I've had the worst month in terms of buy ins I've ever had so far. I'm 100% I'll get back to even but it will probably take me until into Jan to do so which is obviously pretty annoying.Anyway my notes were:

3-bet pots:3-betting too many hands. Peel in pos with AKJx type hands more. 3-betting with run downs etc I'm still doing well but I've widened my 3-bet range way too much.3-bet sizing is sloppy. It seems I'm just hitting 'pot' rather than 3-balling small. Normally I 3-bet to like $9 after someone opens to $3.50 but I've been potting to like $12 all the time. Takes away a bit of my edge post I think.Playing way too many double suited hands. Start folding these dickface!Playing too many hands from UTG.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cos! Ed here. Interesting post. I think if you and opponent are deep you should carry on hitting pot when you 3-bet. I believe this for two reasons. 1) It gives you more chance to get HU or even to win the pot uncontested. 2) Building the pot gives you more chance to get opponents all-in when you have an edge.

Please let me know what you think and GL!

Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

Sorry I haven't replied yet Ed, but it's something I've been thinking about a lot. I can see a lot of merits in both ways but I've emailed a few ppl who play high stakes PLO to give me their thoughts on this and I'll post.

Anonymous said...

Shit player, always will be. Broke4life.