Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Overdue update...

It's been a rather long time since I last made any sort of significant update so I thought I'd better do one now before I give up on the blog altogether.

I'm now being staked to play cash online. I put up a proposal on the blonde forum and it was a nice feeling to sell out within like 1 hour. I had to take a look at things logically and I just wasnt being sensible with my own money - tilt led to me moving up limits or stupidly playing house games. I guess I just had zero respect for my own money so even though I've been a big winner this year at small and low midstakes PLO I was never holding on to the money which essentially just meant I was wasting my time.

I'm learning bankroll management and to just call a losing day a losing day. Not once have I messed around with stakers money or played different limits and won a few buy ins the first month which was a little turbulent after some sessions where I wasn't in the best frame of mind held me back a little. This month has been going much better and despite two shots at the $109 PLO comp I've won around 24 buy ins with 16 of these coming on one massive sunday session. I've cracked the styles and the regs at these limits now for the large part - time to press on and make some mad ones. I'll only quit the stake when I'm 100% confident and rolled to move onto my own dime without fear that I'll do anything silly.

I went and played the £200 freezeout at Luton this weekend and I was playing so well early, just destroying the table who all hated me for opening so many pots and being so aggro as live players do but I lost almost every flip I got into and ultimately lost a biggun at the death of day 1.

The friday before I went to the Empire casino which turned out to be quite a good laugh too. I got a picture with Todd Brunson, Howard Lederer, a Freddy Deeb lookalike and the best of all.....a very fit waitress who I'm a little in love with. I'll try post the pictures with the next post. Howard Lederer's face was a picture when a very drunk me decided to start asking him about activating the boomswitch on my Full Tilt account - he really needed that when standing outside the casino on his 5-minute break when about to go heads up for a bracelet!

Met up with the Amatay there too as well as some other blondes. I heard Amatay shagged 3 or 4 of the valets that night. good work mate.


Amatay said...

it was just the two rumps m8, get it right pls

rubbish said...

So that's why he smashed his flat up, the shame of having his arse ravaged by someone other than Cogs.

James Atkin said...

2 is still a good effort imo!