Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Had some right swongs this weekend, dropping about £4k on friday night and saturday morning. I think that's up there with my biggest loss ever. It was partly poker and partly tilted bj sessions to try and recover.

Luckily I had tickets to see a friend fight and it got me away from the laptop on saturday afternoon and out on saturday night. He won in the first round and is an absolute brutus which got me feeling a bit better after a good night.

I had £1000 on Lyoto Machida to win vs Rashad Evans at 1/2 and then a £500 treble on Machida, Hughes and Sherk all to win. Machida obviously won so the second bet was going to be a freeroll but Sherk fucked up which was about a £2k swong towards recovery. On Sunday I logged on to will hill and tried to put £200 on Chelsea, Ars, Utd and Lpool all to win their last game at 17/2 but the max bet was £120 so I had no choice. When they all won I didn't know whether to be happy or angry!

After that I just refocused a bit, spoke to live support on both my sites and got myself a ban from table games/casino sections so I can't do them even if I want to in future. From that point on I just grinded like some 2 bit downtown stripper trying to make a buck and finished the extended weekend down only £1kish. I'm happy with that and it shouldn't take me too long to grind back even if a player called Snooper is the luckiest human alive and running about $4k above expectation on me in all in pots.

One other thing to anyone who reads this blog, you will love the blog of a guy I know. It can be found here ( http://www.verysickmandavidlam.blogspot.com/ ) and tells of his utter degeneracy. Pls become a follower.

Good luck at the tables and more importantly to big Stavros Flatley in Britain's got talent tonight!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

My 2 biggest online cash pots in 2 days.

So it appears I haven't completely shaken off the degenyamine within despite my best efforts.

The other night I went out with the lads for my bday. We had a meal and then went to a bar in Camden for some drinks. I had to be in Birmingham on Friday for work which meant a very early start.

When I got home around midnightish I decided to fire up the tables and blast for an hour. I duly played like a donkey. I'm not sure quite why as I didn't feel drunk but after losing 3 buy ins at $2/4 having been up a buy in I decided to buy in for $1000 on a $10/20 plo game. First hand I'm dealt Q567 in the BB. UTG pots to 70 and the SB calls. I join the party. Flop comes Q23 with 2 hearts. SB checks, I check and raiser pots for $210. SB flats and I decide to jam. Raiser rejams behind. Oops. SB tanks. Oh shit. I'm truly hung drawn and quartered. Eventually SB passes and on their backs for the $2300 in the middle the raiser shows AJJ4 with nut hearts. I'm ahead...weeeeeeeee. Now hold vs his 300,000 outs pls one time. Turn 6. River A. Ship. I do a dirtball and don't even play my sb. Insta-sit out. Insta-leave. Insta de-tilt. Nice.

Then today I'm up $400 on a $2/4 plo game on two separate occasions and both times I got outdrawn when in pretty good shape for stacks to take me back to my initial $400 buy in. I then potted the cut off with KK72 with nut clubs and the K hearts. The flop came A72 with two hearts (A) and the raiser potted for $104ish. I called with bottom two with a plan to jam any heart turn but decided to stack off on the complete brick 6 turn when I called villains all in just hoping he was going crazy with a rundown that missed pre or a hand like AKQJ. Obviously he wasn't and had AA but when I'm on tilt I stack off considerably lighter than I should and I was fuming with myself. I don't mind losing hands and rarely tilt when I lose a big hand hand for stacks but I do beat myself up when I donate money to someone else.

So I looked at $3/6 and there were no games running. Scrolled to $5/10 to see one 6-max table with 5 players. Perfect. I took the empty seat and bought in full. First hand I look down at A9A9 double suited. It pots infront of me to $35 and gets called on the button. I re-pot to $150 and the guy next to me flats as well as the other two! Flop comes 24J with 2 spades. Good enough for my nut spade draw and I bet pot $600. I get one jammer and an insta call behind. My last 300 goes flying in and there's just over $3000 in the pot. I'm up against 2357 with spades and JJxx. I bink the nut flush on the turn and the river bricks. Insta-sit out. Insta-leave. Insta de-tilt. Nice.

Actually that's not quite true. I just wanted to get that line in again! I posted the SB and passed and then got AA22 on the button. It passed round. I potted and the BB defended. Flop comes 856, rainbow. BB checks and I check behind. 2 on the turn so my hand is completely disguised but it's still not a good board. I call the $75 pot bet and then feel obliged to pay off the $225 on the K river as it just looks like I can never really have anything but I lose to 744x. I don't think I hate the call on the river as he bluffs a bunch in that spot. I leave the table and I'm now £850 up on the day and happy.

Can't keep doing this though. Shot taking should be for when you're running good and up some buy ins, not when you're doing it!

gl at the tables de-gens.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

That perfect moment.......................crash!

On tuesday night I went to the Empire, with the intention of meeting a friend and then going for a few drinks and a bite to eat as he's had exams and a lot of uni work so we haven't caught up in a while.

I go in about 7pm and he's sitting at a cash table with about £900. He gets up to say hi etc etc and his phone rings. I tell him I'll play for him even though this is a bit of a grey area and I'm not really sure if it's allowed but no-one seemed to object. There were 3 familiar faces to me at the table so maybe they just didn't object cos I'm such a good value spot! Anyhoo, I raise the first 3 hands (I've watched Durrrr on HSP and PAD this week and convinced I can be a genius too obv!). I take down 2 small pots and concede one when I get reraised. There are two guys on the table, both look like total geeks and one is wearing a pkr t-shirt. T-shirt gooks mate asks me if I'm on 2+2. I respond deadpan, 'Is that like Youporn community'? He looks at me and says no and continues talking to t-shirt gook about pokertracker or the size of Pat Antonius's ring. My mate gets off the phone and whispers, 'Those two have been doing my head in today...sooo annoying, come on let's go and get some drinks'. "One more hand" is the completely predictable response from me. I look down at 53o in MP and it's folded to me so i make it 8 to go and both blinds call only. Marvellous, I'm happy at least I have position with this sack of shit. Flop 356 with 2 hearts. T-shirt boy check raises me from the big and I set him in for his last £100. Even though the pot was only £300 it was so nice to felt gook boy when his J6hh bricked. Soooo sweet. My mate was very happy.

The crash happened a little later just as my mate was leaving. He put £550 on one hand of Blackjack and got....yes...Blackjack. His life is just like one whole run good story. Another friend from home who had met me in the meantime watched me piss away £700 trying to emulate Figo (the initial mate in the story) who it turns out didn't go home...he went to the Vic and spun up £8k on blackjack. Sick bastard. He won a £1k freezeout when he was £18. Lost £99k sportsbetting on Will Hill before he was 21 and won £28k on the Barcelona vs Real match a week or so ago. On top of that he's meant to be doing his finals at uni at the moment! He's still a sick degen bastard who will try to nip anyone in his site, so if you hear of Figo...stay the fk away! I'm gonna make the dirty little bastard read this too.

I've since clawed back over half of that £700 but won't be playing much til the weekend.

GL all.

Monday, 11 May 2009


BBBBB = Big Black's Black Belt Blog.

A really good friend of mine Aarun 'Big Black' Bernard is doing the Blackbelt grading scheme at the moment and he came 3rd in their BlackBelt only tournament on Stars yesterday, getting cruelly outdrawn KJ < J10 when all in pre. Both wp & ul mate.

I know the grading couldn't really have come at a much worse time for him but he's a loyal guy and will always give things his best. Many people including myself were sceptical about the Black Belt scheme thinking that Doctor Channing would use the rake that everyone generates to give the 20k packages to the players who were in his previous stable. However, from what Black Belt have said I really think everyone will get a fair crack at the whip and everyone has a good chance. I know quite a few guys doing this (gl James Atkin, Steve Holden, Dom Kay & anyone else I may have forgotten atm) but I'm obviously rooting hardest for Aarun.

The live arena is his forte really and you'll usually find him getting the lot in live cash games though I wouldn't like him on my table online either. He might not put his thoughts into words like Shakespeare but this guy has got game. If I had the roll to stake people he'd be first on my list...making a nice chunk in cash games for Bad Beat and then finishing 5th in the one and only GUKPT main event he's played for £20k gives you an idea of his clinical style. An affable and very cool guy I would have thought he's probably 10x a lot more marketable than a lot of players too.

Anyway enough rambling..not entirely sure why I wrote that post. Just something I was thinking about having spoken to Aarun recently and felt he deserves a lot of credit. Obv its monday morning and I'm at work too...sigh!

I'll try and put up a post this week which fills the gap.

gl in the meantime fish.