Thursday, 18 June 2009

Weekend Plans

Ok so Amatay messages me on msn the other day and is literally like 'I have no blog is complete lies as I'm still a virgin and even that ginger bastard Scotch hates my guts'.

At this point I kinda feel sorry for the fish and agree to go with him to the masters football at Wembley. I insist that he must pay for everything though in return for the purchase of my friendship and he instantly agrees and buys the best tickets in the stadium.

Hopefully we will get drunk and end up at the Empire where I can put the fish even more out of pocket on the night.

Going to the 20-20 on friday too and busy on sunday so gotta find a bit of time to try and rape the tables.


rubbish said...

Make sure you get a decent meal out of him as well and a taxi home. Sounds like a cracking weekend.

Amatay said...

haha, you were my last resort mate. I said i'll buy the tickets if you didnt write about me being a virgin u bastard!!!

Amatay said...

Hang on a minute, i have just realised. This is a blatant i'm gonna meet up with the great Amatay brag post imo. mbn to me friends with Amatay ;-)