Saturday, 27 June 2009

New strat and focus

Since I've got it in my head that I'm going to Vegas in November and it's actually happening I've found a new discipline to grind grind grind. I want to take £10k out there with me if not a bit more so the aim is to make double that between now and November. Doable if I keep my head. I don't want to use any money from outside of poker and I'm going to leave a lot of money locked up in shares over this time. Likewise my savings and salary are being put away for when I buy my first property soon. A good talk when I met up with Amatay recently about how I'm wasting my time and talent (that's not meant to seem like an arrogant dick comment, just can't think of a better word) grinding up and tilting down had an effect and made me realise I really do want to knuckle down and keep earning nice chunks from this game I love and actually hold on to them.

In the last 9 days I've made £3100ish at $2/4 plo. I've actually changed from playing 4 and 6 tables to playing 1 or 2. I think this really allows me to exploit my edge and as a result I've been playing close to what I think is my best game. Getting it in really good in a lot of spots rather than the higher variance 55/45s and 50/50 type spots you're more likely to get into playing $5/10.

I don't use any software, in fact I think it should all be banned. It's just not poker and having some system telling u a bloke checkraises flops a very high % of the time feels a little bit like cheating. I know it's not but I'm in the camp that these are things people should work out for themselves in poker. I don't feel I need it either when I play at 1 or 2 tables as I have a good feel for where everyone is at and what they are capable of which I lose when 4 tabling.

Got some time off in a week or two to play the festival at the Vic too. Looking forward to the £100 rebuy PLO in particular. Bought Rolf Slotbooms PLO book and it seems pretty decent though I've only read a little bit and it hasn't told me anything I don't already know yet.

gl at the tables


Ant040689 said...

If you can keep your head you could win a scary amount from now until november, i guess with all of us you need to get a grip on losing sessions, which it sounds like you must have if you were playing 9 days of omaha and you're up as well as you are!

Just stay away from my tourney grind and we can remain friends!

Amatay said...

That fish Amatay talks alot of sense. You should prob listen to his own advice