Monday, 27 April 2009

Pls no bok!

Ok I'm a lazy git and I've been too busy for making long posts at the moment hence no trip report from the £300 at Big Slick where I got 5th a week ago.

I've been running really good online at the moment - in the last 6 weeks I'm probably up around £6000 playing $1/2 and $2/4 (probably 90% $1/2). It's a bit weird but when I've had a minute and felt like posting I've not wanted to do so for fear of bokking my good run or seem like I'm boasting. Pretty stupid huh? Can't wait for my rakeback to come in at the end of the month too. My first full months play on a 50% deal....juicy!! Leave me a message here if you wanna know more details or to jump on the more $$$ for nothing bandwagon.

I've decided to have a few days off. This week I'm hitting the gym and meeting a friend from Nottingham who's down on tuesday as he begins the Black Belt poker scheme. Then on Wednesday night I'm going to watch my old housemate from Uni at a gig in Camden. I've also pulled all my money offline so I can work out what my bankroll actually is. Constant deposits and cashouts and money across a few different sites isn't totally ideal and this will be the first week in a while I know where I'm at.

I'll be up at DTD this weekend for the £300 weekend. Let me know if you're playing.

In the meantime, glglglglgl.


Amatay said...

nice one mate :-)

Dom said...

Linked u up mate, try and do likewise if u get a chance buddy.