Sunday, 5 April 2009

Last few nights

Played a live £80 donkament on friday night. I only lasted 5 hands after the first break.[ ] I didn't arrive 5 minutes before the first break! Sigh lol.

I played cash and after raising to £10 in the £2/2 pl game with KK i was repopped to £30. Lovely jubbly, I moved in and he called for his stack with A10 and duly hit the turn. I asked the dealer if we were playing blackjack or poker. I can't help jabs like that when someone donks so hard. After that I raised pretty much every hand (I was already raising more than anyone anyway)and it wasn't too long before I had won my £100 back and was up £140. I left when one of my mates got knocked out and we went for something to eat. When we got back my other mate was already sitting in the cash game and I was too tired to sit. I don't really like sitting in games where friends are playing either. So i went and watched TV (and fell asleep) when I went halves with another mate in cash and he made me a nice ton while I was dozing off.

Yesterday was a bit shit though. I decided to have an MTT session online for a bit of a change to cash. I ran up big stacks in everything but not changing gears cost me in most and I was soon 1 tabling the $35k on ipoker. 1385 runners and I was always around the top few dozen.

With 100 left I played a pot I'd like opinions on. Blinds are 1600/3200 with an ante of 200 (I think). My stack is 85k. It passes round to the small blind with 42k, who makes up. I check my J8. Flop comes 10,9,4. SB checks and I bet 4.5k. He bumps it to 14.5k and I move in. He calls with K10 and I hit an 8 on the turn but brick the river.

Should I raise pre? Check behind the flop? Pass when he c-raises? Be interesting to know what people think of this.

Anyway y-day I finished down -£450.

Will be grinding cash today.



Ant040689 said...

You know what i think lol but obv not to say ure play is too bad or anything, perfectly viable. Plus i am not really one to talk with my plays in that tourney yest lol

Hope the luck turns dude

Amatay said...

what u have J8 and double his stack?? If so i play it like u?

Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

Yea it was J8. Will amend the post.