Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Dirty Ho of Poker

Over the next week I'm going to be doing more grinding than a slag on the dancefloor.

I've got monday-weds off work so I'm in two minds as to whether to go up to DTD for their £300 deepstack but don't know if I can really be arsed to make all the arrangements (e.g train/hotel etc). I'd say I'm about 25% to say 'fuck it I'm off atm'.

My plan for my days off is to go out on monday and use some of my recent 'run-good' monies to buy a new set up for my room. At the moment I only play on my laptop which isn't really ideal for multitabling. Anyone who plays Crypto will know how annoying it is not to have adjustable table sizes and I prefer overlapping tables slightly to their gay 'pro view'. As the saying goes 'you can't miss what you've never had' but playing on my mates 36 inch monitor a few times recently I loved it and it can only help my profitability so is now a must. Luckily these days things like that don't cost a ridic amount and I reckon I can get what I want for about £600. I'm going with a mate as he's knowledgeable about what to buy and I'm clueless other than size. Is that a realistic amount of money to spend or should I be expecting to fork out a bit more?

Last night I had my first bad session in a while. I was really really disappointed with my play and my attitude which seems to have improved greatly since I started this blog and trying to take a more professional approach towards poker even though I'm not a pro.

I was down about £300 a few times and as much as £550 once. I made so many stupid spews when on mild tilt it was ridiculous. Raising too much and getting 3-bet a lot I was spewing hard...esp when I kept calling the 3-bets to catch a flop. I made a stupid 4-bet bluff with A4 on a Q2310 board with no knowledge on villain to fold to his 5-bet shove. I haven't donked like that in a while and hopefully I won't be again! I've also reviewed my HH's and really wasnt catching any flops and did run pretty poor but still shoulda lost less in a few of these spots and not got into some in the first place.

Some spots were unavoidable like when I raised 88 on the button and got smoothed in the BB. Flop 689. obv opponent had 10 7.

I also lost with a set and flush draw all in on flop in Omaha to a wrap and smaller flushdraw.

Then playing a $2/5 game guy UTG playing $200 makes it $17. 2 callers behind him and I find AK on the button. Great spot to look like I'm squeezing and get it in. I make it $85 and raiser flats with $115 behind. Flop comes QQJ and I miss for the rest vs his J10. Wp sir, wp.

Revenge was very very sweet though as a few hands later I made a big bluff and before I could even top up, my stack was at about $700 when I raised the cut off with J10 and Mr J10 3-bet in the BB. I had to call this guy just to stick it in the motherfuckers eye. Flop was K92 and he checks. When he checks I know he feels his hand is massive because he woulda continued anything bar laying me a trap. I peel off behind him as even if he does have QQ,JJ,1010 etc he's not folding to me. Turn comes a queen. Absolute sexual chocolate of a card. He insta leads for $85 with about $205 behind and I flat to make sure his stack goes in on the river. The river comes a 9 and he takes about 5 seconds before getting it in. Unfortunately for me I didn't think so slowroll the little bastard and just instacalled to see AK. tyty.

I finally trapped a late night tilter into overshoving the flop when i 3-bet pre with K9 and made a weak lead at the King high flop which he shoved with bottom pair A kicker and missed.

Since I started this post I'm now really really fucking tempted to come to DTD and as long as I can sort somewhere to stay I'm gonna try and do it. Be nice to ship the £27k first prize one time!!!

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rubbish said...

Sexual chocolate - must remember that one.
Good luck.