Thursday, 19 February 2009

My Room 101 (Edit:Part 1)

Just felt like doing a non-poker related post and what better than a few of my own pet hates...


Wtf is the point of buying a 10k car and then spending £20k+ sooping(sp?) it up. For that sort of money you can buy a properly awesome car and not look like a nobhead who has to deal coke to buy it!

2) Bad handshakes

Its horrible when someone shakes your hand and they have a horrible moist palm. urgh fck off!

It's even worse when you go to shake a blokes hand and they give you one of those poncy non firm handshakes like they are a woman. I can't fcking stand that. Be a man you phag!

3) Modern Art.

I was watching a programme recently where some of the work of a modern artist was being showcased and i thought wow what utter shit that is. Then they say the price of the stuff and I'm gobsmacked. How can some talentless twonk who hasn't even brushed his hear wearing yellow trousers and a top that's too small invent some airy shit about the meaning of his work and then sell half a carrot splashed with paint for more money than most people earn in a year?

The pic is actually a piece by Damien Hurst, a man who sold £100 million worth of stuff at Sotherby's in the last few years. Credit to the guy if he's getting people to buy shite like that. Must be nice for those buyers who have more money than sense.

Gonna have to cut this blog short as my ole man needs the laptop but will do a part two soon!



Bossanova21 said...


agree with the wet handshakes! When someone gives me a wet handshake, i never ever trust them LOL

Anonymous said...

James May describes the chavmobile as having been 'funded by living at home with mummy and daddy'

Anonymous said...

lol that cars from bolton ive seen it