Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Filling the gap...part 1. LPC £750.

It seems like everyone on the blogging front is updating less these days and I've been as guilty as any. Sometimes it feels like such a chore but I've got no excuses with how much I post on blondepoker and am constantly reading 2+2 and blogs etc to not manage to update a bit more regularly.

To quickly fill the gap I played the £750+£75 London Poker Circuit Event. Unfortunately they've decided to scrap their main events from now on being these big buy in jobbies. It's a shame as even though this was the first event I played, the field consisted of 5 players capable of winning and the rest was pure value in the field of 20 odd. The structure is great and makes a nice change from what you normally play. 20k chips and 1 hour clock starting at 25-50. yum yum. The location was lovely and dealers very good too. Sadly I didn't make the end of the 3rd level! Sigh. Don't know whether I was more pissed at my exit or not making the buffet break which I heard is meant to be awesome at these LPC things.

My exit hand.....

Fish limps the button at 75/150 and I see two Queens in the sb. I iso-raise to 675 (playing 16k) as Woody Deck was playing like a bit of a station in position but he raises the BB to 2675. Woody had been the most active at both my tables but I hadn't really seen him 3-bet pre. I was pretty active too though so wasn't ruling out that he would be 3-betting light. I did think he had a genuine hand though as I feel normally he'd want to just flat though and play a pot with position.

I think If I raise/shove I fold out all worse hands, apart from maybe JJ and AK, possibly. Folding is just too weak and that leaves me with call. Flop comes Q23, with 2 diamonds. Kerching! I check and Woody bets less than his initial reraise. I hollywood for a while like I might have 88-JJ sort of hand whilst thinking of the best way to get them all in. I decide to flat. The turn comes a black 5. Being that Woody doesn't know me combined with my little act I decide to make a ridiculous bet of like 600 to look like some sort of weak noobish blocker, hoping that if Woody had no hand he'd spazz out and get it in. If he did have a hand then it was going in anyway. As soon as I bet he snap announced all in and I called. Almost before the hands could be turned over the river was the 4 of clubs making Deck the backdoor wheel.

It was actually quite weird as no-one really realised straight away apart from me who got up quickly and shook his hand. Ross Boatman said something like 'unlucky' and I tried to respond but I was in such shock (lol donkaments) that worlds just didn't come out of my mouth. I rambled two half sentences that made no sense and quickly made an exit for home. At least my Chips went to good use and Woody went on to win. Not sure whether that makes me feel better or worse though!

Will try and put a quick update tomorrow on some other stuff.


James Atkin said...

What did Woody have dude? Aces I'm assuming?...

Platonic_ said...

Are you playing online cash games any where?

What's your sn?

I need some more donations to the bank of Plato.

Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

Yeah sorry it was Aces.

John Long said...

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