Sunday, 1 March 2009

Weekend Poker...

I made about £1k last week and only really played one session. I've put in a good few hours this weekend and managed to continue my good run..

On friday night I went with a mate to play a £10 rebuy at the Big Slick club. I ended up busting with AK vs JJ in a pretty standard spot but my mate just seemed to steamroll the whole way. We had 40% of each other and whilst I was playing cash he was down to the last two tables. He made an excellent call with K high when he raised the cut off with KJ and the bb defended. Flop 357. check check. Turn 8. BB leads for 11k of a 34k stack - my mate calls. River comes a queen and the board now reads 3578Q and BB moves in for his last 23k. My mate thought the hand through for a few minutes and made the call. He pretty much eliminated everyone from the final table and won the tourney outright for £1200. Ship the 40%. Shame I was down £200 in the cash game. I definitely ought to go there more often as the standard is without doubt, the poorest I've ever seen and I've played in a lot of places.

The cash game was £2/2 pot limit and after bluffing off over half my stack I was playing about 140 and there was a straddle of 5 and then 10. I duly put in 20 and pick up AK (mbn!) when its called in 3 spots. I get it all in vs 2 oppos and bink 2 aces vs QQ and KJ. Unfortunately about two hands later I raised the button in a double straddled pot with 99 and saw a 9,10,A flop (all diamonds). When checked to me i bet £90, about 2/3 pot and was met with an all in for £240. Check raising is pretty strong there but I call pretty quickly and miss a pair-up vs 56 diamonds. I reloaded and made most of my losses back by the time my mate had shipped the tourney and went home happy.

On saturday a mate who had left to join the army had his first weekend back home in 2months so a few of us went to a pub in central london to watch the rugby. Coming from a big rugby school that produced players like Andrew Sheridan and Nick Easter, it was disappointing to see another poor england performance but the amount of vodkas in me by that time I didn't really care. We went to an all you can eat chinese to line our stomachs for more drinking. Unfortunately it was an absolute shithole and the food tasted like pigshit - well done Will who works nearby for recommending it! donk.

After that we moved on to Leicester Square and then Covent garden for more drinking. I was in trainers and hoody and was never going to get into a club so while they went off I met a few other mates in Chinatown and we finally went to my mates house at 2am. He has an awesome new set up and I had a quick spin up which the 3 of us were 33% each on and despite being stuck pretty quickly I won a few hundred quid which paid for our nite out. I got back home at about 4am and loaded up a few tables again to see the biggest donkey in the world sitting with a £1300 stack at £1/2. 1 hour later and he'd been stripped of the lot - unfortunately I was only able to catch him for about £200 of it but I'm not complaining. I played until 7am and just before I logged off to go to sleep I played a 400x pot with KK vs J10 on a KJ41010 board.

Today I logged on and more of the same ensued. I've changed a few things about my game recently and without saying too much (as I know some of the regs I'm playing against may read this) I feel like I'm +EV against probably everyone at £1/2 on crypto apart from Loser18 who is a really good player and in a good spot to keep taking shots for the time being. If I lose 3 buy ins at any point I will drop down and keep grinding til that money is back before I take more shots at £1/2. I will try and save some hand histories and publish them on my next post as I've had loads of really interesting pots I could share.

All in all I've made around £2k this weekend so up £3k for the week. Now just gotta try and keep the focus and discipline up as sometimes when I win I get cocky and end up having a session where I play like a dick and undo my hard work.

gl at the tables

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