Friday, 3 April 2009

A piece of everyone!

This week I've gone a bit crazy on the staking front and have dished out around £1k buying pieces of people.

Don't want to say who incase they'd rather not have it splashed on my blog but some talented players so hopefully one can ship me something one motherfucking time!!!

Also invested £400 in someone on Blonde poker in a STT long term staking thing so hopefully that goes well.

If anyone wants a better rakeback deal on any site please let me know. The guy from my affiliate is fucking good and is on msn every day to help with anything. It's like increased rakeback with a mentor thrown in for free! Anyone who's interested pm me on blonde (GreekStein is my username) or write a comment here and I'll get back to you. One stipulation is that I'd not want anyone who is currently playing on the blonde cardroom to move sites but if you play anywhere else I'm almost certain he can help you with an improved deal.

I haven't actually put in any table hours this week as I end up playing til late and am tired the next day which isn't good for work so I'm just gonna be hitting the tables hard at the weekends and hitting the gym hard during the week.

Going to watch Prizefighter with the lads tonight in Bethnal Green as got some free tickets - think its on Sky this evening at 10ish.

Hasta luego


Amatay said...

Sort me out some nutter rakeback plz fishay

Anonymous said...

hey, was just wondering if you can get rakeback on fulltilt for people who have accounts with them already? I've emailed them for rakeback and got the usual template reply saying its not possible. If you can leave a message here and i'l get intouch. Also i want to say it's generous of yourself to help out other people get better deals.

Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

Amafish - get on msn and I'll sort it for you. We'll increase your current fish deal to a new and improved Amacrushay deal.

Hi Anon - unfortunately thats one of two sites I can't help you with but why are you playing there anyway if you don't mind me asking? They have a crap rakeback deal (like 30% compared to the 50% and 55% type deals I can help you get) and generally speaking the standard is higher than most other sites hence making it softer elsewhere. At peak Euro times there can be more players on ipoker aswell. Feel free to post any more questions here or leave your email address and I can help you - the 50% makes a huge difference!