Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Immitating Police Officers FTW

I forgot to post about this when it happened two weeks ago.

I was walking from work to the Empire Casino in Leicester Square as I sometimes like to do on a friday. I don't play live at all during the week so enjoy just unwinding in a cash game for a few hours (ok sometimes longer than a few hours lol) before going home and enjoying the rest of the weekend.

So I'm almost in the main square when I saw a chinese dude not letting his girlfriend go. She seems quite distressed and every time she goes to walk in a direction he just grabs her and pulls her towards him. I stop and watch for a minute and when he doesn't stop, and he's being overly physical I can't watch any longer. He's grabbing her, yanking her, and she's not screaming or shouting but she is clearly crying.

I didn't particularly want to go up and just smack the guy or get in a fight so I go over and say 'What's goin on is everything ok?'. He stares at me with quite an aggressive angry look on his face. I said to him 'I suggest you fucking answer me, I'm a plain clothes policeman'. He bought it straight away and his heart insta-sank. The expression on his face went from hardman to embarrassed fool.

He said, 'She my girlfriend'. I replied, 'I don't care who she is. Don't ever put your hands on a woman'. He apologised about 10 times and then tried to shake my hand. [ ] I offered him mine. The comedy moment was when I told him to go and stand by a street light about 5 metres away. He did and looked a right lemon whilst I asked the crying girlfriend if she wanted me to hold him here for 5 minutes when she went on her way. She was ok though and when I called him back I just warned him that I would be in the area and so would plenty of other plain clothes officers who had been informed of his description. One further misstep and he would be in the back of the van.

Now I know it's obv illegal to pretend to be a police officer but it's not like I did it to get into an old ladies home and nick her pearls and china tea set. Having said that I quite enjoyed it - I may apply to be a police officer or just get a part in the Bill! I'll ask my mum to borrow the handcuffs she keeps on her bedside table. ((Joke obviously!))

Pokerwise I had one of my rare midweek sessions last night donking off two buy ins before I went to the gym. I don't normally do donking anymore as I'm really focused and playing well at the moment. After the gym I came back and ran up a $2k stack on a $2/4 table completely pwning the soul of one guy over and over. I called a $48 river bet that should not have been called. I could have raised or passed but never flatted and I ended the session righ there which I felt was sensible of me. I now know when something could set me off so I just insta quit. I finished up £700 on the night from being down £500 so not too shabby.


Fenix35 said...

Haha that plain clothe police officer prank sounds awesome! I think if I did it, I'de burst out laughing midway through when he walked off to the lamp-post.

Nice going on the omaha. Wish I was as successful lol :p Don't half spunk money at 25c/50c.

James Atkin said...

Nice work dude. Pretty clever way to help the girl out and avoid getting smacked!


Amatay said...

lol genius m8

Anonymous said...

Kind of reminds me of how I broke my arm for the first time about 10 years ago.

I'd been on the piss and think I may have been under the influence of something else at the time when I decided to go home on my todd.

On the way to the taxi rank I saw some guy about to smash this woman in the face so I sprinted towards him and went to throw a punch but he did some sort of ninja shit on me and the next thing I know I was on the deck with a floppy wrist!

I ended up sitting with him for 35 minutes listening to him cry about how his Mrs kicks the shit out of him regularly and this occassio he'd just snapped!

Fun times!

Alex Martin said...

LMFAO love that. More please. Also grats on nice ship.