Monday, 11 May 2009


BBBBB = Big Black's Black Belt Blog.

A really good friend of mine Aarun 'Big Black' Bernard is doing the Blackbelt grading scheme at the moment and he came 3rd in their BlackBelt only tournament on Stars yesterday, getting cruelly outdrawn KJ < J10 when all in pre. Both wp & ul mate.

I know the grading couldn't really have come at a much worse time for him but he's a loyal guy and will always give things his best. Many people including myself were sceptical about the Black Belt scheme thinking that Doctor Channing would use the rake that everyone generates to give the 20k packages to the players who were in his previous stable. However, from what Black Belt have said I really think everyone will get a fair crack at the whip and everyone has a good chance. I know quite a few guys doing this (gl James Atkin, Steve Holden, Dom Kay & anyone else I may have forgotten atm) but I'm obviously rooting hardest for Aarun.

The live arena is his forte really and you'll usually find him getting the lot in live cash games though I wouldn't like him on my table online either. He might not put his thoughts into words like Shakespeare but this guy has got game. If I had the roll to stake people he'd be first on my list...making a nice chunk in cash games for Bad Beat and then finishing 5th in the one and only GUKPT main event he's played for £20k gives you an idea of his clinical style. An affable and very cool guy I would have thought he's probably 10x a lot more marketable than a lot of players too.

Anyway enough rambling..not entirely sure why I wrote that post. Just something I was thinking about having spoken to Aarun recently and felt he deserves a lot of credit. Obv its monday morning and I'm at work too...sigh!

I'll try and put up a post this week which fills the gap.

gl in the meantime fish.

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