Monday, 30 November 2009

Who is the most fun/interesting/weird person you've shared a table with?

Post in comments!


Michael said...

Roberto Romanello by far

Daleroxxu said...

Shannon Elizabeth <3

She was hot and she gave me a bottle of banana rum :D

Anonymous said...

Fun was Daniel Negreanu, I didn’t expect to like him but he was a really nice bloke.

Weird was this woman who used to play the cheapo games at the Harbour side, her arms where covered in home made tattoos and she would occasionally scream random things at the top of her voice, I remember playing a hand where she just kept repeating “I don’t even like tennis’ over and over again.

Anonymous said...

James Eccles AKA Family Guy

Anonymous said...

Monies on anon being BAM?

Pure com


Anonymous said...

Just seen this, suggest you sleep with one eye open Mr Martin!!!!!

Fun: The Bawbag
Interesting: Sklansky
Weird: think he goes by the name I8MOONS online.


Mr. M. Caller said...

Marcus Bebb-Jones.

He is such a nice guy, but he might have murdered his wife.