Tuesday, 3 November 2009

On the Radio Show tonight....

Well I've just had a call and it looks like I'm going to be on the Radio Show tonight. An educated guess tells me someone their end has seen what's gone on with blonde and are perhaps expecting me to unleash the way I can on people or things I don't like....

That's not the case with blonde whatsoever and what I don't want to happen is a slanging much.For the most part I love blonde and wish I still posted and played on there. As sad as this sounds the forum meant a lot to me but I feel at the moment I'm making the right decision.

A few people have used terms like 'throwing my toys out of the pram' but I feel I should explain my reaction and reasoning a little better since I can't post on the thread, (despite a moderator addressing questions to me on there. Rubdown) ?

If you look at my posting history on blonde I've only ever slagged off people like Andrew Feldman, Carl 'The Dean' Sampson etc. I think most people who have a clue about what goes on in the poker scene would agree with me, just not many are willing to say it how it is. I've always been like that and I think it surprises most blondes when they meet me in person how easygoing I am.

For those who don't know, this guy (Salfi) posts on blonde, who always comes across as a complete dousche and we tend to universally disagree on everything and I know I'm not the only one he pisses off starts being his usual annoying self. Who knows, he might be a nice guy in person, but he just comes across as a massive toolbox whenever he posts. I snapped and told him to leave and join another forum is the general crux of it. Not my place to do so and it was out of order. I acknowledged I was wrong and in the morning told I'd be back on tomorrow. No huge deal and the mods didn't need to blow it out of proportion which is what happened. I obviously wasn't happy at even one day but felt it was fair and I can't think because I'm a contributor to the forum in many ways or a decent raker on the cardroom I'll go unpunished.

Then in the evening I get told my ban is being decided. I'm like wtf!!? Is that really necessary? Ok I was wrong but it didn't warrant a longer ban - I felt that was put in place because the mods wanted to show their authority and make an example of me and Rooks. I could also understand a bit better if I was in the sin bin a lot but this is my first ban so to speak.

A blonde moderator made similar out of order comments that night, making a wrong assumption that Rookie had put someone up to making a paedophile joke when it wasn't him yet nothing happens. Surely by the rules 'out of order' comments like that warrant 3 day bans no?

Some people have also commented that I needn't stop playing on the cardroom as they are two separate entities but the card-room supports the forum. How can I continue supporting a forum that made decisions against me that I don't agree with?!

I know I was gonna get the odd post against me from people like Mantis. At least he had the honesty to say when he didn't agree with me on the forum. I'm fine with that.Kinboshi is a mate who's pissed me off greatly in all of this but he has to have his view as a mod and he's still my mate. There's also the odd idiot like Acidmouse who posts some nonsense once he knows I'm banned. Desperate to be a mod much?!

Otherwise thanks all for the support and to those who were sensible enough to see that the ban was kind of unnecessary. I'll answer any questions if anyone doesn't understand anything as I've just written this quickly.



Tinca Tinca said...

Harsh from what I saw on the thread.

Good luck with the PLO - keep us updated.


Anonymous said...

what did salfi say to upset u ? still think yor being a prick if u cant be civil