Monday, 30 March 2009

Running like Lava

So fucking hot it's untrue atm. I lost one buy in the other day with AK vs AQ blind on blind in 6-max and I was literally shocked at how I didn't win. That might give you an idea of how I've been running lately. I fucking hope this little chirp doesn't bok me. Mind you I've been due and deserving a run like this though I would say that wouldn't I!

I love the move from Crypto to ipoker too. The players are so much weaker and I'm on an improved VIP deal (I've had to edit this as I can't mention site/amount or what this payment is called (pretty obv) - it's higher than 49% and skin is pretty irrelevant and the network I play is also obv) which is gonna make a very significant difference too. I was actually talking with Woodsey (some of you may know him, some not) at the Empire on Saturday night. We're both very active members of the blondepoker forum (pwns all forums imo) and we were discussing playing on the blonde card room. Whilst I'd love to in order to give a bit back to the site I can't justify moving back to a 30% rakeback deal as it would cost me a few hundred £ every month to do so. I will be joining soon just for the times I wanna play an MTT session.

I'll go into why I've been doing so well online a little later but in live poker you don't even have to be that good to win. The main skill is putting up with sitting at a table getting 25 hands an hour and tolerating at least one absolute dickhead that you'll ineveitably get on any table. On friday night I played the £1/3 game at the Vic finishing with a £1600 stack after buying in for £600 and then I went to the Empire to play on Saturday night and after buying in for £600 finished on £2600 (-£100 on massages - FML but she was too fit). It was good to see and play against Woodsey again - a good guy from my days at gala and one of the best players there. My game has come on a lot since then and I was therefore able to battle a lot more evenly with Woodsey than the one sided schooling he gave me on more than one occasion back in Nottingham! I made one very good call against him and one poor one right at the end of my session. Also had drunken mates show up at like 4am just as I was finishing and fck sake what a nightmare they were. One got punched in the face too and was so battered that he insisted on going in to the empire to win his money back from a night out on the basis that he shouldn't have to pay for a night that got ruined! Sigh donkaments. Anyway £600 of not being able to stop him later he was not happy! We then argued for about 10 minutes as he wanted to borrow £300 off me but I didn't want to lend it to him in that state and woulda felt responsible if he lost. Anyway I did eventually and he did £300 a hand and won a few to get even for the night and then I got him out and home though that poor cab driver endured a lot of abuse.

I've studied and worked on my game a fair bit. When I was in Nottingham for the DTD £300 weekend I stayed with Tom Rutter and saw how professional he is with his bankroll and approach to the game. Obviously he is a very talented player but it kind of made me sit up and think about what is necessary to be succesful at poker rather than just being able to play well. So far I am doing everything I think is necessary. Despite a £5k upswing in cash the last 9 days I havent any temptation to play any higher than $1/2 online. I've not even experienced an ounce of tilt when I've lost a big pot or a buy in or got donked which is obviously having a huge impact. Richard 'Loser18' Lewindon has helped me with my game a lot too. He was the best reg on Crypto at £1/2 and £2/5 and I know him from old live cash games at Gutshot yonks ago. Through discussion on msn he helped me iron out a lot of leaks and just improve my all round game.

Fucking hell I blew my own trumpet in this post. I'll try to update again soon even though the novelty of blogging has worn off a bit.

gl at the tables


Amatay said...

Gd post fish, nice to see u running well

Platonic_ said...

Richard 'Loser18' Lewindon wasn't the best reg - he was a fuckin WHALE.

Whats your sn on ipoker? I've been playing those games as well.

Anonymous said...

well done mate, keep up the good work fish! Gribbo