Friday, 3 April 2009

From Rakeback to VIP!!

Since my last post I've had a few people ask about the VIP deal I'm on - and not just in the comments too(honoured to know people actually read this blog!).

I've moved off the William Hill Skin where I was formerly on a 30% rakeback deal to be put on to a new VIP deal with my new site. This gets me the equivalent of over 49% back every month.

Two people recommended the person who sorted this deal out to me and have used him for years. So far I've been more than happy as he makes everything very simple and easy to ensure you earn more cash prize monies per month! So far three of my mates have also got on board and are very happy. One was formerly a member of Will Hill's VIP Black club which offered 38% net rakeback to its highest raking members - obviously this pisses all over that and is NOT dependant on your volume of play. Pretty sick imo. You will be earning the equivant of over 49% and under 55% each month irrespective of whethere you play one hand or you have a 300 tabling $1/2 robot.

I know this sounds like some sort of sales pitch but it really isnt. Since I've become a lot more nitty with my bankroll I've realised the difference this makes each week/month and year and think any way to maximise profit is crucial to us poker fish!

I can help you sort this if you like so either leave your email in the comments box and I'll send over my msn to get the ball rolling. Feel free to ask questions.

gl in the meantime!

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