Friday, 26 November 2010


Had a crazy blowup in Notts where I gg'd about $25k over the space of like 4-days. Don't really know why but decided to play some $25/50 PLO. I lost 2 big hands, nut straight with flursh redraw all in on turn vs top two. He made a house. The second pot I 3-bet doubled suited Aces oop and flopped the nut flush draw on what would ordinarily be a good flop of Q42 if my single opponent didnt have a set of deuces. *Sad face*. I'm not really complaining though, it was completely my fault to be playing stakes that are not only pretty tough but that I'm not rolled for. Not even properly rolled to legitimately take a shot at but thats how it goes.

Trying to grind my way out of it at much smaller stakes but not playing well. Not losing but just not winning what I should be. Think I'm pushing the pace too much which is understandable but nonetheless frustrating.

Got back into the gym atm and eating real good and exercising again with my personal trainer who is awesome. Highly recommend getting one to anyone who has the spare cash - they aren't cheap though.

Hopefully update soon, I'm a terrible blogger.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Long Overdue Update - Vegas trip report + a bit of pre + online (Part 1)

So I got back from Vegas about 2 sundays ago. It was my first ever trip there and I absolutely loved it. In some ways it was everything I imagined and in other ways it was completely different to my expectations. One thing's for sure, I can't wait to go back.

The run up was pretty turbulent in truth, I'd put a few K to one side as soon as Vegas was booked and invested it with my then backer. Little did I know that he was scamming half the poker community and the £2.5k I'd invested (aswell as the £5k i'd got my dad to invest). Luckily his family paid everyone back (and quite quickly too) and the money I'd earmarked to blow, could now be blown. I wish him well for the future, genuinely.

Because I have a job and ridic small living costs I live pretty comfortably and can spend money freely (a lot of the time too freely - I should probably save more) and this in turn meant I was never really treating poker as seriously as I should be. If I wanted to take a shot in a big game, I would. If I lost lots in a particular month, I didn't care as a paycheck is never far away. In the last 8 months or so, this has really changed imo. I've taken poker a lot more seriously and grinded small when I've needed to. This led to me binking a $3.5k score and a $16k score (+ a few others) before Vegas which is pretty good for me considering I really don't play many tournaments. I followed these scores up with good results in cash games, grinding the £2/5NL at the Vic and $1/2 and $2/4 PLO on full tilt. In fact, I had very few losing sessions. I was also pleased with the fact that I'd shaken any desire to actually gamble. Hadn't played blackjack or roulette at all apart from in the same way a recreational player might (e.g. £100 on a one off, once or twice).

Fast forward to Vegas and I was going with a bigger bankroll online and offline than I'd anticipated. This didn't deter my plan to only take $5k with me (plus my card +£1500 just incase!).

In retrospect this was a mistake because knowing I had more money to pull up meant I was always likely to do so and didn't have to budget as I think it's correct to do so in Vegas. Fast forward to the day of leaving and I win the breakfast flip at the airport, $120ish in Chinese on the plane and then followed this up by fading the flip for the cab to the hotel and just about every other flip with the lads for the first few days.

Before Vegas, I'd told myself I was going to allow $1k as a gambling budget, as it would be unrealistic to go to Vegas and not play house games at all. I also wanted to try out craps.

Upon arriving and checking in to our hotel (Planet Hollywood) we went for a few drinks in the hotel bar and then for a walk down the strip. After a drinks stop and a quick venture into a games arcade we plodded into the MGM and delved into a cash game. Me, Mitch and Jakally put ourselves down on $2/5 and were all seated on the same table. The other boys were playing on tables nearby. The drinks were flowing and I was happily getting drunk whilst playing in a ridic soft game. I was playing very lag and up around $700 though I'd definitely had too much to drink. Because of my lag style (I'm the value) the players at the table wanted me there and when I wasn't happy that they didn't have orange juice to mix with my vodka, only orange soda, one guy got up, said nothing and came back 10 mins later having been to a shop and got me a carton of orange juice. lol! I'd been 3-betting a fair amount and opening even more so to find AA to a Jakally raise and about 4 calls it looked like the perfect squeeze, which I did to about $120ish. Neil (Jakally) moves in and I snap it off and tell him I have aces. Neil does a massive sigh (think it was a 1.2k pot) and the board rolls off J4392 so I turn my hand and Neil taps the table doing a sigh. As the dealer is gearing up to push the pot in my direction, Neil turns over JJ! SKLJDHGSDGHSDG. Gotta admit though it was a class slowroll and set a really high benchmark for slowrolls for the rest of the trip.

I then decided to bluff some young american kid (obv a $2/5 reg grinder there) in a spot where I 3-bet pre, airballed the flop, picked up the miracle double gutshot and fd on the turn, barrelled that too and barrelled the brick river when, if sober, I mostly likely would have just given up. I just couldn't help it, this kid was about 4 foot tall, looked like a cross between a kiddy fiddler, computer programmer and an outright dick and he perma had a toothpick in his mouth.

I play another 20 mins, just folding and drinking. I'm now around $300 down and get up to go play blackjack where I knock in around $700 before the boys come and find me to drag me to dinner. By this point I was annihilated and literally couldn't see. I got to the restaurant, ordered my food and then fell asleep. The guys, (mostly Neil) pretty much carried me home whilst I just kept grunting because of how sick I felt. The last I remember of that day was telling Stu not to leave me as I was going to die and quickly falling asleep/passing out.

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Follow this mug on twitter and receive $200 on full tilt from either Praz Bansi or James Akenhead.

Simple as that

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Having a blog is pretty tedious most of the time, winning or losing. Us poker players are lazy by nature so we aren't built to write and usually I cant be bothered. Here's a synopsis of some of the blogs I read (linked on my right and how they've changed!).

(Hope no-one takes offence - I'm jus' playin).

Amatay: Used to be young and fun, shaggin every bird he could. Recently celebrated his 35th birthday and about to get married. No longer fun. Still a nit though.

James 'MC' Atkin: Former highstakes nosebleed player and badboy gangster rapper has settled down in Leafy Lincoln with mrs. Had baby and grinds poker like 9-5. Not much of a transition then.

Animal: [ x ] Been bashing the game for years. [ x ] Still moans about running bad. [ ] seems to understand variance.

Steve Holden: Not his former self, only updates his blog 23 times a day now. Possible cause: Twitter.

Ant0893275394734: Has been playing the same game (SNG's) for more than 2 weeks now. Wtf!?

More another time.

I'll be at DTD this weekend playing the £300 and hopefully not the £150.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Monday, 14 June 2010

Only Sing When You're Winning.....

So it's been two months since my last update. Why? A combo really but not hiding the fact I've been on a horrible downswing, for the most part due to a bad mindset and some permatilt. It's horrible blogging about losing which I guess explains why I haven't been but I guess I should balance by blogging range a bit better so I'll try and post come wind, rain or shine.

I went to Dusk Til Dawn 2 months back for their 3-2-1 weekend and killed the cash games, making over £3k in the £1/2 games. I normally come back to London on the monday but had booked monday-wednesday off work and elected to stay and play on monday night too as they had a satellite to their upcoming UKIPT. After a quick 10 rebuys in the £20r I couldn't be bothered to keep donating to nits who didnt want to gamble to pick up chips in the rebuy stage so off I plodded into the £2/5 cash game. I doubled within 5 hands (QQ>KJ I 3-bet pre and faded all his outs on the 1047hh board - running it twice I scooped both). I was up about £1000 when someone I speak to in London came and asked what the game was. I speak to this guy on the phone occasionally and we've played in several of the same cash games together, going back a few years to the old gutshot.

He sat and lost his buy in while I was having a drink at the bar and I decided to go back with him to London. I didn't have a train ticket and it was easy. In the car he fed me a line about his bank account being scammed a few days before by a phone insurance thing and that he was going about claiming back £40k in lost funds. Normally when a live poker player says something like this the BULLSHIT BULLSHIT alarm goes off in my head. This guy drives an audi sport and is always dressed in designer stuff, sitting really deep in cash games and I just bought it. I lent him £500. We decided to go to the Empire upon getting into London which was a huge mistake. I was knackered from Nottingham should have just gone home and slept. It was 3am. Instead, I played in a game not deep enough, pushed the pace, misread my hand in one hand thinking I had the nut flush on an unpaired board and subsequently tilted away some money in cash and then on the casino floor. I was still up on the weekend but it turned a very enjoyable, very profitable weekend into a shit one for me and I was not happy.

Added to this the guy doesn't answer his phone anymore and from now on I'll only ever lend money to people who I both know where they live and class as a friend away from the table. People don't/can't stay away from poker for long so I'll catch him eventually.

That aside, I continued to lose more in a few tilted cash sessions and this spiralled into my makeup increasing online. I did manage to put in some really good sessions and ultimately ran hugely below EV. It even got me about giving the game up for good. Luckily, the summer has arrived and I'm also back in the gym, going out with friends more than before taking advantage of the weather and I've also started a Brazilian Ju Jitsu class (love UFC and always wanted to learn BJJ).

This weekend on saturday I stayed up to watch UFC which started at 2am. I decided to 1 table the $28k gtd to keep me awake and by 6am when UFC had finished I was top of the pack where I stayed until the final table where I was 2/9. Unfortunately I flatted two red aces against a cut off raise OTB as the blinds had stacks likely to squeeze. When no one bit and the flop came K92 all clubs I got it in nearly dead vs A5cc. Cold. I eventually went out 8th and to bed at 9am feeling gutted with the $588 reward that wasn't going to do much good to $4k makeup. I got up at 2.30pm the next day and regged my session, playing really really good and managing 4 cashes from 8 comps including a $5.3k win in the 962 runner $16.5k gtd. I used to do well in MTT's back on Crypto and Ipoker but the size of the fields on full tilt I always had a mental block with. I think I pushed the pace too much too trying to win the comp before they started instead of taking it one hand at a time.

Hopefully I can build on the rush before Vegas in August. A live comp bink would be nice soon. Maybe the DTD 300 again. (See the sick 'again' brag?). I'm concentrating on gym and poker and going out for the next few months and that's pretty much it. Strangely even the world cup isn't interesting me that much but I know I'll get more excited in the last of the group games and knockout stages. Cameroon vs Japan with that fucking rediculously tilting noise in the grounds just doesn't appeal right now.

Anyway, I'll try update again soon. Pls can my stakes bink huge at the wsop.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

23rd at the IPO

So I came to play the IPO this Easter weekend gone by.

It completes 2 of my yearly goals. (1) To play another donkament abroad (I'm still going to Vegas) and (2) To have my biggest donkament score to date, which I did coming 23/708 for 13,700 euros.

I still have a rediculously small sample size of live decent sized MTT's (under 30) but my ROI is really good and I run deep in like everything so I know I've got bigger binks in me this year.

Will be doing a full tournament report soon.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

I feel lost...

Don't worry, no philosophical bullshit post here.

I dropped my phone in the bath on saturday and realised how much I rely on the bastard. It's the second phone I've broken in the bath (best time to talk imo) and I've also dropped one in the shitter (slap bang on a brown log I just planted) and had to wave goodbye. Must be more careful....

Had a fun weekend though going to Luton on friday night and getting absolutely smashed and then playing the blackbelt tourney. Not having too much time to blog atm but I'll try do a write up of the weekend during the week some time.

Monday, 1 March 2010


Suffering a big of blogitis atm. Just not a great deal to update about. I'm back on the gym in a big way atm which means I'm finding no time to play on the internets and just putting all my energies into my job and the gym. I really want to get promoted soon so I'm working towards that and I wanna bulk up a bit more and lose some weight. Pretty sensible considering its me.

Playing some live stuff at the international this weekend. £200 PLO on friday night is right up my street...just hope they get some runners. Then the £500+50 main event which I'm probably going to sell 40% in. gl me

Was excited at the New Season of High Stakes Poker coming out but despite Hellmuth's comical, and now typical ridiculous display and poor play which saw him bust within one episode it hasn't been that interesting so far. It's a pretty tough line up. Even Eli isn't as bad as he used to be. Bring back the good action donkos like Sammy and Bob Safai etc imo.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Prop Bet I forgot to mention, TV stardom, Vegas and live pokerz...

A few weeks ago I went on a stag do with some other players of the poker. Now I'm like always late for everything (not a lot, but if you say 9.30 i'll be there at 9.40 and if you say 1.30 I'll still be there at 1.40). I don't do it deliberately...I'm just kind of terrible with time. I was mean't to go up for the start of the stag on friday night but I had to arrange some stuff on the friday night and so the boys (LeKnave, Rookie and Hitthehole) bet me $500 vs my $2000 that I wouldn't be at an agreed McDonalds in Luton before 9.30am. I was playing MTT's with a friend also grinding round my house until about 3.30am, managing a lovely final table bubble in a 900 runner donkament on FTP. Marvellous.

So I plan on getting their uber early as I had not planned on losing $2k. My alarm was set for 6.30 and I must of been in such a deep sleep that I just didn't hear it. So a little while later I roll over and my face literally rolls over my phone which kinda woke me and I looked and saw it was 7.30am. sdjgsdgds. Anyone who knows what I'm like with time will also know that I NEVER leave the house before I've had a shower. Even on the weekend when I'll get up and go to the gym I'll have a shower before. So anyway, I jump in the shower, pack my bag, and get in my mates car at exactly 8am. We had borrowed another mate's TomTom the night before and it wouldn't start at first. Could this bet be going any worse?! Luckily as my mate set off with his foot firmly down we got the TomTom working and managed to arrive in Luton at 9.05am. Wii.
It was nice to open the door to the macdonalds for the 3 lads....just a shame I had to give my mate $250 for driving me there. Not sure I'll be risking $2000 to win $250 like this again. I won this time but I like their side.

At the weekend I also went on Sky Poker. In a programme called Cash Masterclass (ha - the irony!) I sat in the studio and played 2 NL £0.5/1 cash games and they just asked me about hands whilst I played them in the studio. It was good fun and I had some really comedy banter with Tikay the presenter. However, I did feel really weird at first and wasn't my normal self. For some reason I developed this Tony Blair - like usage of my hands to talk but nvm! The show is being repeated a few times through the week I believe on channel 865. So far there have only been 3 contestants but I'm top of the leaderboard atm. Hold on time for the [ ] prize on offer.

Whilst I played for that few hours in the studio I really just did what I should always be doing in cash and even with a few mistakes I still made a few hundred quid. I haven't played in that mindset for a while now online (my live play has been real good) but my online play has just been session after session of me playing my C game. Added with a comment from an 'anon' (Sigh why can't these useless fuckers put their name to their comments) on my last entry these things gave me the motivation to start grinding a little bit online again in the right mindset and I'm probably up around 15 buy ins or so at 25 and 50 plo over not very many hands. It'll definitely take me 3 or 4 months now I'm grinding lower again but I'll get the stake back to level and start making profits if it kills me. It's not hard, I put together 6 consistent winning months on my last stake last year because I was doing it in a much more professional and focused manner. More of the same pls Cos you dick! (Sigh - I'm talking to myself like that knobrot Amatay now).

I also won a live £10r on friday (lols) for £850. I was in for £100 though and play it as part of a greek night down at the big slick club in purley that they have every few months. A lot of my uncles and cousins play so I go down for the crack more than anything. Highlight was shoving over a 6x open with KQ and getting called by AA. Board rolled off 10 6 5 Q K. Unfortunately I paid for it when I made the last 45 of the 16.5k guarantee on full tilt on sunday. I was around 19th in chips and played a huge pot where I standard 2.5x'd under the gun with an Ace and another Ace and table chipleader just spaz shoved about 60x in the pot. Hi der! I snap and the board rolls off J 5 5 10 Q. gkdhgsdgsgd.

Finally we've booked up Planet Hollywood for Vegas in August and I'm really pumped about it already. I'm gonna be putting in a lot more live sessions too from now on and in the run up in order to go with a juicy roll to pwn the Vegas cash donks. I'll be playing most DTD £300's and upcoming will be playing the Blackbelt tournament at the Vic I think.

gl at the tables bus wankers.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Live pokers, Pokers of the interwebs, Getting Grimmed, Feldman challenge, Las Vegas Trip, Cirque Du Soleil, DTD this weekend & longest title ever

Well in short I've been kinda knocking my dick in online. I've played a few too many tilted sessions and I let my staking roll get down to about $1900 before moving down and really grinding it out. I've since won over 25 buy ins at 25rush PLO but it's gonna take me a few months to claw back the $5300 odd I'm down atm and get back to even.

Live poker has been the opposite. I've had a few really good sessions recently and managed to shave my live makeup to pretty much breakeven since we last chopped profits after my DTD win in December. Talking of which, I have monday off work and am off to DTD this weekend for the £300 weekend. £30K one time. (I'm definitely going to be trying to include as much live cash as possible into my routine as long as it doesn't fuck with work at all and gym too much).

A few weeks ago I would even get excited about a trip like going to DTD. However, I've just booked my flight with a few of the lads from blondepoker and I'm going to VEGASSS!! Can't wait! Any suggestions for the trip...let me know fish! (I went to see Cirque du Soleil last night at the Royal Albert Hall - I'll definitely be trying to get tickets for this in Vegas - what a show. Some of the shit they do is just sick!)

I was putting a guy called (*edited*) into a few small online tournaments as he was in a rather bad financial and personal situation with the goal of making me some money and him enough money to pay back stakers through blonde poker and have some money whilst his girlfriend is ill.
He was $700 in makeup when he had a cash for $350 in a $20 heads up tournament on full tilt (he plays as riverdave69) and I haven't seen him since. I think this was a week ago. I'm not panicking too much as someone like Dave can't stay away from poker and I'm sure my debt is one of the smaller ones on his list. Unfortunately for him though, I'm willing to do things to see my money again that others who he owes aren't.

Andrew Feldman keeps trying to add me on facebook after some stuff I've said about him on both the radio show and on blonde poker. I don't mind playing him, even if he is a better heads up player than me, which I've no doubt he is as I neither play heads up or hold em online. However, playing me heads up has no relevance to the things I've said about him - so I've offered him an opportunity to organise a 'well' with the moderators on blonde poker where he can answer questions that a lot of people have of him.

I'll try update again after the weekend with a 'wiii shipped the DTD £300 post'.

gl at the tables fishcakes.

Friday, 22 January 2010


Last 12 of 600 runner $25k.

Full Tilt Poker Game #17824685339: $25,000 Guarantee (130339196), Table 43 - 2000/4000 Ante 500 - No Limit Hold'em - 20:36:23 ET - 2010/01/22
Seat 1: BadforYa (219,902)
Seat 3: pantherfan8 (78,380)
Seat 4: pmshoww (140,672)
Seat 5: lord just (128,096)
Seat 6: GreekStein (117,059)
Seat 7: VOVO_LEO (160,391)
BadforYa antes 500
pantherfan8 antes 500
pmshoww antes 500
lord just antes 500
GreekStein antes 500
VOVO_LEO antes 500
GreekStein posts the small blind of 2,000
VOVO_LEO posts the big blind of 4,000
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to GreekStein [Qh Qs]
BadforYa raises to 9,898
pantherfan8 folds
pmshoww folds
lord just folds
GreekStein raises to 24,777
VOVO_LEO folds
DiAragao (Observer): VAMO VOVO VAMOOO
BadforYa raises to 172,000
GreekStein calls 91,782, and is all in
BadforYa shows [8s Ad]
GreekStein shows [Qh Qs]
Uncalled bet of 55,441 returned to BadforYa
*** FLOP *** [6h Kc 8h]
*** TURN *** [6h Kc 8h] [6s]
*** RIVER *** [6h Kc 8h 6s] [8d]
BadforYa shows a full house, Eights full of Sixes
GreekStein shows two pair, Queens and Eights
BadforYa wins the pot (240,118) with a full house, Eights full of Sixes
GreekStein stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 240,118 | Rake 0
Board: [6h Kc 8h 6s 8d]
Seat 1: BadforYa showed [8s Ad] and won (240,118) with a full house, Eights full of Sixes
Seat 3: pantherfan8 folded before the Flop
Seat 4: pmshoww folded before the Flop
Seat 5: lord just (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 6: GreekStein (small blind) showed [Qh Qs] and lost with two pair, Queens and Eights
Seat 7: VOVO_LEO (big blind) folded before the Flop

Monday, 18 January 2010

Battling with Red Pros and New Blog !

Thanks to the Amatay my blog is looking a little sharper and snazzier. Tbh when I gave the fish my password I was expecting gay porn links all over the place but all he's done is said that he's a legend (which I'll leave up for a while longer by way of a thankyou) and obv changed my name slightly - lol. He also signed me up to a twitter account which you can see on the right but I've not even logged in or had a look yet. With the amount of time I waste on facebook etc I'm not sure I need twitter aswell.

In other news my full tilt account was finally unlocked and I played pretty solidly all weekend long, a combination of on the stake and on my own when I wanted to play a slightly bigger game than usual. At one point I was 14 buy ins down but rallied back to level things up - slightly down on the stake and a small winner on my own dime but I just levelled it off for easyness sake and said level all round. I also managed to stack Erica Schoenberg (damn, I wish that was slang for something else) and I sent Ali Sarkeshik to the rail (another red pro whoever he is). The ones I played against at the low stakes seemed pretty bad: Dave Colclough by far the worst. On several occasions he open limped and just passed to a single raise. I was surprised as I'd heard he was meant to be good.

I politely asked him if he fancied playing heads up to which he replied, "I'd be sitting at a heads up table if I wanted heads up". Now I guess fair enough but when you're getting $35/hour + 100% rakeback you should be an ambassador for the site and at least respond politely to customers/players - imo of course. What's so hard about saying, "No thanks" or "Sorry mate, not a heads up player"?. I know that's what I would say.

So when he came up with his comment I couldn't help but bite. I replied...

"Sorry it's just that it has always been my dream to play heads up cash against a red pro, and you're the only one I can afford to do it against".

BOOOOOM, how d'u like those apples son?

gl at the tables guys.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bankroll Challenge update & VEGAS trip!

My bankroll challenge has gone well this week.

As I was determined to stick within the guidelines I set myself I haven't been able to play in any of the $10r's or $30f tournaments on ipoker which has made life a little difficult in relying on a decent tournament bink to get the bankroll going. I've played the select $10f's and $5r's with huge fields that so far I just haven't got going in.

Cash has more than kept me ticking over though. I've been 1-tabling (lol) PLO and adding another table when things are going really well. When playing such few tables it really is easier to pick up on people's tendencies and moods and just concentrate a little more on assigning opponents ranges etc and acting accordingly. I've barely dropped a buy in from what must be nearing 1k hands now.

I've been playing $100 PLO which is essentially like shot taking but part of my new system means that if I lose so much as one buy in I have to move down a limit until I'm either rolled for $100 PLO (i.e. 50+ BI) or back to the peak of my roll. Playing so few tables has reduced variance greatly as I'm able to chip up playing semi smallball, making good moves and getting it in to big pots as a significant favourite.

The roll is now at £607.

Part of my new motivation for being so disciplined is that I'm planning on going to Vegas at the end of July. It would be awesome if I could freeroll my trip & bankroll from this alone, not including live tournaments or my staked account.

If anyone has any particular Vegas recommendations for shows (def wanna go and see Cirque du Soleil) or places to stay / eat / go / play poker etc pls post in comments.

gl at the tables!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010...Poker goals....

Never really done new years resolutions etc before but this year I am. I'm intent on being a lot more pro-active, disciplined and focused.

The goals are...

1) To have my biggest live tournament score. (£7250 to beat)
2) Win a tournament outright with no chops/deals/pay flattening.
3) To make $20k at online small stakes cash.
4) To give my cash stakers a nice healthy return on their investment as I did last year and at some point through the year have 100% of my own online action again.
5) To put more effort into my game by joining a training site / reading some books. (Already do a lot of reading on the forums).
6) To implement a stop/loss system for my cash sessions online.
7) To be less confrontational on the forums.
8) To keep this blog regularly updated and in good shape.
9) To keep detailed records of everything I play / how well I do. This should include buying and using a tracker and HUD.
10) To lose no more than a maximum of £1000 throughout the year on all various forms of other gambling. Will document all of this.
11)To play at least 1 online MTT session per week.
12)To go on at least 1 poker trip abroad.


I've kept these goals very realistic, yet not easy as I plan on doing poker the proper way this year and apart from live poker where I play staked, I will be playing smaller, much lower variance games online than I have done this year. None will break my back, but all achieveable.

There's a mix of fun (for me) goals and ones that will require work.

One thing I didn't mention was that I will be putting £250 on a separate site to use as a bankroll challenge type thing. I will try and run this up as high as possible through the year, whilst still never cashing out and always using correct brm.

My next post will be life goals for 2010.

Let's gogoo.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Brief December recap.

Happy new year to you all. Hope you had a good Christmas etc etc. I always love this time of year. Just sleeping and eating...and poker for a degen like me. Heaven!

Getting up back in routine today was an arse though...everyone on the bus who was back at work / college etc looked like they were on the way to a funeral.

(My DTD trip report is almost finished - I'll have the last part up today hopefully Mr Rubbish sir.)

Anyway enough rambling...

Well 2009 had it's ups and downs but definitely finished on a really high note in December. The first half of the year saw me winning and then knocking my dick in when on tilt either playing way too high or on silly house games.

I since won the £300 deepstack at DTD, managed a 3rd at the Big Slick £100f which I should have won (600k of the 1mil 3 handed - sghdjghsgd) - 3 winning live cash sessions on my own dime and a £2400 bonus from Victor Chandler!

The £2400 wasn't a bonus as such but it certainly wasn't money I was expecting. In July of this year I told VC to ban me from their casino features as I was only interested in using their site for poker and had a problem with blackjack and roulette etc. Anyway, some 12 days later, I'm on monkey tilt and go on the chat and ask to be unbanned, which they do, instantly. Luckily I didn't play much on VC as this was around the time I switched to blonde where I never had access to the feature.

Anyway, after my successful trip from DTD, the return journey was filled with snow and it took me the lions share of 7 hours to get from door to door I logged onto VC and found a £44 loyalty payment in there. I proceeded to spin it to $268 and then back to 0 after one of those tilting hands where I fired 3 barrells with the bare Ace only for my opponent to move in on the river for a little more. skdhgsd. I deposited another £150 taking a shot for myself and quickly lost it and fired one more £150, but this time on blackjack. After I lost I decided to vent my anger in the chat about how I should have never been unbanned and how VC were not advocating responsible gambling etc etc. I told them I wanted someone to address the issue and with my steam let off, I went to bed thinking no more about it.

The next day I receive an email from a manager at VC, offering an apology and admitting it was a fault on their part that I was unbanned. I was then given back any money lost on house games from the time of the initial ban. £2400. Bink.