Sunday, 14 March 2010

I feel lost...

Don't worry, no philosophical bullshit post here.

I dropped my phone in the bath on saturday and realised how much I rely on the bastard. It's the second phone I've broken in the bath (best time to talk imo) and I've also dropped one in the shitter (slap bang on a brown log I just planted) and had to wave goodbye. Must be more careful....

Had a fun weekend though going to Luton on friday night and getting absolutely smashed and then playing the blackbelt tourney. Not having too much time to blog atm but I'll try do a write up of the weekend during the week some time.

Monday, 1 March 2010


Suffering a big of blogitis atm. Just not a great deal to update about. I'm back on the gym in a big way atm which means I'm finding no time to play on the internets and just putting all my energies into my job and the gym. I really want to get promoted soon so I'm working towards that and I wanna bulk up a bit more and lose some weight. Pretty sensible considering its me.

Playing some live stuff at the international this weekend. £200 PLO on friday night is right up my street...just hope they get some runners. Then the £500+50 main event which I'm probably going to sell 40% in. gl me

Was excited at the New Season of High Stakes Poker coming out but despite Hellmuth's comical, and now typical ridiculous display and poor play which saw him bust within one episode it hasn't been that interesting so far. It's a pretty tough line up. Even Eli isn't as bad as he used to be. Bring back the good action donkos like Sammy and Bob Safai etc imo.