Sunday, 19 April 2009

Day 2 of the Big Slick £300....

Played the Big Slick £200 +(1rebuy/add on) last night. I really like the club - the management and valets are really friendly and the dealers seem to be pretty well trained too.

You start with 10k and can rebuy or add on at any time. If I didn't find tournaments so draining I would play at Big Slick a lot more often as it's probably the softest live place I've ever played with 60% of the field being absolute dead money. Had some really interesting hands which I will try and remember and post after the tourney finishes.

The one bad thing is that there were 103 runners and 18th-10th pay £300 for money back. I would rather they scrapped that and just paid the FT a bit more but I think the club want to pay as many people as possible so that they get more returners each month. The one good thing is that I went to play it with 2 mates and both of them made the final 18 too and I have 50% in one.

There are 1,870,000 chips in play and I have 258,000 going in with 18 left and £7.5k up top.

One time and all that!

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James Atkin said...

Good luck mate, take it down!