Thursday, 26 February 2009

Run goot!

Feel really good today even though I could be in the office until a sick hour trying to finish a bastard of a project that needs to be finished by the end of the week. Why I hear you ask? Well not only did I get a comment from the famous Junglecat off blonde but I destroyed some tablez last night on teh online pokerz.

I'm a big Chelsea fan and got home at like 8 with the intention of watching the game but decided to watch it whilst one tabling (yes - 1 table, lol). I raised the cutoff with J8hh at 0.25/0.50 and got a call in the big blind. the Jack high flop with two hearts looked sweet like tropicana but my oppo led, I obv raised and he reraised so small I knew he had a set. I shoved it in knowing what he had but I don't see I have too much choice there as I guess he can have something like AQhh or an oddly played QQ type hand which he will either lay down or I'm more than happy to flop against. In retrospect I doubt he re-raises so small with these hands. The second jack came on the turn housing oppo up but still giving me a few outs which meant it was going in anyway but I really really hate losing money to the regs on 25p50p on Crypto because they are all pretty pants and I'd rather get donked by a non reg coming to spew off his wages than the regs who have no game apart from nit-poker. At least the donks give it back more easily and the occasional win stays in the ol' memory banks so they come back to keep donating.

I put £100 into a £.50/1 table and raised to £3 in 2nd position with AA. Small blind makes it £13. (weee!) Big blind calls (- slight boner now!!). I make it 38 and SB ships. Unfortunately I can't hold vs his AK as two kingballs hit the flop. Must be nice.

I was obviously disappointed to start the night off badly but playing poker a little less makes me more determined now when I do play. I didn't tilt and deposited £400 more and joined 2 full ring £1/2 tables as the lineups included like 0 cash regs from the £1/2 6-max games who for the most part actually play pretty good on Crypto. The only familiar faces were one or two of the MTT regs who usually play horrible in cash. One guy quickly runner runnered me when I 3-bet him pre with A6ss. (He opened cut off I raised button). Flop came 863 and he called a big shell on the flop and a bigger one on the 4 turn to hit the 7 on the river and checked to me. I checked behind and he shows 55.

I then proceeded to just control both tables for the next few hours. I was being allowed to rob everyone blind and just ran over people for the most part. Subsequently people stacked off to me a little lighter than they would anyone else on the table too which helped but that's usually the case when I play as I'm more lag than most but seem to have patched a few leeks and don't spew in many spots at all. Cut a long story short I came off the tables at midnight with £400 and £950 for a profit on the night of a tad under £1k.

I'm probably boring now but thanks to people who are writing comments on the blog. Without constant feedback I really think I would have packed it in already and I feel they really do help me.

Yorkshire Pud - I have a mate who is a personal trainer and I know loads about training myself so let me know if you want me to come up with some form of programme for you to try and follow?

Plan for the time being is to keep playing £.25/50 and if I play any higher it will only be full ring where there's far less variance and the players are far worse. Will only be playing 6-max when properly bankrolled.



rubbish said...

£1k profit. Not to shabby. keep it going.

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Nice one.

Great blog you have ;)

I see that you link to many pokerblogs, would you mind linking to The Pokerstar Blog ?