Sunday, 22 February 2009

New Goals

This week has been pretty good for me despite finishing on a bad note today. As far as bankroll management goes, there's still so much room for improvement but things are getting much better.

I managed to stay playing small at £.25/50 and made 10 buy ins at peak. Only played 3 or 4 sessions of a few hours each but was playing really good and the opposition at this level is just incapable of giving any problems. It's just kinda easy.

This morning however I undid some of my good work. I was playing a $.50/1 omaha game and lost a $400 pot when I had doubled up my stack to $200 through lots of smallish pots. With AK94 double suited on a K74 2club flop when I also had nut clubs. Unfortunately I ran into KK and missed. It was raised by villain pre utg and called round except for one player and I made up the rest in the BB. Should I have passed pre? I check raised a pot bet of 15 dollars with 2 callers and then was committed even though he pretty much had to have KK there. sigh. Need to stay away from omaha until I'm rolled for it. Plus such a high variance game may not be something I should be playing when I tilt so easily and there are so many more instances where you are playing for stacks in omaha than hold em and you're never normally a huge favourite like in hold em.

After I lost that pot I jumped straight into 2 £1/2 games and immediately ran one huge bluff in a 3 way 3-bet pot. It was a good start but I shoulda avoided a silly spot like that straight off the bat. Then on the other table I picked up Aces and made it £24 following a raise to £6. The 47x flop was checked to me and I checked behind to induce overpairs to fire the turn as my line looks like AK /AQ the 2 of hearts rolled off on the turn and my opponent overbet pot and I got it in immediately as I was sure he had an overpair like 99-JJ and committed himself. He had 56hh and binked the 8 ball on the river to set me back a bit further. I didn't tilt but was annoyed that I had undone much of this week's grinding.

I had the sense to log off and immediately cashed out my roll so that I don't play anymore today. I'm gonna go to the gym and chill before a busy week of work starts on monday. *Sigh*

+£250 for the week still not too shabby under my current effort of playing to a roll etc.

I'm gonna set some new goals as they have changed a bit from the beginning of the year:

--To play no higher than £.25/50p online until I have made 100 buy ins.

--To implement a stop loss of 2 buy ins in any one session and 4 on any day.

--Not gonna play any GUKPTs just because I can even though I was intending to enter one or two this year. I plan on playing a few of the 3-2-1's at DTD and the Greek Festival.

That's about it for now. Best not to overcomplicate things.

As always, comments appreciated.


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James Atkin said...

Good goals to implement man, good luck on achieving them

the DTD 300s are almost like GUKPTs now anyway!