Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Latest update

I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet really as I'm still at work - and it doesn't look like I'll be leaving for a good few hours yet - (FML)!

So what's happened since the last post. I haven't played any more poker. I've decided to have a few months off. Something I've never done before. I wanna see if the break does me good and refocus 10x harder on my work, gym and social life.

I've also bought Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo thanks to a recommendation from Barry Carter and will be reading it during my break. I'm also organising a poker coach/mentor for when I hit the tables again in April which I think will be a really big help for me.

I just want to address one of the comments from my last blog:

"Follewed this blog as u seem to be always on blonde. You need to just quit , u will never ba winner. It is as simple as that! You talk a good game and are quick to put down certain pros on blonde, thats all u are.

QUIT before u go busto.


Ian, what's your nickname on blonde? I can hazard a very good guess by your spelling and construction of sentences but I wouldn't want to make a rash assumption.

I'm guessing I must have offended you with a contrary opinion to you on the PHA or something to evoke a post which has such a bitter tone to put it nicely. Your opinion seems a little harsh but you're entitled to it and I respect it.

Though I would like you to name a few instances where I'm quick to put down certain pros? Seems like this is just a comment randomly plucked from the air. If you see my comments on tournament updates etc I think you'll find the opposite is true. I publicly support the blonde contingent in live events (whether I know them or not) and have staked 5 blondes too. My posts on PHA are also always constructive where possible and I try to help. If you're responding to a post I made today about someone folding Kings being bad then I guess that does equate to me 'being quick to put down certain pros'(*sigh*). I'm always polite and courteous but will not compromise giving my honest opinion too.

Saying that I talk a good game implies I know what I'm doing, which I agree with. I have tilt and bankroll management issues which I need to address moreso than my knowledge of the game and the way I apply it. Just because I have failed a few times it doesn't mean I should quit - I'm determined to overcome the issues I have. Not that you know my personal finances either, but I am no-where near busto. Did you think this because I lost £1k? hmm, lol.

I partially appreciate your sentiment, I just would appreciate you were a little more constuctive, particularly as I don't even know you.




Joppa Road said...

thought you said you were going to keep it short! Good luck on the break , I think its a very good idea. Come back strong but in the end it all comes down to discipline. I know myself I just don't have it but hope you do.

James Atkin said...

I wish I could afford to have a break at the moment. LOL. Good luck refreshing your mind!

May I recommend another book for you to read in your break:

"The Poker Mindset: Essential Attitudes for Poker Success" by Ian Taylor

No strategy, but a really +ev book.

amcgrath1uk said...

I love your honesty in the blog. Whatever you decide to do eventually, I'm sure you'll do fine!

Amatay said...

Keep playing and dont quit the blog. Just stop being a fkin plum. Control yourself lol

Anonymous said...

Good luck Greek... Break sounds like a good idea, I suffer from similar tendancies, so know how you feel. One thing I have done is to try and cut out sports/horse betting - dont know if you even do this, but the ups and downs directly affected my state of mind, and would often be playing poker in the wrong frame of mind which is half the battle (for me)... So I'm giving it a break to see how I go, might be something to think about?!

Anyways... GL with it ...and dont stop posting on blonde whatever you do!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is the same tosser who told me to quit poker as I would never succeed at it or anything in my life.

This coming from an anon comment at 3am on Christmas Day! LMAO!

Joppa Road said...

Yorkshire, maybe it was Santa???

Anonymous said...

ian is still a dick (x)