Friday, 2 January 2009


So the plan today was to write a blog about how I got into poker etc... but that plan backfired. I think I will delay that one til tomorrow.

I deposited my £1k as mentioned and loaded up five 25p50p cash tables. I quickly ran up two buy ins without any real big hands and stopped for a while to watch the new episodes of Poker After Dark.

So I loaded up my tables again and quickly dropped the buyins back flopping 3 undersets in about 30 minutes as well as a QQ vs AA blind on blind and flopped flush blind on blind. Pretty sick but to end up even after the cards really went against me was ok I guess - especially as if I was playing my normal limits I would expect to be down like 6 buy ins in such unavoidable coolers where im gonna stack off.

A bit dismayed by this start I decided to play MTTs as whenever I set my mind to a win I get a result in one of these. I just dont always have the patience/time to play them. I played the £6k GTD, £9K GTD and two smaller £1000 GTDs on Will Hill and ended up making the final table of the £9K. This guy The_Bstrd (or something like that) made my life more difficult in the mid and latter stages by telling everyone on my tables I nick the blinds every time I raise and always raise Ace rag just cos I was in position on his blind and had it almost every orbit. He's wasn't wrong but thanks for telling everyone..glad the wanker bust on the final table bubble. wahaha. After a few folds to reshoves because of his chatter I made a few calls lighter and players stopped playing back at me.

I made the final table as shortest stack and grind my way through, shoving in position and without showdown until we somehow get 4 handed. Me and another guy are shortest with him 90k, me 50k and the two big stacks like 250k each. I shoved almost any unraised pot to get myself back in contention with 120k with the blinds at 2k/4k and a running ante of 400. I pick up KK and raised 3x instead of my normal 2.5 and was met with a shove. The call any button was already clicked and I faded the two fives he needed for his set to become chipleader. I raise the button a few hands later and both blinds call. There is now 56k in the pot. (I have J5 off). Flop comes J28 2 spades and after both blinds check i bet just over half pot 30k and am met with an all in. for 130 odd in total. Wasn't really expecting that but I obv call and his 108 hits 2 pair on the river.

I didn't recover from there and with one guy laddering his ass off I wasn't gonna outwait him for 300 quid more. I wanted that £3k for the win and a few hands later jammed 99 after a min raise and a call with blinds at 4k/8k and unfortunately ran into the table donks JJ. I wish people weren't able to minraise - its so fcking gay. Not that the hand plays any differently anyway.

So got £851 for 4th though I'm still gutted. I had it locked and £3k win woulda been an awesome start to my years goals.

Two of my mates want railing now in a smaller comp so I'll get them to the final, make sure they ship it and get to bed. I've been playing so much recently that I've completely neglected the gym. I was doing weights like 4 times a week and making good progress but I've let that slip. I rang the guy who used to train me and I've booked 10 sessions with him to get me motivated and back into it again.

Roll now at £1651. +£651 for the day.


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