Tuesday, 13 January 2009

One step forward 8574362 back

Fuck sake I'm such a dick sometimes.....

So the roll was at around £3k. Pretty good for one week of part time play. Then on Friday night I was due to go and see Slumdog Millionaire with a mate. He comes round and I've just got in from work and I have to hate a nice bath so give him my laptop and log in to my hills. I've got over £2k in the account at this point but I'd trust this mate with my life so no problem there. He wants to play some 25p50p cash but I want in on the action. Can't be going out in an hour whilst he's chirping about winning and I've had no action on the day so I tell him to buy into a £50p£1 game for £100 and we'll go halves.

So I'm in the bath thinking about how well things have been going when he shouts 'I've got Kings'. It's been raised to £4 and called, so he reraised to £16. (I'm getting a fucking commentary from outside the bathroom door at this point). Another guy makes it £35 from no-where and my mate wanted to pass. He knew the other guy had aces but I don't think I've ever folded Kings pre in a cash game and I especially don't intend to start doing it when I'm in for £50 quid in a £100NL game. My mate shoves and obv KK < AA. This shouldnt bother us but we didnt wanna go out losing so when I got out the bath he said let's get it back.

The film starts at 8.30 and its 7 now....we're meant to be going to grab some food before the film too. He wants to get our money back and I can't say I was arguing lol. The quickest way to do it was to start 3-betting the fuck out of everyone. Would only need one or two nice moves or a big hand to get out of it. Instead we get no big hands and I'm 3-betting like a donkey in the worst spots possible. After donking off a few hundred we lost a big pot with J10ss on a QsKs3d board to AK.

Less than half an hour later and -£100 is now -£430. We decide not to lose more than £250 each so the last 70 goes on blackjack First hand we get 83 vs 7. No choice but to double. Coulda got a better card than an 8 but we'll take it. Until the dealer puts the 410 in our eye. Now I know how James Akenhead feels. Almost... Anyway, 104 is the nuts.

So we go and eat and have obviously missed the film. We go and play some live poker and are halves. Never going to get our money back in this game though where the average buy in is 100 quid. I'm boring myself now but needless to say I decided to start playing online.

I'm playing 4 £200NL tables and first hand get dealt 99. One raise to £8 and it's called in 2 spots. I look down at 99 and decide to 3-bet to 38 as this reg raises loads of hands and I'm probably the only player on our limits on Crypto who's looser. Needless to say we have a lot of history and where I bluff him a lot and get called down he stacks off super light vs me. When he makes it £200 I know he has AK. I've never ever seen him play a big pair like that. My mate is telling me to fold but I tell him this buy in is my one then and call. The 9 on the flop was only insurance vs his AK. I'm now out of it for the day but my mate is still in the hole. Eventually I win a bit more and knock £100 off what my mate owes me.

On the way home I tell him not to panic and that I'd play small the next day to get him out of it. Instead I can't be arsed and cockily decide to play £200nl until his money was back and then at evens I could do my thing again. I got stuck £600 within 90 minutes after missing an open ended straight flush draw with one over vs an overpair and getting four flushed. I was pretty angry as there was no way I was gonna ask my mate for half when it was my fault anyway. I keep playing and by 6am I'm almost back to level. Then we get some drunk nutter join the table with £200 and his standard open was between £32 and £176. Brilliant. Until his £46 open insta calls my AQ shove and binks two pair with J7. 10 mins later he made it £100 in the cut off and I was in the BB with 1010. I almost fistpumped this one and couldnt hold vs his K6.

He proceeded to fck off after donating most of the monkey he luckboxed off me back round the table and then both £1/2 games still running at that time insta-broke. I jumped in a £2/5 game with 3 regs, not only completely ignoring my supposed new bankroll rules but I was clearly tilted too and way off playing even my C-game. I lose a bit more and fire a few shells on the Will Hill live casino to lose another £400. I can't see out of my windows now because so much steam has come out my ears.

The next day I go to the gym in the morning and knock out a good session though I'm still a pussy compared with a few months before. Then I spent the rest of the day in the pub with the lads as one of my mates is joining the Army.

Sunday I met my mate Figo at the Vic to watch the Man Utd Chelsea game (more about this and the degenerate bastard cunt that is Figo in the next post - fuck knows why I still like that kid) and lost £500 more in a £1/3 game with QQ vs KK. I don't think me or my opponent played this hand at all well. This post has gone on way to long and is a bit boring I think, but mainly doing it to get off my chest.

My roll is back to square 1 at £1000 and I'm having a few days off. Not because I want to but I think I have to be more mature in my decisions and few days off will hopefully make me come back playing well again. So fucking annoying to have got off to such a quick and good start which tbh I should be banging out most weeks as it isnt hard and to blow it in the space of a 24 hour tilt-fest. I'm a dick. I think I need some sort of mentor to help me address these issues so feel free to pm me if you're interested!

In the meantime I think there is some massive massive value on Blue Square for the GUKPT Brighton. I will be spreading £100 between 3 of the guys from the blonde poker forum. James Dempsey at 80/1, Chris Moorman at 100/1 (this is sick huge I think) and Alex Martin at 125/1. I will be wishing my old mate from Notts Neil Blatchly good luck in this one too but would be happy to see any of the 'blondes' as such, do well but if I had to pick one it would be Alex. I've never met him but like me he is predominantly a cash player but always helpful on the hand analysis board - a resource which is very useful.

I also bought 10% of James Atkin via the blonde staking board for the £300 and £150 at DTD in feb so glglgl ship me some dollars.

I've Linked Alex 'I always win 45999535 big blinds in cash' Martin and Barry 'my real name is Dave but thats too boring so I'll call myself Barry' Carter and James 'about to make me rich' Atkin's blogs up too.

I'll try and fill in the many gaps this post has left up tomorrow. There are loads.

gl in the meantime.


James Atkin said...

Hey man,

Sorry to hear about this. The day you had is exactly why I haven't made more money at poker. I do very similar things. I can grind away for a month, but one day things can just go bad, and I go on some crazy sick run similar to what you had.

Def take at least 3 days off, and come back to the challenge like you're at the zero mark again, not 'x' amount down.

Hopefully I'll recoup some of your losses at DTD anyway hehe.


JoppaRoad said...

ul mate, I am the same. One of the things which separate winning players from us donks. Sort it quickly ffs.

Amatay said...

This is a pretty good blog so far mate, i like it.
In regards to money management and control and stuff i would consider that to be my best attribute if u need any advice. However, with things like its prob only you that can help yourself. Stop being a knob, take your time, enjoy watching your roll grow, take pride in it etc lol.
Someone once said to me control the controllables. Hopefully im not sounding too ghey at this point but i love that quote. Control the controllables u prick x

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