Monday, 2 February 2009

Had over a +£1k day whilst playing only 5p10p!

Ok slightly misleading....the over +£1k day wasn't from poker...

I got a letter from the Inland Revenue telling me I've been paying too much tax since I started working in April so I'm due somewhere between £1k and £2k back soon. Weeeeeee.

Work has been kinda shit lately... i was even in the office from 1-8:30 on Sunday. I was one of three people in the entire building that day, the only one on my floor and the only one in past 5pm. My job is ok but since I moved department I have a boss who must be the grumpiest man alive and we have absolutely nothing in common. It makes a huge difference to work ethic and morale when you're getting praise and encouragement - unfortunately he does neither. I could probably find the cure to cancer beneath my desk and he would find it hard to muster something resembling happyness or god forbid a 'well-done'. The journey home was a nightmare and took me two fucking hours so it was nice to wake up on monday to see it was snowing like mad and there was my sunday back and a 4-day week. Ship.

I played some poker...I know I said I wouldn't but realised I was like 150 mpps from the next bonus so it woulda been like throwing money away to not play it out. I have played nothing higher than 25p50p and quite honestly I played atrociously to be even though I had a winning session last night chalking up an easy ton against a reg who I had position on and floated/robbed all night and a terrible donk who seemed to think I had trash every hand and was calling me down with Ace high. I wasn't even tempted at any point since my last entry to play higher than this. I don't know how or why but hopefully it will continue.

I actually wrote all of the above about 4 days ago and I've just been too crazy busy to finish off my post properly. Now it just looks like a random mish mash but I'll try and fill the gap quickly on the last few days before I am back on track and at full on blogging potential. Sorry for the gay numbered bullet points.

1) Chelsea are shit. I used to have a season ticket back in the days when our team wasn't as good but we played good football and stamford bridge actually had an atmosphere. I've been 3 or 4 times this season, like at Chelsea vs Arsenal paying £50quid a ticket to sit and watch a bunch of overpaid w*nkers who care more about their hair than winning games. We weren't good enough against Liverpool and although Lampard's sending off was disgraceful it wouldn't have made much difference. Wow so we coulda drawn 0-0,woopty doo. Man Utd woulda been quaking at our one point. The league is theirs, all locked up now. I won't be paying to go to the Bridge any time soon either - I resent it. Not til things change.

2) I've had a new cousin - little George was born on tuesday morning. Unfortunately my uncle and auntie live quite far so will have to wait for the weekend to make a visit.

3) I've been to the gym every night this week - its going well and I'm beginning to regain a bit of strength. My benching was poor the other night, not managing to rep any more than 85kg but I've started doing fitness before jumping into the weights room and its draining me as I've never really bothered with fitness before.

4)I'll also be getting a small bonus from work - somewhere between 3-6% of my annual salary which is gonna make for a good few months on the bank account considering I'm due money back from tax and my wages too.

5)I played poker once this week - putting in a 4 hour session after my gym session last night. I was only 2 tabling as I was watching some telly too (- what a joke ITV are btw - missing out the goal because they randomly put adverts on after 118 minutes - I woulda been mightily pissed off if I watched the whole two hours. Luckily putting myself through pain and risk of injury at the gym was a 10x more exciting prospect than watching liverpool). Anyway - I won about 8 buy ins on 25p50p and was never in a difficult spot. I made one bad calldown with 33 on a 99685 board to be shown 77 but other than that it was plain sailing. More importantly to me at the moment is not feeling any urge or temptation to play higher and immediately take shots with 2 buy ins until i hit self destruct mode. I won't let this happen!

I think genuinely the comments I've received on here and from members on blonde have really helped and I'm glad I've started this blog.

Hopefully my next post will be less rushed and a far more coherent all-in one piece.

In the meantime I will leave those of you who haven't seen with the story that JOHN TERRY IS SUING THE NHS! Click here

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amateur said...

Good to see some discipline. Better to win a ton then piss away a K!!!
Remember, weights before fitness in the gym!!