Sunday, 25 January 2009

gg wp nh BUSTO

Title pretty self explanatory really.

Roll was at £1000 on friday night and I sat in some £1/2 games as someone told me about a complete spewmonkey who was donating to the whole table. 5 minutes later and he'd doubled up from me twice. Obv his 4-bet jam with QJ sooted got there vs my AK and then I lost a really sick pot With QQ vs his 25ss on a 778ss flop when we put £170 each in to a £50 pot on the 2 turn for him to duly bink the Jack of spades on the river. I opened A5 hearts on the button and was flatted in the BB by a decent reg to see a Q55 flop. After leading and flatting his raise we got it in on the turn. No prizes for guessing I was drawing to one out vs Villains QQ.

I finished the night with my roll at about £100. marvellous.

I went to the gym for a few hours on saturday morning and came back home and put the remainder on 2 £50NL tables. A few hours later and I had a £320 stack on one table and £190 odd on the other. Decent semi recovery but I wasn't content to stop there and I don't know what got into me but I sat in a £2/5 omaha where I did my stack check raising all in on the river of an unpaired 3 heart board with the bare ace to get called by a 10 high flush. I sent the HH to a few friends on msn after as I don't know how he called me there when I lead out flop and turn and both felt my line was super strong and had they been in villain's seat wouldn't have called there. More I think about it more I like my line but oh well shit happens.

Question is...what to do now?

I could re-deposit but what the fuck is the point? Things are becoming more evident but I'm still not learning. I crush £50NL, I beat £100 and £200 nl fairly comfortably too but don't give myself a chance to win when I constantly jump up and tilt etc. Ok I just ran bad this time rather than tilting but it would have been the same result, whether in a week or two months.

Two of the comments from my last blog were pretty spot on and are what have kept me from redepositing another £k to rinse and repeat.

1)'BRM is mostly about discipline.

If you can't be disciplined and win with 1k against the donks how do you expect to suddenly find that discipline by depositing more?'

2)'As for the tilt thing if you cannot control it you have to ask yourself should you be playing the game?'

Both very valid points and it's got me thinking about whether or not to actually quit the game. I just don't think I can because I love it so much but I need to find a formula to help me work my round my problems with tilt and bankroll management. Whether this means taking a 3 month break, finding a mentor, using a staking site (really don't want to do this as I have the money to play and if winning don't wanna give half my profits away) I'm not sure yet.

Comments appreciated!

gl all


Amatay said...

Mate, u r a prick. What is the fucking rush? Can't you be content with making a few hundred a day and a few grand a week then do ur 2/5 omaha thing when u got more of a roll. Sort it out m8. Dont stop playing either you wont anyway :-)

Anonymous said...

alrite, its gribbo from blonde i made an anonymous comment previously on your blog regarding the BR management and stuff. I occasionaly post a few hands in the PHA board and you made a few good comments on the hands so i thought i would check ur blog out.

Agree with the the 'blogfather' himself there is no rush to build ur money up if u just grinded the £1k for a few months you could have a roll for £100-£200nl easy. I used to tilt a bit online and likes the 24hr cool down policy on stars, i also used to sit in play money games or low stake sngs etc and just shove every hand to let off some steam.

Good luck anyway!

Anonymous said...

Follewed this blog as u seem to be always on blonde. You need to just quit , u will never ba winner. It is as simple as that! You talk a good game and are quick to put down certain pros on blonde, thats all u are.

QUIT before u go busto.


Anonymous said...

Ian is probably one of those arse lickers that hang around blonde sucking the arse of whoever thinks they are in the crew. Ian is a dick (x)