Wednesday, 7 January 2009

What I hate about poker and latest update

In so many blogs I see people complaining about not enjoying the game etc. Don't play it then! The only thing that annoys me about poker is that I can't play it more. Working full time means I can only play about 40 hours a week, logging big sessions at weekends and some weeknights til pretty late not getting as much sleep as I really need. Don't really know how to balance this properly - another thing I'll have to work on. I'm pretty glad that winning or losing I'll still wake up the next day and know I enjoy it.

The challenge I've set myself has seen mixed success to far. For those who don't know I deposited £1k and after a frustrating start trying to destroy opponents and not let anyone at 25p50p win a single hand I revised my strategy and decided to move up. I just wasnt playing well at those limits. Luckily most players, including regs at those limits are so terrible it wasn't hard to not lose.

They were equally terrible at £.50-1 and I ran up four or five buy ins with ease before taking some shots a little higher. Even though I ran out a winner, it involved a few swings that with my new bankroll, I shouldn't be dealing with. I was playing £1/2 NL, which isnt as easy as it once was, especially as all the tables now seem like 5 regs and 1 fish. I was playing in a $2/5 dollar omaha game too where I justified sitting because I had such an edge over the lineup. Regardless, I will just have to resist. Being pretty card dead and on the wrong side of two coolers I ran up my $500 to $1600 dollars when I was reraised pre by villain playing $800. I just called with 5678 and the flop rolled off 2 5 7 with 2 spades. Villain instabet pot for $150 or so and I made repopped him for 3/4 of his stack. Apparently AQJ9 with the J9 of spades is a monster in that spot. Needless to say he got there.

I jumped into 2 £2/5 NL games to try and make back the money I'd just lost. I wasn't tilting or playing bad - I just didn't fancy going to bed down on a night when I felt by and large I had played well. For half an hour I was in control of both tables and after 3-betting the same guy twice with nothing I made a nice call down when he thought I was full of shit again on a 226JK board when he raised my flop bet and fired the turn before shutting down on the river where I checked behind. My 88 was better than his 77. oops wrong spot to play back at me. Ul though I guess with my image.

Also played with Pete Shag-a-lamppost (Charalambous) and Sam 'I win absolutely everything in sight' Trickett for a while. Sam is a good bud from my Notts days but so random the way he plays any limit - logging some sick sick winning sessions on full tilt this week in 25/50 and 100/200 on full tilt before playing a little 2/5 omaha on Crytpo before jumping back into full tilt games again. Maybe he saw me sitting and the value was just too good to pass up. I'll get Pete Chara back for calling me a Turk though!

I did have some tilty sessions on blackjack after losing a few buy ins earlier in the week and recouped my losses but this was just luck. Today I'm ringing Will Hill and getting myself banned from these games so that the temptation isn't even there.

I will also not be playing any 2/5 whatsoever until my bankroll is ready. I'll be playing predominantly £.5-1 and some mtts (at the weekend) and only taking shots at £1/2 when there are plenty of fish in the games - most commonly on friday nights and weekends.

Roll is currently at £1918 so a profit so far of £918.

Thanks for comments on last post guys. It's really nice to receive feedback.

One other thing is - I must stop writing these blog posts whilst at work!

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