Thursday, 8 January 2009

So far so good....

Played for a quick half an hour when I got home from work about 7 last night. Lost £100ish. Couldn't put in a longer session as I had just booked 10 sessions with a personal trainer who I used to work out with and my first session began at 8pm. Just can't motivate myself at the moment so it had to be done. It was £300 quid for 10 sessions and I don't normally like spending money on this kind of thing even though I'm the opposite of a nit with money, especially as I know the routines in the gym and correct form and technique etc. Its just a case of needing the help with motivation and someone standing over me making sure I do those last few reps and not giving up. My mate Andy who I was going to the gym with is now travelling for 4 months so I don't have a spotter or training partner either which doesnt help. Add that to xmas which is just like a festive one month binge...

So I went, did 10 minutes on the bike before our session started and then did 10 mins on the treadmill before heading into the weights room. The session was absolutely brutal. We did chest back and abs, one set of each in different exercises and constantly rotating. I was allowed virtually 0 break inbetween sets. Fcking exhausted afterwards but at least feeling a bit motivated again. I knew Xmas was gonna mess my routine up. I was struggling to rep 80kgs on the bench last night when I was pumping out 100kgs less than 2 months ago. ffs! Completely revamped the diet again too to what I was eating like a few months ago. Plain porridge for breakfast. Banana at 11. Pasta salad with cottage cheese, pine nuts, sweet corn, broccoli and cottage cheese at lunch. A pot of edamame (if you haven't tried this - do!) at 4 and small pasta salad again at 5 before leaving work. Did some weights when I got home before starting the pokay....

Had a look around the tables at 7.30pm and literally all the £1/2 games were all non-regs. Really unusual but too good an opportunity to pass up even though I should only be playing £.50-1 at the moment. I got up a few buy ins fairly quickly when I won a 3 way all in pot for circa £800. I dont have HH but it went something like this....

Both Villains playing around £250-280. I cover.

Villain 1 raise to £8
Villain 2 calls £8
I call in sb with 45spades
Flop was 234 (2 spades)
I lead for £16
Villain 1 makes it £55
Villain 2 flats the £55 (!)
I move all in.
Villain 1 instacalls
Villain 2 tanks and calls (hmm wtf!!)
Villain 1 has AK spades
Villain 2 has QQ (hmm wtf!!!)

Turn 6 of clubs (weeeeeeeeee!)

River Q of clubs (in Villain 2's eye! - terrible play anyway imo)

This put me up about 4 buy ins at which point I stopped for a quick break to have something to eat. I logged back on and ran QQ into KK and managed to lose the absolute minimum. Then I got AA all in pre against a reg who just never believes I have any kind of hand. There was a raise to £8. He made it £24. I made it £56. QQ not good in this spot. He gets it in and I instacall. The flop brings 3 diamonds, of which he has the queen and I don't. Obv the river rolls off a diamond and I was set back a bit. I didn't tilt at all and just kept playing my game. Finishing the session up around £900 or so. Pretty pleased as I was on the wrong side of 2 coolers aswell. Managed to watch Poker after Dark whilst 4 tabling too! I only played 1 hand really badly tonight and I paid for it.

Need to keep up this level of focus and I should surpass my goal of £15k by a big margin.No harm in taking it one step at a time. If I reach the goal I can always reasses.

Roll @ £2662 for a profit of £1662.

Will try and put in some random stories from my gala days soon as and when they come to mind. Plenty of mad degennaments to report!

If anyone wants me to link them up just let me know in the comment box. This sounds like some sort of dating request but I really do wanna put some more links up as I think feedback from fellow players is gonna help me a lot.

Off to get some shuteye. gl!


Alex Martin said...

nice blog greeky. ill link soon, gl with new broll management. Its most deffo ftw!


Amatay said...

That diet sounds fkin sick m8 lol. League on RTR starts tonight btw if u wanna crack at playing vrs your blogging messiah (me) :-)