Sunday, 18 January 2009

New plan

Last few days have been shit. Ive put in a few hours, though not many as its been the smallest stakes I've ever played, $25c-50c and playing with complete donkeys, while it can and should be extremely profitable it makes u lose any desire you have to play the game. Most of the fun with poker is the challenge and the money in some senses can be secondary but playing with these donks is so annoying. I've broken even over about 700 hands after initially donking off buyins as if for fun when refusing to not win every pot as my opponents didn't deserve to win a single one.

I just can't play with only £1k so I will deposit 2k more and start playing $1/2. $1/2 is still really easy to beat but its probably the smallest I can play whilst still playing my game. If I didnt have that one lapse I would probably be on £5k now and motoring but one of my failings as a poker player is losing my head when things arent going my way.

I remember one time in Nottingham, I was staying in my house alone as I was up before the start of term doing resits. I had about 6 to do as I didn't even turn up to exams in the second semester and shoulda been working my butt off. After doing the first two I had a 3 day break before my next exam and convinced myself (I took fuck all convincing) that one night off to play poker at gala would make me more productive as studying too much is counter productive etc. So I go along and win the £50 rebuy for something like £1800. It's only 3am and I've only been playing non stop since 7.30 so I decide to jump into the emtpy seat in the cash game. After catching a rich bloke who'd come in pissed for another £600 quid I finally went home when the game broke at 5am. Getting up late the next day and feeling invincible I wasn't gonna study some Portuguese bloke who died 600 years ago for the night I was gonna go and win some more fucking moolah! Another successful night turned into too many and I had missed more of my resits, thinking it would all be ok with some lame calls to the doctors in the morning complaining of sickness before rolling over and getting some more sleep.

I made my last two exams and thought getting a doctors note would suffice. I didn't even bother doing that in time as it had to be done within a week. On the last night before I was due back to London I went to gala again and after losing £300 quid of the best part of £4k that I won that week I cashed in the rest for chips and began playing roulette. My cap that I was wearing was full of £100, £25 and £5 chips as I had too many by far to carry in my hands. This was about 5am. By 6am I had done my last £50 on blackjack and was walking home in the freezing cold as I literally didn't even have a fiver for a taxi. May give anyone reading an idea of what my bankroll management has been like.

Having just read that back myself, I can't believe what a degen dickhead I was.

I'll try and put in a post of how I turned things around when I came back to London.

In the meantime I've got a bet on Hoivold to win the GUKPT so I'm sweating that now its 4-handed. Wd to my mate Richard 'Loser18' Lewindon who finished 6th for about £9k. Also watching the Snooker final, Ronnie vs Selby. Want Ronnie to win this one big time.



parttimebonuschaser said...

BRM is mostly about discipline.

If you can't be disciplined and win with 1k against the donks how do you expect to suddenly find that discipline by depositing more?

Anonymous said...

Games are not gona get easier at higher limits mate, just grind your way up tou will feel and play a lot better. As for the tilt thing if you cannot control it you have to ask yourself should you be playing the game?

Try jokerstars they have a exclusion policy for 24/hrs etc.

For the month/two month it will take you to grind up you will feeel and play 100% better mate. Some of the big winners regullarly drop down and play lower limits.

Look forward to next post, get the head sorted!

Anonymous said...

Have you anything interesting to read yoy boring cunt!