Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Prop Bet I forgot to mention, TV stardom, Vegas and live pokerz...

A few weeks ago I went on a stag do with some other players of the poker. Now I'm like always late for everything (not a lot, but if you say 9.30 i'll be there at 9.40 and if you say 1.30 I'll still be there at 1.40). I don't do it deliberately...I'm just kind of terrible with time. I was mean't to go up for the start of the stag on friday night but I had to arrange some stuff on the friday night and so the boys (LeKnave, Rookie and Hitthehole) bet me $500 vs my $2000 that I wouldn't be at an agreed McDonalds in Luton before 9.30am. I was playing MTT's with a friend also grinding round my house until about 3.30am, managing a lovely final table bubble in a 900 runner donkament on FTP. Marvellous.

So I plan on getting their uber early as I had not planned on losing $2k. My alarm was set for 6.30 and I must of been in such a deep sleep that I just didn't hear it. So a little while later I roll over and my face literally rolls over my phone which kinda woke me and I looked and saw it was 7.30am. sdjgsdgds. Anyone who knows what I'm like with time will also know that I NEVER leave the house before I've had a shower. Even on the weekend when I'll get up and go to the gym I'll have a shower before. So anyway, I jump in the shower, pack my bag, and get in my mates car at exactly 8am. We had borrowed another mate's TomTom the night before and it wouldn't start at first. Could this bet be going any worse?! Luckily as my mate set off with his foot firmly down we got the TomTom working and managed to arrive in Luton at 9.05am. Wii.
It was nice to open the door to the macdonalds for the 3 lads....just a shame I had to give my mate $250 for driving me there. Not sure I'll be risking $2000 to win $250 like this again. I won this time but I like their side.

At the weekend I also went on Sky Poker. In a programme called Cash Masterclass (ha - the irony!) I sat in the studio and played 2 NL £0.5/1 cash games and they just asked me about hands whilst I played them in the studio. It was good fun and I had some really comedy banter with Tikay the presenter. However, I did feel really weird at first and wasn't my normal self. For some reason I developed this Tony Blair - like usage of my hands to talk but nvm! The show is being repeated a few times through the week I believe on channel 865. So far there have only been 3 contestants but I'm top of the leaderboard atm. Hold on time for the [ ] prize on offer.

Whilst I played for that few hours in the studio I really just did what I should always be doing in cash and even with a few mistakes I still made a few hundred quid. I haven't played in that mindset for a while now online (my live play has been real good) but my online play has just been session after session of me playing my C game. Added with a comment from an 'anon' (Sigh why can't these useless fuckers put their name to their comments) on my last entry these things gave me the motivation to start grinding a little bit online again in the right mindset and I'm probably up around 15 buy ins or so at 25 and 50 plo over not very many hands. It'll definitely take me 3 or 4 months now I'm grinding lower again but I'll get the stake back to level and start making profits if it kills me. It's not hard, I put together 6 consistent winning months on my last stake last year because I was doing it in a much more professional and focused manner. More of the same pls Cos you dick! (Sigh - I'm talking to myself like that knobrot Amatay now).

I also won a live £10r on friday (lols) for £850. I was in for £100 though and play it as part of a greek night down at the big slick club in purley that they have every few months. A lot of my uncles and cousins play so I go down for the crack more than anything. Highlight was shoving over a 6x open with KQ and getting called by AA. Board rolled off 10 6 5 Q K. Unfortunately I paid for it when I made the last 45 of the 16.5k guarantee on full tilt on sunday. I was around 19th in chips and played a huge pot where I standard 2.5x'd under the gun with an Ace and another Ace and table chipleader just spaz shoved about 60x in the pot. Hi der! I snap and the board rolls off J 5 5 10 Q. gkdhgsdgsgd.

Finally we've booked up Planet Hollywood for Vegas in August and I'm really pumped about it already. I'm gonna be putting in a lot more live sessions too from now on and in the run up in order to go with a juicy roll to pwn the Vegas cash donks. I'll be playing most DTD £300's and upcoming will be playing the Blackbelt tournament at the Vic I think.

gl at the tables bus wankers.


Joppa Road said...

Erm, just curious but when I first started playing poker about 4 years ago the first place I played live was in Luton at ITB (In the Belly) but was more like In The Butt. A guy there was called Rookie who fancied himself as a player. Is this the same guy?


Greekstein said...

Haha yes Joppa! It was his dad, ITB's stag.

Why do you call it 'In the Butt'?. Not fond memories?

Don't think Rookie fancies himself as a player though, he's not even as good as his girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

what did CL spaz in 60x with that hit ??


Joppa Road said...

In The Butt was just a piss take a few people used for the ITB collective.

I can actually remember getting into a hand with Rookie. Like I said it was the first time I had played live and was very nervous when it came to shuffling, dealing etc that alone think straight when playing a hand! I had JJ and flopped a J on the flop but everyone there (particularly Mr E and Rookie) thought I had nowt because I didn't bet like you are supposed to. So they both called me to the river with junk and then folded. Funny when I think back to how nerve wracking it was back then.

Only played there twice but had a 2nd and a 5th.

I thought Rookie had done quite well in poker?

Greekstein said...

yeah he has Joppa - I was only kiddin. Won the brawl on full tilt for like $73k etc. What's your name Joppa - I'll see if he remembers u?

Cogs - he had AK.