Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Live pokers, Pokers of the interwebs, Getting Grimmed, Feldman challenge, Las Vegas Trip, Cirque Du Soleil, DTD this weekend & longest title ever

Well in short I've been kinda knocking my dick in online. I've played a few too many tilted sessions and I let my staking roll get down to about $1900 before moving down and really grinding it out. I've since won over 25 buy ins at 25rush PLO but it's gonna take me a few months to claw back the $5300 odd I'm down atm and get back to even.

Live poker has been the opposite. I've had a few really good sessions recently and managed to shave my live makeup to pretty much breakeven since we last chopped profits after my DTD win in December. Talking of which, I have monday off work and am off to DTD this weekend for the £300 weekend. £30K one time. (I'm definitely going to be trying to include as much live cash as possible into my routine as long as it doesn't fuck with work at all and gym too much).

A few weeks ago I would even get excited about a trip like going to DTD. However, I've just booked my flight with a few of the lads from blondepoker and I'm going to VEGASSS!! Can't wait! Any suggestions for the trip...let me know fish! (I went to see Cirque du Soleil last night at the Royal Albert Hall - I'll definitely be trying to get tickets for this in Vegas - what a show. Some of the shit they do is just sick!)

I was putting a guy called (*edited*) into a few small online tournaments as he was in a rather bad financial and personal situation with the goal of making me some money and him enough money to pay back stakers through blonde poker and have some money whilst his girlfriend is ill.
He was $700 in makeup when he had a cash for $350 in a $20 heads up tournament on full tilt (he plays as riverdave69) and I haven't seen him since. I think this was a week ago. I'm not panicking too much as someone like Dave can't stay away from poker and I'm sure my debt is one of the smaller ones on his list. Unfortunately for him though, I'm willing to do things to see my money again that others who he owes aren't.

Andrew Feldman keeps trying to add me on facebook after some stuff I've said about him on both the radio show and on blonde poker. I don't mind playing him, even if he is a better heads up player than me, which I've no doubt he is as I neither play heads up or hold em online. However, playing me heads up has no relevance to the things I've said about him - so I've offered him an opportunity to organise a 'well' with the moderators on blonde poker where he can answer questions that a lot of people have of him.

I'll try update again after the weekend with a 'wiii shipped the DTD £300 post'.

gl at the tables fishcakes.


United113 said...

So much to do in Vegas... Apart from the Grand Canyon etc make sure you do the playboy club :-).

Amatay said...

sigh at the stake :-(

tom said...

thank fuck i paid you on our bet promptly and didnt have to face the things your willing to do.


Anonymous said...


オテモヤン said...


Cf said...

How did DTD go?

Anonymous said...

when are you gonna realise that you are a losing player online