Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bankroll Challenge update & VEGAS trip!

My bankroll challenge has gone well this week.

As I was determined to stick within the guidelines I set myself I haven't been able to play in any of the $10r's or $30f tournaments on ipoker which has made life a little difficult in relying on a decent tournament bink to get the bankroll going. I've played the select $10f's and $5r's with huge fields that so far I just haven't got going in.

Cash has more than kept me ticking over though. I've been 1-tabling (lol) PLO and adding another table when things are going really well. When playing such few tables it really is easier to pick up on people's tendencies and moods and just concentrate a little more on assigning opponents ranges etc and acting accordingly. I've barely dropped a buy in from what must be nearing 1k hands now.

I've been playing $100 PLO which is essentially like shot taking but part of my new system means that if I lose so much as one buy in I have to move down a limit until I'm either rolled for $100 PLO (i.e. 50+ BI) or back to the peak of my roll. Playing so few tables has reduced variance greatly as I'm able to chip up playing semi smallball, making good moves and getting it in to big pots as a significant favourite.

The roll is now at £607.

Part of my new motivation for being so disciplined is that I'm planning on going to Vegas at the end of July. It would be awesome if I could freeroll my trip & bankroll from this alone, not including live tournaments or my staked account.

If anyone has any particular Vegas recommendations for shows (def wanna go and see Cirque du Soleil) or places to stay / eat / go / play poker etc pls post in comments.

gl at the tables!


David said...

[ ] My bankroll challenge has gone well this week.

rubbish said...

Shows? You mean strippers and hookers surely?
Good luck with the bankroll challenge.

David said...

I'd like to congratulate you for completing the bankroll challenge [ ] was a real achievement making it to 2nd week of Jan.

bigusdikus said...

interesting, hows life on blonde without bigus

Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

Mr Dikus how are you?

At DTD for the £300 in feb?

Goose said...

£607 bankroll for plo100, doesn't really work DUCY?