Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010...Poker goals....

Never really done new years resolutions etc before but this year I am. I'm intent on being a lot more pro-active, disciplined and focused.

The goals are...

1) To have my biggest live tournament score. (£7250 to beat)
2) Win a tournament outright with no chops/deals/pay flattening.
3) To make $20k at online small stakes cash.
4) To give my cash stakers a nice healthy return on their investment as I did last year and at some point through the year have 100% of my own online action again.
5) To put more effort into my game by joining a training site / reading some books. (Already do a lot of reading on the forums).
6) To implement a stop/loss system for my cash sessions online.
7) To be less confrontational on the forums.
8) To keep this blog regularly updated and in good shape.
9) To keep detailed records of everything I play / how well I do. This should include buying and using a tracker and HUD.
10) To lose no more than a maximum of £1000 throughout the year on all various forms of other gambling. Will document all of this.
11)To play at least 1 online MTT session per week.
12)To go on at least 1 poker trip abroad.


I've kept these goals very realistic, yet not easy as I plan on doing poker the proper way this year and apart from live poker where I play staked, I will be playing smaller, much lower variance games online than I have done this year. None will break my back, but all achieveable.

There's a mix of fun (for me) goals and ones that will require work.

One thing I didn't mention was that I will be putting £250 on a separate site to use as a bankroll challenge type thing. I will try and run this up as high as possible through the year, whilst still never cashing out and always using correct brm.

My next post will be life goals for 2010.

Let's gogoo.


Anonymous said...

Good luck in the New Year!

Caught your DtD write up so far on Blonde, following a link on RtR some funny stuff.

You forgot to add:

To continue owning Amatay in any Props made. (As I believe you did last year)

Amatay said...

ha, gl with no7. also Vegas for no12 m8

Anonymous said...

hope u will achieve ur goals. just be disciplined and u can't fail. only problem can be that mtt score but it can be done with volume :)

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Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

Cheers all.