Wednesday, 7 April 2010

23rd at the IPO

So I came to play the IPO this Easter weekend gone by.

It completes 2 of my yearly goals. (1) To play another donkament abroad (I'm still going to Vegas) and (2) To have my biggest donkament score to date, which I did coming 23/708 for 13,700 euros.

I still have a rediculously small sample size of live decent sized MTT's (under 30) but my ROI is really good and I run deep in like everything so I know I've got bigger binks in me this year.

Will be doing a full tournament report soon.


Amatay said...

wp fish. Just seen the comment on prev post. lol pissed myself, haha

Alex Martin said...

well done son, was rooting for you!!!!1

Danny said...

As a regular reader of your blog well done on the win and achieving your goals!

Barry Carter said...

Stop calling it the IPO, people will wrongly assume its the Boyle thing, the Irish Open is much more prestigious.

Oh and well done.

Oh and lol at Dublin being an 'abroad tournament' - though the THM doesnt lie.

rubbish said...

Nice cash Cos, all the best.

Jumper said...

nice result

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Hi, im collecting the stakes now. Not sure how u wanted to pay, $300 for 5% was requested.

Stars - HornyAnimal
Full Tilt - Doglamina

If u want to bank tfr in £ ( rate) i will get my email to u or get yours via amatay who is a mutual friend rather than post it here.