Monday, 4 January 2010

Brief December recap.

Happy new year to you all. Hope you had a good Christmas etc etc. I always love this time of year. Just sleeping and eating...and poker for a degen like me. Heaven!

Getting up back in routine today was an arse though...everyone on the bus who was back at work / college etc looked like they were on the way to a funeral.

(My DTD trip report is almost finished - I'll have the last part up today hopefully Mr Rubbish sir.)

Anyway enough rambling...

Well 2009 had it's ups and downs but definitely finished on a really high note in December. The first half of the year saw me winning and then knocking my dick in when on tilt either playing way too high or on silly house games.

I since won the £300 deepstack at DTD, managed a 3rd at the Big Slick £100f which I should have won (600k of the 1mil 3 handed - sghdjghsgd) - 3 winning live cash sessions on my own dime and a £2400 bonus from Victor Chandler!

The £2400 wasn't a bonus as such but it certainly wasn't money I was expecting. In July of this year I told VC to ban me from their casino features as I was only interested in using their site for poker and had a problem with blackjack and roulette etc. Anyway, some 12 days later, I'm on monkey tilt and go on the chat and ask to be unbanned, which they do, instantly. Luckily I didn't play much on VC as this was around the time I switched to blonde where I never had access to the feature.

Anyway, after my successful trip from DTD, the return journey was filled with snow and it took me the lions share of 7 hours to get from door to door I logged onto VC and found a £44 loyalty payment in there. I proceeded to spin it to $268 and then back to 0 after one of those tilting hands where I fired 3 barrells with the bare Ace only for my opponent to move in on the river for a little more. skdhgsd. I deposited another £150 taking a shot for myself and quickly lost it and fired one more £150, but this time on blackjack. After I lost I decided to vent my anger in the chat about how I should have never been unbanned and how VC were not advocating responsible gambling etc etc. I told them I wanted someone to address the issue and with my steam let off, I went to bed thinking no more about it.

The next day I receive an email from a manager at VC, offering an apology and admitting it was a fault on their part that I was unbanned. I was then given back any money lost on house games from the time of the initial ban. £2400. Bink.


Anonymous said...

didn't realise you were a bus wanker

Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

ahaha best comment ever. I love that show.

rubbish said...

You jammy bastard, £2400, you jammy degenerate bastard.
Off to Blonde to read your last installment.