Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Donkeys and Horses...beware long post!

Been pretty busy since my last entry. Had a fucking random cough too which decides to surface for the one hour a day immediately after I wake up in the morning until last night when I randomly woke up at 4am and went into a coughing frenzy every time I tried to lie down again. Marvellous.

Took Friday and Monday off work as I had 9 days to take off before the end of March and fancied a long weekend off as I was initially meant to be going to Nottingham for a uni reunion/birthday thingy. Lazyness combined with the fact it was my grandfather's 5 year memorial on sunday meant it didn't happen and I stayed in London.

Friday I went to lunch with my dad and uncles and as usual they came back to my house for some hokay pokay. They are absolute fish but just make a hilarious time of it. They play £10 with rebuys for 30 mins and then blinds go up like mad. My dad gave me the nod to play which he didn't have to do considering I got kicked out of uni cos I was gambling and playing poker rather than studying. He lets me play online now cos he knows I have my life in order now and my priorities straight. I'm also not even thinking about roulette or blackjack anymore and the temptation to go near a table is at sub zero which obviously is good. Even if someone told me to play and were gonna guarantee I win £500 I wouldn't as there couldn't be anything worse. It just leads to more money that gets given back eventually. I was careful not to use the words 'long run' there because your one of the extremely lucky ones if you can hold on to winnings for any sort of sustained period as a player of the Wheel of Doom.

Anyway the very first hand of the first game is a minraise from my dad. I'm insta-putting the luckbox on Aces or Kings (I've never seen someone pick up so many premiums online - if Durrr ran like my old man does but obviously without my dad''s horrendous play he could probably easily add a zero on the end of his roll) as this is always how he likes to milk (=allow people to outdraw him) with nut pairs. I make up in the BB and of course everyone else calls. The KKK flop fits my K7 nicely and I double in two spots vs JJ and A7, yes, A7 lol. I coasted from there and won the first game for about £100 and thought I was gonna make about £300 without having to even give any hand much thought. However, their games are ridic crapshoots with some truly hilarious rules. For example one uncle is so so bad that he is allowed to rebuy whenever he wants after the initial 30 minutes. He's only not allowed to buy back in when it gets about 3 handed. I've still never seen him win a game! In the ensuing two or three crapshoots I began to donate back and played one comical hand against my uncle Mike. It's limped in a few spots and check in the BB. Flop 44K again good for my 48 because someone won't be able to stop themselves doubling me up if they have a King. I check and uncle Mike bets 1000, both playing about 20k. I quickly make it 3.5k and am met with a snap. Nice, I am getting paid! The turn card is a horrible horrible ace. I say horrible not because I think I'm behind but these guys are so bad that they don't consider any action or that my hand never has an ace in it against the action but that I probably have an ace as I've shown strength at some point in the hand. I lead again and my uncles insta-ships. Ok gg uncle. He has A5. River....Aceball! I fell right into the trap there. On the night where 20bbs is deep stacked I finished about even but it was more fun than I've had in a long while playing poker. I'll definitely try and organise some more home games with my mates again.

In other poker news I've not put in many hours at all online. I played sunday night and most of the day monday and that's it. I was at a mates house and we were halves on some cash and donkaments. Finished about £150 up each for the day which shoulda been more but we took plenty of shots in tourneys that just didn't go our way. In the biggest one we played we were 1/11 and got QQ in against 2/11's JJ but it wasn't to be. That was the difference between being up a lot more each but I don't mind. As long as I can resist any temptation and stick with small stakes for the time being I'm happy. It is tempting when you see fish at £1/2 and £2/5 to not deposit and play but I might as well stop playing poker if I'm gonna approach the game like that.

Boldie who I staked £100 as part of a syndicate for horse racing put money on the first horse the other day and he obv shipped! Increased the kitty by more than 25% already. Well done mate! Obviously there's an element of luck to these things but I guess it's more important for his own confidence that the first one was a winner, especially as I guess there's probably more pressure betting with other people's money than your own and I'm assuming it's the first time he's done this.

I think Tom Rutter and James Atkin are playing their events this week and I have small %'s in both. Ship the looot one time!

My 50% in vegaslover on blonde has only just started and we're down a small amount so far but there's obviously a lot of variance with MTTs and he's obv just running a little badly at the moment. Hopefully the results will pick up soon. gl fella.

I know I have a stake somewhere else too but I can't even remember! sigh.

This post has again been written in bits and pieces over the last few days and is probably not even coherent but I'll be taking some time off work soon so hopefully I can write something a bit better and more interesting.

gL at the tables.

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