Friday, 26 November 2010


Had a crazy blowup in Notts where I gg'd about $25k over the space of like 4-days. Don't really know why but decided to play some $25/50 PLO. I lost 2 big hands, nut straight with flursh redraw all in on turn vs top two. He made a house. The second pot I 3-bet doubled suited Aces oop and flopped the nut flush draw on what would ordinarily be a good flop of Q42 if my single opponent didnt have a set of deuces. *Sad face*. I'm not really complaining though, it was completely my fault to be playing stakes that are not only pretty tough but that I'm not rolled for. Not even properly rolled to legitimately take a shot at but thats how it goes.

Trying to grind my way out of it at much smaller stakes but not playing well. Not losing but just not winning what I should be. Think I'm pushing the pace too much which is understandable but nonetheless frustrating.

Got back into the gym atm and eating real good and exercising again with my personal trainer who is awesome. Highly recommend getting one to anyone who has the spare cash - they aren't cheap though.

Hopefully update soon, I'm a terrible blogger.


rubbish said...

£25k, fook me. Hope you get it all back and then some. All the best.

zenetik said...

Awful news :( Good luck in future games!

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