Thursday, 1 July 2010


Having a blog is pretty tedious most of the time, winning or losing. Us poker players are lazy by nature so we aren't built to write and usually I cant be bothered. Here's a synopsis of some of the blogs I read (linked on my right and how they've changed!).

(Hope no-one takes offence - I'm jus' playin).

Amatay: Used to be young and fun, shaggin every bird he could. Recently celebrated his 35th birthday and about to get married. No longer fun. Still a nit though.

James 'MC' Atkin: Former highstakes nosebleed player and badboy gangster rapper has settled down in Leafy Lincoln with mrs. Had baby and grinds poker like 9-5. Not much of a transition then.

Animal: [ x ] Been bashing the game for years. [ x ] Still moans about running bad. [ ] seems to understand variance.

Steve Holden: Not his former self, only updates his blog 23 times a day now. Possible cause: Twitter.

Ant0893275394734: Has been playing the same game (SNG's) for more than 2 weeks now. Wtf!?

More another time.

I'll be at DTD this weekend playing the £300 and hopefully not the £150.


Amatay said...

lol, nice post you cunt. FYI im a young fit man who recently turned thirty and who still often indulges in sexual activitay albeit with the same person. Right about the nit thou, sigh.

Greekstein: Twenty something greek degen who alomst looks old enough to be my dad. Big arms and a big nose with a redic propensity to spew off large sums of money/chips at every opportunitay. [ ] rumps alot, [ ] wins alot, [x] donates alot. Will never be as balla as Amatay.

James Atkin said...


Anonymous said...

Daddy get knocked cossy

rubbish said...

Read that Blatchy weighed you in with what he owed. Hope your old man got his £5k back as well. Best of luck this weekend.

JRaz said...

hahahaha that was funny and credit to amatay and atkin for taking it in good taste.