Monday, 14 June 2010

Only Sing When You're Winning.....

So it's been two months since my last update. Why? A combo really but not hiding the fact I've been on a horrible downswing, for the most part due to a bad mindset and some permatilt. It's horrible blogging about losing which I guess explains why I haven't been but I guess I should balance by blogging range a bit better so I'll try and post come wind, rain or shine.

I went to Dusk Til Dawn 2 months back for their 3-2-1 weekend and killed the cash games, making over £3k in the £1/2 games. I normally come back to London on the monday but had booked monday-wednesday off work and elected to stay and play on monday night too as they had a satellite to their upcoming UKIPT. After a quick 10 rebuys in the £20r I couldn't be bothered to keep donating to nits who didnt want to gamble to pick up chips in the rebuy stage so off I plodded into the £2/5 cash game. I doubled within 5 hands (QQ>KJ I 3-bet pre and faded all his outs on the 1047hh board - running it twice I scooped both). I was up about £1000 when someone I speak to in London came and asked what the game was. I speak to this guy on the phone occasionally and we've played in several of the same cash games together, going back a few years to the old gutshot.

He sat and lost his buy in while I was having a drink at the bar and I decided to go back with him to London. I didn't have a train ticket and it was easy. In the car he fed me a line about his bank account being scammed a few days before by a phone insurance thing and that he was going about claiming back £40k in lost funds. Normally when a live poker player says something like this the BULLSHIT BULLSHIT alarm goes off in my head. This guy drives an audi sport and is always dressed in designer stuff, sitting really deep in cash games and I just bought it. I lent him £500. We decided to go to the Empire upon getting into London which was a huge mistake. I was knackered from Nottingham should have just gone home and slept. It was 3am. Instead, I played in a game not deep enough, pushed the pace, misread my hand in one hand thinking I had the nut flush on an unpaired board and subsequently tilted away some money in cash and then on the casino floor. I was still up on the weekend but it turned a very enjoyable, very profitable weekend into a shit one for me and I was not happy.

Added to this the guy doesn't answer his phone anymore and from now on I'll only ever lend money to people who I both know where they live and class as a friend away from the table. People don't/can't stay away from poker for long so I'll catch him eventually.

That aside, I continued to lose more in a few tilted cash sessions and this spiralled into my makeup increasing online. I did manage to put in some really good sessions and ultimately ran hugely below EV. It even got me about giving the game up for good. Luckily, the summer has arrived and I'm also back in the gym, going out with friends more than before taking advantage of the weather and I've also started a Brazilian Ju Jitsu class (love UFC and always wanted to learn BJJ).

This weekend on saturday I stayed up to watch UFC which started at 2am. I decided to 1 table the $28k gtd to keep me awake and by 6am when UFC had finished I was top of the pack where I stayed until the final table where I was 2/9. Unfortunately I flatted two red aces against a cut off raise OTB as the blinds had stacks likely to squeeze. When no one bit and the flop came K92 all clubs I got it in nearly dead vs A5cc. Cold. I eventually went out 8th and to bed at 9am feeling gutted with the $588 reward that wasn't going to do much good to $4k makeup. I got up at 2.30pm the next day and regged my session, playing really really good and managing 4 cashes from 8 comps including a $5.3k win in the 962 runner $16.5k gtd. I used to do well in MTT's back on Crypto and Ipoker but the size of the fields on full tilt I always had a mental block with. I think I pushed the pace too much too trying to win the comp before they started instead of taking it one hand at a time.

Hopefully I can build on the rush before Vegas in August. A live comp bink would be nice soon. Maybe the DTD 300 again. (See the sick 'again' brag?). I'm concentrating on gym and poker and going out for the next few months and that's pretty much it. Strangely even the world cup isn't interesting me that much but I know I'll get more excited in the last of the group games and knockout stages. Cameroon vs Japan with that fucking rediculously tilting noise in the grounds just doesn't appeal right now.

Anyway, I'll try update again soon. Pls can my stakes bink huge at the wsop.


Amatay said...

Sigh at lending $$$ to a random, wp on the online score. No mention of losing huge dimes (hundo) to me in a mirro bet? wtf. glgl fish

JT said...

Came upon this blog through some friends - really good stuff and hope you're able to update it more often over the summer. Have been playing a fair bit lately and have lost quite a bit to a couple of randoms - it's absolutely galling!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Greekstein,

What alias did you play on crypto?

Robert "Animal" Price said...

$300 sent back on full tilt. see blog. thanks for the investment anyway.

Greekstein said...

Animal - Cheers for the quick transfer back. Gutted you can't play tbh, I reckon the value in that event would be huge. Hope the back gets better soon though.

Anonymous - on crypto I was a complete fishcake! My name for most of my time there was Cons13052

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your recent troubles mate hopefully you will bink something big soon.

Are you gonna do a write up here about it?

Good luck for the future.

cashbiatch said...

hey Geekstein :) add my blog or I kill you